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jason Aug 22nd, 1996 11:58 AM

help on trip to Williamsburg,VA
Rooms don't come cheap in Williamsburg. Two hotels to try, however, are the Heritage Inn, 800-782-3800, or the War Hill Inn, 804-565-0248. Neither are "cheap", but both are on the less expensive side when compared with the Williamsburg Inn. Have fun!

purcell Aug 28th, 1996 12:05 PM

Unless you're planning your visit for Labor Day weekend, you should have no problem finding a place when you get there. Richmond Road is a big strip of hotels and restaurants you'll find very good rates along there. My favorite is the Princess Anne: it's in the charming eisenhower colonial style -- a hold over from the days when williamsburg was a tiny tourist town rather than the third rung of outlet shopping hell that it's become.

Kerry Benson Aug 28th, 1996 05:51 PM

If the hotels in Williamsburg are still more than you
can afford try cities close by like Newport News. There
are acouple of hotels that offer rates in the $35-45 range.

Maxine Sep 24th, 1996 05:58 PM

Do you have an entertainment book? If you do, rooms at the Williamsburg Woodlands are 50% off.
A few years ago we had a 2 room suite for only $50 per night.
Also, the Williamsburg grill is right near by where you can eat cafteria style really cheap!!!

J. Russell Dec 6th, 1996 04:37 PM

There is a fairly new super 8 motel on route 60. It is in a good area and the grounds are nice and well kept. Several in my family has stayed there and has commented on how nice it was. They don't have hot tubs etc. just clean rooms.

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