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jabbie22 Feb 3rd, 2005 08:47 AM

I need help! We are looking to book our June Honeymoon in Maui. We are looking for somewhere unique to stay in the heart of everything in Maui. We'd like to be on the beach, but want something romantic/honeymoon orientated. Not an average hotel room. We would like to go all out!!!!!!!! Please let me know if you know of anywhere unique, romantic, elegant, cool, etc....

kanunu Feb 3rd, 2005 02:01 PM

Hey, you do sound desperate! That's understandable.... we didn't go to Hawaii on our honeymoon, but did 6 months later. We had a great time, maybe not as "unique" as you are planning, though. I have now been there 4 times, & going back again for Easter, 2 wks. to Maui & Kauai. There really is no "heart of everything" in Maui, the standard choices are "choices" for a reason. We are staying at the Kapalua Villas, and I hear nice things about the Ritz Carlton, there, and The Four Seasons has a pretty good reputation over at Wailea, for people going "all out". Otherwise, try a condo or beach house somewhere, perhaps search, there's lots there. Also, check out the Alternative Hawaii site, lots of interesting accommodations there: Good luck!

Melissa5 Feb 4th, 2005 04:32 PM

Read my recent trip reports on the Maui Prince hotel, south of Wailea, and the Hotel Hana Maui, on the lush and green Hana side is Maui. Great places for a honeymoon. I also recommend one of the hotels in the Wailea area.

When you say you want to be in the middle of everything, what do you mean? The Hana side of the island is really romantic in my opinion, and if you stay on that side you can discover waterfalls, natural pools, beaches in the early morning with nobody there...But you wont' have a lot of restaurant choices.

Wailea has beautiful, uncrowded beaches and beautifully landscaped grounds.

Kaanapali is all built up, and there's plenty of restaurants, volleyball, big hotels right next to each would be right in the middle of everything man can build...But we were really turned off by the kaanapali area because it's crowded and built-up, and took 30 minutes to find parking!

Get a searanch cottage at the hotel hana maui for at least 2, you'll feel sooo romantic, we were really impressed. We stayed there for our anniversary this month. You'll have your own private jacuzzi on your deck and hand-made soaps in the bathroom... I've never seen ANY "hotel" room with as many little touches as the searanch cottages have. Very memorable and unique. Their garden rooms aren't nearly as nice as the searanch cottages.

thebutlerdidit Sep 17th, 2005 10:13 AM

Kanunu: We loved Ritz Carlton. My mother wants to try Kapalua Villas - please tell us about your experience and share any advice! Thanks!


LordBalfor Sep 17th, 2005 10:35 AM

You want to go all out?

Take a look at this place:

Holy Moly! What a place!

Seriously though I'm not really suggesting this house. You'd have to be Bill Gates (or in a simlar income bracket) to afford a stay there. They don't even list the price (if you have ask, you can't afford it).

Seriously though, what kind of budget are you looking at? Are you prepared to pay $300/night? $400/night? $500/night or more? Going "All out" can mean different things to different people. If you list a per night limit you'll get better feedback.


beanweb24 Sep 17th, 2005 11:13 AM

We're going to Maui in March and are splitting our time between South Kihei and Huelo area. Found The Cliff's Edge in Huelo and it looks amazing -- we're staying in the Bali Cottage.

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