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saxbe Jun 21st, 2007 11:36 AM

Help us choose between GW or Marriott in Waliea on Maui
DH and I visited Maui for the first time in Feb 2006 and loved it so much are planning a retrun trip next May. Previously, we stayed in Kaanapali at the Sheraton and the Westin and enjoyed both immensely. We are now deciding between the Grand Wailea and the Marriott. Of the 4S and Fairmont, the GW is the one we'd choose to spend the $$. I realize the Grand Wailea is more luxurious, but is it worth the extra $800 dollars or so to stay there???? Also, they do not have a rate that includes breakfast, and the Marriott includes breakfast, which is a bonus. From someone who has stayed at either, is the beach in front of the Marriott the same as GW, or can we walk to the GW's beach from the Marriott?? Is there a walkway similar to the one in Kaanapali along the beach??? Are there restaurants to walk to from the GW so we don't have to eat all the meals there??? I'm looking for some reasons to justify the price difference, especially to my DH!

TAW Jun 21st, 2007 02:36 PM

Yes, there is a walkway along the beaches/hotels in Wailea so you can get to the hotels and restaurants easily.

JohnD Jun 22nd, 2007 04:08 AM

IMHO, whether it is worth the extra $-) depends on how much pool ((o)) you are planning on at the GW. As <font color="blue">TAW<font color="black"> indicates, there is a walkway allowing access to beaches and restaurants, so this is not much of a deciding factor one way or another. You might consider booking most of your stay at the Marriott to save $-) and then check in to the GW for a ((S)) or two, relaxing poolside ((#))((H))at the GW before the long#o flight home.:S-</font></font>

beachkomer Jul 2nd, 2007 07:27 PM

We walked around the Marriott last fall on a sight seeing trip from the Hyatt.

To was sort of dumpy. (Marriott). I was so glad that we hadn't stayed there! We stayed 5 nites
at the Sheraton and 4 at the Hyatt. The Hyatt was a step above the Sheraton.

As a designer, I love staying at nice places, but it's a matter of what you value. I used Priceline to get the Hyatt, I wanted the nicest place for the least amount of money.

We were very happy!

I thought Kaanapali was much more &quot;active&quot; than Waliea.

Just my observation.
I am jealous you are going back so soon! Have fun!!!


Bikom Jul 3rd, 2007 08:50 AM

JohnD has an excellent suggestion, my family always stays at 2 different places during our stay. We get to experience 2 seperate areas of the island, and usually save a little money at one of the places. That being said, we ALWAYS make one of those places the Grand Wailea, amazing pools, great beach, etc.

Bikom Jul 3rd, 2007 08:55 AM

separate :)

hawaiichris Jul 3rd, 2007 09:24 AM

aloha, I agree about splitting the stay on maui however normally I suggest splitting it between kaanpali and wailea which is what we do now when we go.
The marriott in wailea did just do a big renovation. My customers love the rooms there. Again like others said if pool is going to be a big part of your stay, then go with the grand wailea...they actually do have a breakfast program, BUT they charge extra for their breakfast plan where as the marriott includes it in their price when on a promotion. Big advice....whatever you do, do not book the GW direct with them if possible. Try a travel agent with wholesale's almost half what the hotel charges per night! Also if you have a bedding preference at the GW..make sure you choose the one king or 2 queens because they do charge different prices depending on the bedding, so if you accidentally choose the wrong one they may not be able to switch it for you there...also if you were checking out the fairmont..I know through our wholesale we get discounted package prices (meaning the hotle is less as long as there is something else in the package (car or air) which brings it down a little closer to the GW's prices, but as for the marriott newly renovated rooms are great if you will be spending much time in room...if thinking of doing part kaanapali again...starwood properties also have added value of their stay at one, play at all and free shuttles! starwoods would be the sheraton, westin and westin kaanpali ocean villas, plus discounted meals at certain times at their resorts for their guests! so it's like getting two hotels for the price of one (of course not all things are included like pool priveledges)

Trisha1 Jul 3rd, 2007 10:54 AM

Loved the Fairmont. Each room is a suite with a great lanaii and fabulous bathroom. Great pools and beach. Perfect for families.

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