Hawiian Cruises, HELP!


Mar 4th, 2002, 03:41 PM
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Hawiian Cruises, HELP!

We are trying to plan a trip to Hawaii for the first time. We want to see so much and all the islands all seem to offer such different things,How do you choose?
We were thinking of a cruise between the islands. That way we don't have to check into and out of hotels and we wouldn't have to check into the airports for intra-island flights, wasting so much precious time.
We haven't been able to find anyone who has done this and would like to hear about SOMEONES experiences.
Anyone out there???
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Mar 5th, 2002, 07:35 AM
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check out the tread on this board "ncl in hawaii". I think the first post says it all. Also go to a cruise board and check the posts there. or are two that I know of off had
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Mar 5th, 2002, 08:23 AM
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Well I've been to Hawaii 14 times but never a cruise. From what I have seen and from talkinmg to cruise passengers, cruises don't let you see much of any island, just a couple of hours worth. No way to do justice to the beautiful islands at all. I'd pick 2 islands and enjoy them. Yes, there is intra island flights to contend with but the flights are short, 30 min max. You rent a car and enjoy at your own pace. I don't recommend doing all the islands if you have a short time, but 2 is very do-able and I am sure a lot more fun then a cruise ship allowing you a few hours. I do not know your age bracket, but remember cruises get a heavy amount of "older" people. Now, I am not young myself and have nothing against any age group but some people do not want to spend an entire trip with senior citizens. By going on your own you set the pace, you call the shots. It's a far better way to see the islands.

There are so many hotel/condo choices that it is very easy to put together a trip. If doing it yourself is not your thing all the major airlines have air/land packages, i.e. hotel, rental car included. Go for it!!

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