Help me find the perfect city to move to

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Help me find the perfect city to move to

I'm looking to move to another state next summer and am hoping to get advice on places to look. I've lived in Arizona all my life and am sick of the 115 degree summers and the brown desert. If I can afford it and can find a job, San Diego would be my top choice and Orange County my #2, but I'm looking for other places too because of the cost of living. I love the beach, moderate weather (no extreme humidity, heat, or bad winters), places with trees and green. I'm in my late 20's and single, so having lots of other singles in the area is important, although I'm not into the bar/club scene, so having other ways to meet people is important. I am a pediatrician, so I'll make decent money, but probably not enough to buy a house in cities like San Francisco or LA, and I don't want to live in a condo or apartment for my whole life. I prefer a medium to large city, as I'll have to live somewhere close to a children's hospital and like all the cultural/entertainment opportunities that large cities offer.

I have considered Denver based on family member's recommendations, but I've never been there and am don't know how bad the winters are. I lived in Portland for a month and loved the beauty of the area, but if it rains every day I think I would not like that. I have been to Virginia and the Outer Banks area in NC and love all the trees and the beach, but are the summers too humid? Does anyone have any opinions on these areas or have any other advice for other places that might fit most of my criteria? Thanks!
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Read Money magazine's list of best liveable US cities. It tells where the jobs are, what is accessible in eqach city for a chosen lifestyle, the housing market, safety issues, climate, and median income. Good read! Eden Priarie, MN is the biggest surprise.
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There are no "perfect" places to live, sorry.

If I had no family ties and were not in the process of trying to move to Rome, Portland would be at the top of my list.

Denver is awesome, Boulder better. But no beaches. And possibility of LOTS of snow in the winter (difficult driving if you are not used to it, and roads closed a lot.)

Yes, it is a little humid in the Carolinas in the summer...water and heat usually produce humidity. Maybe further in like Charlotte?

Chicago is a great city, and it has beaches. But it has harsh winters.

DC is a bustling city, but also can have harsh winters and high humidity.

Oklahoma City has no beaches and it is not really that humid in summer. But, they are in tornado alley.

Atlanta. Gets hot, but not as hot as AZ. Not on the water, but not too far a drive from the coast. Beautiful city.

What about just moving North...Prescott? Not too hot or cold there, I would think. A little snow in the winter, but it's not like you'll be buried. Of course, no beach.

Oh, my, choices. Choices. Better you with this decision than me. I've been to lots of wonderful cities in the US. Tough choice.
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Lee Ann
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Hmmm...does a pediatrician really need to live near a "Children's Hospital"? I think you're really limiting yourself with that requirement. There are millions of kids who don't live anywhere near a children's hospital, but they need a pediatrician!

Maybe not a big enough city for you but look at San Luis Obispo California, just north of Shell Beach and Avila Beach.,_California
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divinemissm is correct! san luis obispo isn't as cool as san fran nor as hot/smoggy, rolling hills with cows munching happily. good bicycling and ok hiking...close to the beach.
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Money Magazine does have some excellent suggestions every year, but many of those places have huges plusses and minuses.
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11 months ago I was asking the same question as you. Here's my humble oppinon. I have lived in CA.22yrs, way to expensive!I have lived in Colorado Springs, Co. 22yrs. but no beach and the winters are cold, the only thing to do there is to snow ski or hike but otherwise it's nice. I just moved to the Tampa Bay area in Florida 9 months ago, I love it!! the best move I ever made. Yes the summers are humid but that is what A/C is for and if you are a pediatrician you will be in the office during the hotest part of the day. The winters are perfect here. The average temp is 75, there's water, warm water, not like CA's. cold water. The prices on homes are good now because of the market,remember Fl. got hit hard when the bubble burst. thousands of homes at below market value. I personally love the green here, very tropical. Now to the things to do for the younger folk,, lots and lots and lots. I have never been to so many concerts in my life! entertainment on the beaches, great restraunts, it's a wonderful place for meeting new people.All the attractions like Miami, Orlando, etc. are within a few hours driving distance. You will never ever get bored here.
good luck.
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I actually think a city like Charlotte probably fits the bill for you. It's relatively close to awesome beaches (Outer Banks are really nice), the winters are not too harsh (although it will probably seem cold to someone from AZ), and the summers will be pleasant compared to AZ although the humidity will be slightly higher it is not oppressive there. It is also very green there and you'll be able to afford a nice house. There are also plenty of children's medical centers in the area. Overall, it would be a nice change from where you live and meet your requirements.
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Have you considered HAwaii?
Like others we were military for 30 years and traveled everywhere....almost. Hawaii and San Diego were the highlights and we settled in San Diego but HAwaii was a great 2nd... if we did not both have elderly mainland parents...

Have to say as a Pediatrition you could easily work for the civilian military medical Specialists and do quite well in San Diego or Hawaii. Both have excellent Children's Hosp...You can right now get bargains in Hawaii..but as mentioned you do have to deal w/teh Island/Mainland thing. Peds are in demand.
Since I wrk in healthcare here in SaN Diego...let me know if you decide to move here & I will help w/intros...
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I am currently dreaming of moving near Portland, OR. No extremes weatherwise, but going from sunny all the time to overcast half the time would be hard. The summers have less rain than the rest of the year.

No place is perfect. You're young - you can make a move or two to find your fit.
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Take a look at Greenville, SC -- foothills of the mountains - 3 hrs to Hilton Head/Myrtle Beach area. 1 hr to Charlotte - 2 to Atlanta. Lots of music and events in quaint downtown - lots of shopping and best of all Trader Joes in coming. What more reason -- oh -- and top places to move for young families. BMW plant - Nice hospitals - We have 4 seasons -- hot summers - lead to nice weekends at the nearby lakes. Minor league baseball w/ new stadium.
Check it out.
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I would make sure and understand the Medicaid/Medical saturation of any prosepective area you move to, unless you plan on joining a Kaiser-like employment scenario. Pediatricians I know in California are really fed up with the Calfornia indigent care reimbursement system and are bailing to be employees. The new guy in town doesn't get the paying patients.
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