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Vickie Aug 13th, 2000 04:51 PM

Girls trip to Las Vegas - where to stay?
Anyone know of hotels with suites? (reasonable) for six girls going to Vegas? Starting to plan a group "50" birthday party for us and need some guidance. Thanks.

Jenni Aug 13th, 2000 06:20 PM

What is your idea of "reasonable"? Give a price range, then we can better help you. And what are amenities you require at the hotel?

judy Aug 13th, 2000 08:26 PM

As a 50-ish girl myself (I'd like to be included in the party - LOL), I'd suggest the wonderful Bellagio; it has class galore with its beautiful conservatory and awesome fountains and is located right in the middle of the action. You can always ask on the discussion forum and see what they say. If you're planning a trip to Vegas, it's a good place to check.

ginger Aug 14th, 2000 08:40 AM

Vicki, just got back from LV yesteday. It was a last minute trip so we didnt have rez for hotel so we decided to stay at the Monte Carlo, big mistake, not worth the $180 we paid. I second the Bellagio and the Venetion. My husband has stayed at the Luxor and he said that was nice also. The Rio is all suites too. Bring lots of money(or ATM card lol) Have fun!!!!!!!!

check Aug 14th, 2000 11:10 AM

<BR>Check and hotels have their own websites.These all have pix and info on amenities.The Rio has suites but it is a distance from the stip-over the interstate...they did just open a walkway from the Las Vegas Blvd. to walk there.Quit a hoof.....If you have a car that`s fine though.Bally`s,Flamingo Hilton,Paris,Treasure Island and Imperial Palalce are more central to everything.Depends what you want to do.There are package deals through tour companies you can get with hotel and plane fare inc.--usually some dinners or some perk thrown in. They are like Apple or Santos from where I live(PA&gt;). I`m sure there`s more ask travel agent--good luck and have fun........

jewls Aug 16th, 2000 11:31 PM

Vickie; <BR> <BR>The Mandalay Bay is a great place and if you have a few women in the room its great because there are two big closets and a large bathroom and lots of counter space with two sinks. And the suites are even larger i think 500sq ft. Check out the shows there, Chicago was great, has a club, great resturants and the House of Blues. We did a girls trip there as well and we would go back to Mandalay Bay. Mention its a party you might get bottle of champagne in room. Have Fun

jewls Aug 16th, 2000 11:32 PM

After thought, i hear the suites at RIO are reasonable. I think that is all they have is suites.

GM Aug 17th, 2000 06:51 AM

Think about using priceline for a good cheap room. The folllowing forum is very useful to see what other people have bid and won in Las vegas: <BR>

Mary Aug 28th, 2000 09:17 PM

I just got back from Las Vegas yesterday. We stayed at The Alladin (new hotel that opened last week) and loved it. The rooms were VERY comfortable (layered bedding, separate huge tub, thick towels, etc.) and a nice size. It is next to Paris and across the street from Bellagio (we had <BR>a room that overlooked the Bellagio fountains). I loved Bellagio's Casino. It is gorgeous. The Bellagio Buffet is also really, really good (we also loved the Paris buffet). The Bellagio fountain show is particularly spectacular at night, especially if you are standing out on their bridge. That is my favorite site in all of Vegas! Mandalay Bay has a great pool complex - wave pool, floating pool, etc. so if you plan on hanging out at the pool a bunch that would be the place to stay. It is at the end of the strip though so be ready to walk a ton if you stay there. Our friends stayed at Bally's and there rooms were large but not even comparable to the beauty and comfort of Alladin's. Off the subject....We saw Mystere (Cirque de Solei) and it was incredible - well worth the $80. We heard O (Cirque de Solei) was fabulous but couldn't get tickets. Definitely order tickets to any shows before you get there to get the best seats. We also saw Jubilee and I wouldn't recommend it. The costumes and sets are incredible but I didn't think the music and dancing was that great. Also, don't miss out on the Pirate Show at Treasure Island (it's free and very cool). Get there early to get a good spot (you stand). Have fun. You will love it!

Lupe Aug 28th, 2000 09:26 PM

I'd like to throw in my two cents for Mandalay Bay. The rooms are large and beautiful, they also have nice suites with two large bathrooms and each has a jacuzzi tub. They have, in my opinion, the best buffet in town (definately do their sunday brunch). They also have the best pool area around. <BR> <BR>The only drawback is that rooms can get pricey if you pick a weekend with an event - which, nowadays, is just about any weekend. Prices can range from $99 - $300/night. They are least expensive, as most hotels, Sunday-Thursday, with Fridays being inexpensive as well. <BR> <BR>Another mid-range option is as someone else suggested, the Rio. Rooms are nice, spacious and good pool area. By the way, contrary to a lot of the hype, their buffet is NOT that great. It's definately got quite a variety of food, but for $16 I would prefer Mandalay Bay's buffet.

Patty Oct 10th, 2000 06:32 AM

The Rio is the hottest place in town. The atmosphere is very mardi-gras like, with lots of color. Dont miss the parade of floats every evening with your chance to collect beaded necklaces. The voo-doo lounge has a very sophisticated, attractive clientele. Try the outdoor patio on the rooftop for a gorgeous view of the strip. Also, the seafood buffet is the best in Vegas!! It is expensive (30.00) but you can eat your wieght in lobster tails and crab legs plus over 100 desserts made fresh daily. Well worth the money, plus the wait is controlled electronically, where you are given a number and you can go off and play until your number comes up, then it is almost immediate seating! No worrys about being off the strip either because Harrahs on the strip offers a free shuttle between the two hotels. The Rio is very popular!! Have fun!!

Dana Oct 10th, 2000 07:38 PM

Definitely the Rio! <BR>They're all nice hotels, but the Rio is <BR>special, and even though they're a little bit removed they also have shuttle busses that run every 20 minutes or so, and quite a selection of <BR>restaurants. I also love the Mardi <BR>Gras party atmosphere, and their buffet <BR>is the only one that I've ever found that I liked. Go for lunch though. Don't waste your time for dinner, except maybe the Seafood Buffet, which I haven't had. The rooms are around 700 <BR>square feet and each has a coffee maker <BR>and refrigerator. Treasure Island <BR>also has nice little Petite Suites. <BR>Looked very nice on the picture on the <BR>internet the other night. I too love <BR>Mystere (at T.I.) and have seen it 3 <BR>times and can't wait for the 4th time. <BR>good luck!

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