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toppy Nov 19th, 2011 09:07 AM

Help me plan our quick trip to NYC for parade
I have received some great tips in another post as well as other's posts for parade info.

We are still not sure where to view the parade, so I am seeking help planning the day.
We will arrive in GC at about 6am. From there we will take the S to TS.
1) what train and to where for a good view? (Thinking between 66th and 77th but open to all advice)
2) from there, what train to a restaurant? (We had an early T-giving feast last weekend and have eaten turkey leftovers all week so not interested in prix fixe traditional fare.)
Anything casual from burgers to Italian would be fine...we are not fussy and do not need 3 courses..a walk-in place would be ideal. Price not important, but not McDonalds type of place. Would prefer to be spontaneous rather than have a set reservation.
3) from there, which train back to GC and home...we will be leaving at 3am to get there, so will probably call it a day after lunch! But we are considering one other stop if it is easy...such as TOTR, or Rockefeller center..probably save Radio City for a separate trip although I think it is doable.
Thanks everyone. PS loved loved loved all the hints on the Mama to NY threads and took notes !

nytraveler Nov 19th, 2011 10:33 AM

If you go to it will give you specific directions between any two points in NYC. From Times Square you can take the Broadway local (1 train) to 66 or 72 or 79th and Broadway.

As for where to eat - many places are closed. If you want to eat without reservations you will probably do best with some sort of ethnic place. If you can provide a budget and what cuisines you like or dislike people can make suggestions of places. Given your schedule I would stick to the west side between where you watch the parade and the Top of the rock - 49th/50th sts - so you can easily walk back to Grand Central.

toppy Nov 19th, 2011 11:21 AM

Thanks so much. I will check out hopstop.
As for food, we are not hard to please. Burgers, Italian, American, French, Chinese, Deli sandwiches...any and all. Money is no object but I imagine without reservations we will not be spending too much. TOTR would be great fun but I guess we need to call ahead.
Any suggestions on where to watch, getting there around 6:30???

nytraveler Nov 19th, 2011 04:07 PM

For ToTR you don;t need reservations. I would wait until the day and you see what the weather is like - if foggy or cloudy there's no point, The line is rarely more than 5 minutes.

You might have a look at Kefi's which is good but quite casuale Greek. Or you could look at to see who has open seating at that time.

travelbuff Nov 19th, 2011 05:10 PM

Since you are coming into GC, right there take the Shuttle Train go TS, and the #1 train uptown from there, get off at Columbus Circle, one of the best spots to see the parade, and from there you are on top of the subway.

If you want some food after the parade, walk up to Columbus Ave and find a restaurant, most will be open, and all kinds of food, or hop on the subway downtown to Chinatown everything is open there, and go to the Peking Duck House on Mott St, best restaurant in the area, and order the "Peking Duck", heavenly.........

From there walk back to Canal St to the #6 train which will take you back to GC.

Have a great time.

toppy Nov 20th, 2011 04:25 AM

That sounds perfect, travelbuff. Thanks for the details! And nyctraveler, I think we will try to stop at TOTR if the weather is clear. Kefi's looks interesting too.
I am writing all this down and then we will plan a route. We may just get off the subway at Columbus Circle and if the crowds are too deep, we will walk a ways uptown. Our plan is to get there quite early.

toppy Nov 25th, 2011 10:12 AM

Our trip report....
We had a wonderful time on a beautiful day. We arrived at GC at 6am, and took the shuttle to TS. Some of the trains were not running, but we were able to maneuver about quite easily and ended up watching at 73nd st. It was packed with people at Columbus Circle even at 6:30, and 72nd wasn't much better. But we found a good spot amongst mostly happy people! The balloons were spectacular. After the parade we headed to Rockefeller Plaza and scored 2 last minute center orchestra seats for the 2pm Christmas show at Radio City. Due to time constraints, we skipped a planned stop at Chez Josephine, ate instead overlooking the skating rink, and then headed back to RC for the show.
Our next stop was a quick visit to St. Pat's Cathedral and a leisurly stroll down 5th until we grabbed a pedi-cab ride back to GC. We had planned to go to TOTR but leaving our home at 3am after being up seeing Peter Pan on Wednesday....we were tired!
Thanks to all who helped with directions, subway routes, and advice (not only on my 2 posts, but on others' posts where I picked up a lot of tips as well.)
Next year we will get there even earlier, and possibly head to 80th to be right at the beginning, but it seems no matter where you go, people have arrived really early.There were bleachers at 72nd but I don't know how tickets were distributed for that. No one near us seemed to know, and the tickets were being checked.

starrs Nov 25th, 2011 10:58 AM

Sounds like an absolutely perfect day! :-)

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