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nancyjacky May 12th, 2006 09:02 AM

Hotel near Warner bros and Universal in LA???
Can anyone recommend a hotel relatively near Warner Brothers and Universal Studios in LA? We would love it to be in a nice area as well. price range $200-300 a night. Does anyone know where the Getty museum is in relation to these studios, also??

rjw_lgb_ca May 12th, 2006 10:46 AM

Actually, neither studio is technically in Los Angeles; Universal Studios is in Universal City, and Warner Brothers is in Burbank.

These towns are five miles apart. Although there's a relatively nice Sheraton in Universal City (a kind of dull town), I might think about looking at hotels in Beverly Hills or West Hollywood. It only adds maybe five or six more miles, and puts you central to the rest of the fun in greater LA. Or-- the Ritz-Carlton Huntington in Pasadena. It's truly lovely, and Pasadena isn't that far.

The Getty Center (not a museum technically) is in west Los Angeles-- about 16 miles west and a little south from Burbank. The Getty Villa (the old facility) is in Malibu-- over 40 miles from Burbank.

tracys2cents May 12th, 2006 12:35 PM

If you have a car to get to WB (1/2mile) and to Universal (3 miles)...the upscale boutique hotel GRACIELA would be convenient.

There is also a brand new Best Western just a block from Warner Brothers, and while I wouldn't call it a "nice area", it borders a residential area and is on a busy streeet with restaurants within walking distance. The 96 bus stops right outside and would be a good way to and from Universal, or you can drive it in five minutes.

The Getty is about a 20 minute drive from here on weekends when traffic is light, maybe 25 minutes on midday weekdays, but nearer 45 minutes at rush hour. It's a pretty easy freeway drive, just get good directions from your hotel as the "on-ramps" in this hotel area don't always have a matching "off-ramp".

nancyjacky May 12th, 2006 06:34 PM

Thanks so much... I now have a much better understanding of where everything is. I think we would prefer a small boutique hotel. Cleanliness is really important and a room that might fit a roll away too, it would be great not to have to pay valet parking but that probably doesn't exist in these areas. We don't need a pool as I suspect we will be out all day. The graciela seems really nice but I ideally would like a hotel in a fun neighborhood where you could walk to shops and restaurants. The Ritz carlton is too high for my budget.
Thanks again!!

hsv May 13th, 2006 12:22 AM

As the suggestion of staying in Pasadena has come up, you might want to look into the Westin Pasadena. While I haven't stayed there, its public facilities appear to be well groomed and its location is within walking distance of shopping and an assortment of excellent dining options in Old Town Pasadena. This is actually what I would describe as a fun neighbourhood since it facilitates a truly nice strolling possibility - a rarity in the L.A. area IMHO.

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