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Michelle Mar 21st, 2007 05:22 AM

Help! LA to Napa via Highway 1 Itenerary
My husband and I are travelling to California in June for 2 weeks for our anniversary. We are flying into LA and planning on driving up the coast to Napa. Want to know where to stop along the way for a few nights...I plan on LA for 3 nights then up to Big Sur for another 3 (I assunme this is the halfway point to SF). We will do day trips to Carmel and San Louis Obispo from there...Possibly 2/3 nights in San Fran then maybe 4/5 in Napa. I'd appreciate your thoughts on any great places to stay/eat along the way or any other stopping off points of interest. Is 4/5 days to many in Napa? Would also like to see Yosemite as well. Maybe less time in Napa and a few days in Yosemite?

youngtom2910 Mar 21st, 2007 06:46 AM

YOU have asked a number of questions. I personally think, given the amount of time you have, it would be a shame not to see Yosemite. But Yosemite lodging in the park goes fast and I would check right now for availability.

I am a not as big a fan of napa as I am Sf/Big Sur, but I"m sure that just is personal preference. Big sur is more than half way to Sf, and also has a strange mix of hotel offerings--very chic and expensive and pretty basic.
Many more lodging options in carmel/monterey/pacific grove.

J_Correa Mar 21st, 2007 08:38 AM

I would rethink using Big Sur as a base for visiting SLO and Carmel - although it is in between, the road is curvey and slow. Depending on where you stay, it will probably be a couple hours' drive to one and an hour to the other. I would break up the time, staying for a night or two somewhere south of Big Sur, then a night or two north of Big Sur, spending a day in between to drive through and see the sights. If you stay in Big Sur, then plan to explore the area during that time rather than making day trips to other places.

If it were my trip, I would also take some time from Napa and add it to something else - probably spend more time making my way up the coast. Yosemite is another good choice, but at this late date, lodging could be a problem. Lodging is in short supply and it fills up fast, but you might luck into a cancellation.

jennymary Mar 21st, 2007 09:52 AM

It's a long drive from LA to Big Sur.. along highway 1, it's probably 7-8 hours. Where are you planning to stay in Big Sur? If you can, you should splurge and spend a night or two at the Post Ranch Inn. I've been there a few times and have always stayed in one of the Butterfly Rooms (the least expensive). The place is heavenly and well worth it. I also really enjoyed Napa Valley. I can't comment on the entire trip.. but just thought I'd add my 2 cents about Big Sur/Napa.

kleroux Mar 22nd, 2007 05:57 AM

Personally I'd drive from LA to San Luis Obispo...over night there, seeing the mission etc. Then drive up #1 stopping at the Hurst Castle, and ending up in Carmel or Monterrey for the night (or two)... then San Francisco. I'd also skip Napa and go instead to Healdsburg. Much more charming. Its 1 1/2 hrs N. of the Golden Gate bridge in Sonoma County. Lots of posts here about Healdsburg. From Hbg you could drive a circle drive into Calistoga, down to St. Helena, Napa around to the town of Sonoma and back to Hbg. It would be a full day trip esp. with stops along the way for wineries and food etc. But its a lovely drive.

janisj Mar 22nd, 2007 07:56 AM

Big Sur is magnificent - but it doesn't really work as a base for anywhere else.

LA > SLO/Cambria or somewhere else on the south=central coast for the first night. Visit Hearst Castle if that interests you. Then through Big Sur (and overnight if you wish). Then 2 or 3 nights in/near Carmel. 3 nights in SF and 3 or 4 nights in Sonoma area (as opposed to Napa)

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