Grandfather needs vacation ideas for G'son

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Grandfather needs vacation ideas for G'son

My Grandson is the only g'child we will have.
I'd like to hear from Grandfathers about those special places they take their g'sons and what age is appropriate for what activities.
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Hello, Fairhope! What a nice Grandfather you are! Why don't you tell us a few things so that we can help you out here: How old is your grandson? What does he like to do ( golf? ski? swim? beach? hike? sports? music? theatre? museums?) Then we can give you some ideas.
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I'm not a grandfather but I'm married to one! He/we take grandson (& daughters) to sporting events, plays, Chicago (we live in MO), Washington DC, water parks, theme parks (hate 'em...), movies. A special place is Chicago because we can tailor the trip to the age and preferences of the child.
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Two basic questions: How old is he? What are his interests?
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Often more is less - the things my son remembers about his grandfather is making paper hats (when he was quite small), my father sending him a special food FedEx from Georgia, etc.

My daughter is going to London with her grandmother and they are having fun planning the trip together - so in addition to matching his interests, etc - if he is old enough, plan it together.
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I'm not a grandfather but I took my 14 yr old to Normandy France for an incredible trip of a lifetime. He was studying French history as it related to American history at the time and chose the locale himself. We took amazing tours by that went way beyond any expectation we had in learning about D-day. The towns all along the northern coast of France were so much fun for us.
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Spring training?
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You didn't say the age of your grandson, or his/your interests. But, my father takes my son fly-fishing every year. They go on guided trips. They've been to the Arctic twice, Northern Quebec twice, and out west several times. Some of the camps are very rustic. Some are fairly luxurious. In general, I'd recommend a trip where you are actually doing something - not just sightseeing. But it really depends on your interests.
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He's just a little fellow now..big interest in grabbing the cat! I am trying to figure out at what age you do such and such activities. Also, have you complemented interests or gone against the grain of current interests and added new experiences.
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As a first-time grandparent, I am looking forward to taking my grandson on trips to my favorite places when he gets a little older. Our city has an e-newsletter telling about activites around here. Maybe your city has the same. Also, here is a website that may give you some ideas of how to entertain children at certain ages:
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My hubby is the BEST grandfather! He's taken the boys fishing, golfing, swimming, etc. We've taken them to Disneyworld and on a Disney cruise and, next Christmas, we're all (our daughter, the two boys and us) going to London and Paris.

But do you know what they talk about the most when we discuss "fun" things we've done together? That we are always at their sporting events, that we play board games or cards together at least once a week, and that their papaw always lets them help. They've had their little heads under the hood of the car, under the kitchen sink, peered into the VCR, shoveled snow and raked the lawn.

Turns out it's the time spent talking, laughing and just being their buddy that means the most!

Enjoy your new grandchild--it's a wonderful blessing.
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What About Disney??? or a combination disney cruise and disney world?
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Oh Fairhope, what fun you're going to have!

Our grandchildren, who live two hours away, love visiting us, especially in the summer when we go to our camphouse on the river for swimming, boating, tubing, etc. They call it the "river beach."
They also like fishing and playing in the woods with the dogs.

We also all go to the beach together every summer, which is probably nothing special for your family, since you live so close to the Gulf!

You have so much to look forward to!

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Depending on grandson's age: Mammoth Cave/ Bowling Green is near the only Corvette assembly plant in the US. We went years ago and they had a terrific visitors tour. Jr High age and older when he is interested in cars is good.

Any time spent with a grandchild can be wonderful. My FIL and MIL used to take our son on snowmobile rides and picnics. He loved doing anything with them. They weren't travelers. It was a big deal to spend a week with them at the beach doing jigsaw puzzles together and playing in the waves.
For an exotic trip, our son liked luxury camping at Maho Bay, St John USVI. You can snorkel right from the beach. Quiet time watching hermit crabs feast on an apple core. Playing with other children on the beach. Any age from kindergarten on up. Our son never cared much for city trips but as your grandson grows, you can take a clue from what he is interested in. The San Diego trip which was really business for me, included a visit to the bar where the scene from Topgun was filmed and a visit to the Air and Space Museum where an uncle who volunteered there gave a behind the scenes tour. (Maybe 9th grade.)
As a youth volunteer, I am sad to see the poor turnout by parents and grandparents for special events and chaperoning requests. It will be really special if you can attend science fairs, school plays, soccer games, etc.
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My parents live near Kings Island amusement park in the Cincinnati area. They have always bought my kids season passes to Kings Island so they can take them there all summer long.
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Start small, when he is small. It's a vacation to come by your house when he is very little.

Make a place for him to find, each time he comes over and then let your outdoor / vacation interests develope from that special "finding" place. One place that never changes.

I have a small footstool that opens, and everytime he comes (the baby) he will find his special set of pretend beads/ cars etc. inside. And when they get bigger, then have the hideaway closet that holds only their constructions of the moment, and related games/arts. Reflect what you like and what he likes and then develop a way to do it together in a special way and at a special time. It all evolves and does not come from buying him stuff.

Don't reflect all desires just from his side. If you love some activity and do it well, then do it when he is around and where he can see you doing it and loving it. That joy of doing what you love will most probably catch and then when he is bigger- you will be doing that activity together. Fishing, boating, swimming, art, carpentry,cooking, sports, games, cards etc. etc. Read to him, read to him, read to him.
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