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rosyshalice May 15th, 2006 12:12 PM

Greensboro weather etc.
I am originally from the South but have lived for a while in Alaska. I am going to be relocating to North Carolina to go to grad school with my husband and three kids. I am considering UNC Greensboro. Any details any one wants to share would be wonderful concerning the area. I am also wondering about the weather-is it as hot and humid as it sounds like many other parts of NC are further east? What kind of weather do you generally have in the summer is most what I am wondering. It's going to be quite a climate change, I think, because when it gets up to 70 in the summers here, everybody thinks it is positively sweltering...

kgh8m May 15th, 2006 12:54 PM

You will find the latter half of June through the first half of September to be quite warm. Temps then range from the low 80's to the high 90's (occasionally over 100). Humidity (which is what really makes it uncomfortable) will likely be over 85-90% daily.

However, you will have A/C, and you can get by like everyone else does. When it's really hot or oppressively humid, you simply limit your outdoor activity until later in the day, or first thing in the morning.

If, however, you find hot and humid weather unbearable, then reconsider the move. Sure, I could live through many days of sub-zero weather, but I would not volunteer to do it!

rosyshalice May 16th, 2006 04:03 PM

Thanks for the input!

mikemo May 16th, 2006 04:12 PM

Just a short note that mom (BS 1940) and sis (D.Ed 1975) are UNCG grads.
I could not deal with the weather.
M (SMdA, Gto.)

ellen_griswold May 19th, 2006 06:03 AM

We have a young friend (early 20s) moving to the Greensboro area (and possibly for grad school) and is clueless at this point where to live. Any ideas where it's hip and safe for young professionals, or where to avoid? Thanks in advance.

ncgrrl May 19th, 2006 06:57 AM

It's been a few years since I lived in Greensboro (ok, more than a few years) and take this from the viewpoint of a student.

Weather isn't too different than my part of the state, but it does get more snow/winter weather. But coming from Alaska, I wouldn't worry about it. Summers are hot and humid. So far this year has been great, no 90+ days yet(and on those days, mid-70's would be the daily low).

Not sure if I should give advice on where to live since it's been awhile since I was there.

ellen_griswold May 19th, 2006 09:23 AM

Thanks for the reply, ncgirl.

Although its been awhile since you lived there, would still appreciate any input regarding the area - and from anyone else, too!

cmcfong May 19th, 2006 09:38 AM

Ellen,Greensboro is an exciting midsized town with several excellent university programs available. The Guilford College area is very nice and I also like Jamestown. The older homes near Friendly Road center are nice, but may be outside the budget of a grad student. Greensboro is in a great position in the state, easy access to beach or mountains. There is a fun music scene, some clubs, and great restaurants. I hope your friend will enjoy the area.

ncgrrl May 19th, 2006 10:47 AM

I hesitate about housing because as a student the areas of town I knew were: within a mile of campus, the malls (Four Seasons is GREAT), the Krispy Kreme factory (open 24 hours) and some movie theaters.

As students we were the troublemakers the locals were complaining about.

You might want to see if the Greensboro Police Department has anything online about crime statistics/locations. Also check out the Greensboro News & Record website for info.

This is what I say about housing in Chapel Hill and Durham: it's great to live in a college town, but I wouldn't want to live too close to campus.

ellen_griswold May 19th, 2006 01:21 PM

Good idea about the police department ncgirl, thank you. And a 24 hour krispy kreme? Be still my heart! Another reason i'm a runner! ;)

cmcfong, thanks for your reply, too. Can you recommend any specific areas, neighborhoods of apartments or condos, that are known for their young adult population?

cmcfong May 19th, 2006 02:05 PM

Sorry, Ellen. I live about an hour from GSO and visit it frequently to shop and dine, but am just not able to make any specific recos on housing beyond the areas I mentioned.

ellen_griswold May 20th, 2006 11:25 AM

Thanks cmcfong; once we find a few names / places, maybe i'll run them by you.. just in case you've heard of them?

Anyone else?

cmcfong May 20th, 2006 01:55 PM

Sure, Ellen. One of my best friends lives in GSO and knows it well. I will be glad to run the names by her.

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