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Trip Report Home from Covington.

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Me and the in-laws drove from Detroit to Covington Ky to see the Nuns and some other family members. Actually the other family members are students the Nuns taught years ago at Villa Donna All Girls School at Villa Hills. And these two Wonderful ladies have been looking out and taking care of our sweet Cousins for over 50 years. God Love em.

My FIL of course wanted to leave at 5am. We put the kabash on that right off the bat! There ain't no way were leaving before 7:30. So put out the fire old man and wait it out. And of course he did. What choice did he have it was 4-1.

We rolled outta Detroit at 7:45 and headed down I-75 South for Cincinnati. We made our first stop within 1 1/2 hours. We needed pee-pee breaks and coffee. We stopped at a Tim Hortons and did out duty. As we were standing in line for coffee and man came back in to bitch to these poor ladies behind the counter. Seems his coffee's weren't right. He didn't even give the poor girls a chance to say a word let alone breathe. They hauled ass and got the 3 coffees fixed right up and with a no thank you the asshole was out the door. People standing in line were stunned by the rudeness of the jerk. But no one said a thing.

As we left I went over to the girls and said I was sorry for the way the man had treated them. He had no right. After all, it was coffee not brain surgery. That made them laugh. We all wished them a Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday Jesus and we were out of there like a flash.

My BIL was driving. And he sticks to the law of the road. The ride was smooth and we laughed all the way. I got to ride up front since I got the legs. the "3 monkeys" were in the back. My MIL in the middle. My in-laws told us stories of how back in the day they'd drive to Pocohantas VA and only stop once. They'd pack up hard boiled eggs, sandwiches, coffee, juice and snacks for the kids. Once in a while they'd stop for breakfast and always carried their own Log Cabin Syrup and Heinz Ketchup. Now I know why my DH is so spoiled. My FIL said it would take them sometimes 12 hours to get to his parents. I'd tease them...Hey have you ever heard of NWA?

Now it was time for lunch. After all, food was our main subject. The vote was taco bell. I can eat a taco bell thingy once and again. It was good going in. And that's all I'll say....
We found THE BIGGEST DOLLAR STORE and had to walk off the taco's. My FIL walked around the mall area since that is so not up his alley. We bought some snacks since the taco's just weren't enough and got back on the road. Before we knew it we were within miles of Cincinnati. Time to call the Nunnery and let them know our ETA. Can't lie either ;)

We did go to our hotel first to rest and clean up. We had rooms at Springhill Suites in Florence KY. The hotel was spotless and the front desk were wonderful. My in-laws had stayed there in May. I had reserved them the rooms and they bragged them up big time and I could see why. Very modern and the colors were soothing and nice on the eyes. Check in took 5 minutes and we were in our rooms and laying down within 15 minutes. I had a king size bed with 6 pillows all to myself.....Ahhhhhh. One problem. The heat was set on 75* someone's gonna get a beat down now. What? They trying to kill someone or what?

I ended up opening the window. We planned to meet in the lobby in 2 hours. I didn't take a shower but I did change into a new outfit for the occasion. Got all dolled up (and no honey to appreciate it) and went to the lobby. My wonderful sweet SIL said to me "OMG, the heat was set on 75* I thought I was going to die" she ended up turning on the A/C. I told her I opened the window but my room was still 73*. I ran back upstairs and put it on A/C too. She's a Genius! Why didn't I think of that....DUH....

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    Funny, I thought this was going to be about the novel "Ladies of Covington" which was a fun read (the ladies decided they didn't want to live in a home for elderly ladies anymore).

    Glad you had a nice trip. I've been in too warm hotel rooms, too. Can't understand why mgt doesn't make a rule that housekeeping set the thermostats no higher than 70 (which is still too warm for sleeping IMHO).

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    Hey Betsy, Thanks! And Merry Christmas to You too.

    dfrostnh Yeah, I was dying in the room. Especially when sometimes I'm having my own private summers...;)

    We all piled into "your grandfathers oldsmobile" and headed over to K's house for where the Nuns where waiting for us. Side note..We had the little hand held GPS that about drove us out of our minds. It was old but did it's job. It took forever to line up with the moon and stars to find the way to the address so we had to wait a few more moments for it to catch up. We are soooo impatient.

    When when we got to K's there was much kissing, hugging and tears. The nuns are so frail and they are both using canes now. They both need assistance to walk. But for the love of God they are 100 and 98 and they look fabulous. They each broke a hip within months of one another. So that's where the canes come in.

    So we got settled in and sat down to snacks and drinks. As most of you all know we don't drink, but K and M do, our hosts. The nuns don't drink either. So we chowed on all the little cheese and nuts. My SIL was was smearing the cheese on the crackers for the nuns and handing it to them (just adorable) and they loved the fancy mixed nuts. The nuns were giving us the low down on k and m when they were in school. I was asking if they were bad girls like me ;)Once again the nuns were telling us about the full habits they used to have to wear. When the only thing showing were the oval of their little faces. They were both quite beautiful when they joined the nunnery. I don't know if I told you all how they became nuns....

    When the nuns were just little girls there were 5 of them. All girls in a family. They ranged from 3-15. Their mother died of breast cancer. The father (my FIL uncle) tried to raise them himself (he was a coal miner in Pocohantas VA) but it was to overwhelming. So 2 of the girls (the nuns) came to live with my FIL for 9 months. In the meantime, the parish priest talked the father into sending all 5 girls to Villa Madonna Academy in Covington Ky for the Nuns to raise them and to go to a very exclusive private all girls school. Finally the father agreed and off they went.

    I asked the nuns (who I call Sr. Mary and Joey) What was it like when you got to the Villa? She said the moment the door opened there were 20 nuns and mother superior waiting for them and it was like having 21 mothers...How wonderful....3 went on with their lives, 2 stayed on to become nuns.

    So as K and M along with K DH P they were throwing back some major drinks. Whiskey on the rocks. GROSS! We sat around and laughed our heads off. We had reservations and had to get going to the restaurant. Now getting everyone into the 2 cars was a major feat within itself. After getting everyone settled in off we went for dinner. I have to say I was a little worried about driving in the car with K who had been drinking those Whiskey on the rocks, but I figured if I was gonna die I was dying with the nuns, likely a ticket right to heaven. ;)

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    The restaurant we went to was really busy for 5;30. We got dropped off at the door and headed for our table. I was ordered a drink of champange with cranberry juice. Not bad. And I was ordered a side dish of hot slaw with bacon on top cooked with bacon grease. When it was set down in front of me and everyone was waiting for me to take a bit I was worried. It smelled horrible. Like kraut gone bad. But I got brave and took a bit. Hey, not bad. I did eat most of it. I was happy at that point I had a room to myself. I won't even get into what it did to me later.

    The meal was decent. The company HEAVENLY AMAZING. Many people came over to say hello to the nuns. Former students. It was sweet. They were like little local celebrities. We were pretty beat from the drive and drink so we were ready to leave by 7;30. So off we all went in out different directions with our plans for the next day solid.

    Of course as soon as we got back to our hotel I was wide awake. Thank God for free wi-fi. So I watched TV, cruised the internet and made out Christmas cards. Talk about multi-tasking. Finally about 12:30 I was ready for sleep. In the mean time the Race track (the ponies) is right behind the hotel and the races were over and people were going back to their cars and the noise was horrible. People were squealling their tires and talking loud. I wanted to scream out the window STFU. But I refrained. I mean really, he's making a list and checking it twice....

    The next morning I was up, cleaned dressed and down in the lobby for coffee at 7am. There sat my FIL. So we had breakfast together waiting for the rest of our family to come down. Me, my MIL and BIL were going to the Creation Museum and my FIL and SIL were headed to the convent for the day. And at 3 pm my SIL would pick us up at the Museum to go back to the hotel to rest and get ready to go to K's for drinks and snacks and then to dinner.

    The Creation Museum was fantastic. It takes 2 days to go through it IMHO. We started off in the book store and from the beginning. At the entrance there's a guy taking pictures of the guests acting like their scared of the dinsosaurs. And at the end of the tour you can buy this cool picture as a keepsake. Of course were suckers and bought them all.

    I highly recommend the Creation Museum. It's not the Darwin theory type Museum thing. It's all about God's Creation of the Earth and Man.

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