Freaky Friday Rants & Raves Feb 3

Feb 3rd, 2006, 07:42 PM
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Rave: I'm from Pittsburgh and can't wait for the Super Bowl!!! Go Steelers!
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Feb 3rd, 2006, 08:38 PM
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Feb 3rd, 2006, 08:47 PM
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Hi Everyone!
My rant- DH is in Palm Springs & Las Vegas for business. I wish I could have gone too!

Rave: Home alone for 10 days!! First time in ages, since both girls are in college this year!!

Rave: School Carnival is today and tomorrow. I went for a while today- had malasadas, fried noodles, portugese bean soup and taco salad. Nothing is as good as Punahou Carnival food.

Rant: Ate way too much! and I'm going again tomorrow, but at least I'm working a shift, so can't eat for those 3 hours at least!
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Feb 3rd, 2006, 08:56 PM
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I thought I posted a couple of hours ago. But I guess I clicked on the wrong thing!

Anyway, thanks, LoveItaly. And you're right about shopping on Super Bowl Sunday. It's the best time of the year to be in the grocery store!
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Feb 3rd, 2006, 09:21 PM
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Bonnie-care to share your meatloaf recipe? I'm a sucker for a good meatloaf! I know your banana bread was a hit
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Feb 4th, 2006, 04:51 AM
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mikemo: Is the house for sitting as nice as YOURS?? How near you, and will you be home those dates?

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Feb 4th, 2006, 05:17 AM
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Be careful. Do you really know this person? Cyberspace is not reality, and can be dangerous.
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Feb 4th, 2006, 05:20 AM
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Rant: Had sudden onset of my first ever kidney infection last week...wierd!

Rave: All better with the Cipro!

Rave: DH put a black screen topper on our pergula yesterday and another honeydo on the house flashing....he finally can get around to some of those things since deer season is over!

Rave: Enjoyed fresh venison last night!

mikemo: when that happened at Costco, I guess you had to communicate in Spanish to all involved? Is that where you got your HDTV?

tpatricco: Sorry about your FP, but envy your barrel wine tasting with da BUD today!
I'm right there with you one the slow weight loss thing...but I know I always kick in alittle better with that in the Spring!

elizabeth reed: That's awful about your hand, but glad you were able to get to help! Soon on the mend, I hope!

Tess: Congrats on DH new job! The Venetian is beautiful, but I've never stayed there....think I'd love it!
One of my fav lounges is next door at the Mirage.

wagonwheel2: Hope your dad gets his surgery soon! Where do you live?

Happy week to all...gotta rush off.


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Feb 4th, 2006, 06:21 AM
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Matnykstym, just for you!

Martha Stewart's Meat Loaf (Mrs. Kostyra's)

4 slices white bread, torn into pieces
2 - 1/2 lbs. ground meat (I use 1 - 3/4 lb. chuck, 3/4 lb. ground pork)
1 medium onion, (in eighths if using food processor)
2 cloves garlic
2 stalks celery, in 2-inch pieces
2 carrots, in 2-inch chunks
1/2 cup flat-leaf Italian parsley
1 egg
1 cup ketchup OR 1 cup tomato sauce (sauce makes meat loaf less sweet than ketchup. I like the spicy Kicked-Up Ketchup by Heinz in this; or add hot sauce to regular ketchup!)
3 teaspoons dry mustard
1 tablespoon coarse salt
2 teaspoons black pepper
2 tablespoons brown sugar

Heat oven to 375 degrees. Tear bread into tiny pieces or whiz in food processor to make crumbs. Transfer to large mixing bowl along with meat.

Place onion, garlic, celery, carrots, and parsley in bowl of food processor, and pulse until finely chopped. (I chopped all this fine, by hand, when I first made it ... doesn't matter, but so much faster in processor!) Add to meat mixture, using hands to mix well but lightly. Add egg, 1/2 cup ketchup, 2 teaspoons mustard, salt and pepper and combine. Place in 9 x 5 inch loaf pan (will be really full) OR free-form a loaf, place in pyrex baking dish (I prefer to do this.)

Combine remaining 1/2 cup ketchup, remaining 1 teaspoon mustard, and brown sugar in a bowl. Stir until smooth. Brush mixture over meat loaf. Bake until a meat thermometer inserted in the center reads 170 degrees, or about 90 to 100 minutes. If top gets too dark, cover with foil. About 2700 calories in the whole loaf, but it's a BIG one ... will serve 10 people for a meal, or make MANY cold meat loaf sandwiches (my favorite way to eat it.)

Feb 4th, 2006, 06:31 AM
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Ann-Marie, glad you like my purse! I think I'm addicted to Kathy Van Zeeland now, as I'm already looking at a navy one AND a lighter blue one! Scarlett, I don't have the silver-charmed satchel but I'm sure I would love it. (Do you have one, my dearie?)

Swalter18, I saw the cutest teeny, tiny *blue & white* tee shirt for your dear little girl when she decides to show her pretty face! (And I don't mean that yucky royal blue from a certain school over in Durham! )

OldSouthernBelle, so sorry to hear about your kidney infection! My sister has had those miserable things, and they can make you feel SO BAD! Hope you're all better now ...
Feb 4th, 2006, 07:03 AM
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Thanks for your kind words about DH's new job--we're pretty excited! What Mirage lounge is your favorite? There are always so many that it's hard to choose so we end up going back to the same ones--boring!
Feb 4th, 2006, 07:25 AM
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Tess: This one:
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Feb 4th, 2006, 07:33 AM
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Oops! I hit 'post' too soon!

I like the tropical feel and the openess, plus, the entertainment is up close and personal.

bonniebroad: Yes, I think I'm well, but still on the medicine for a couple more days. I was surprised that I even got it, as my family of females don't get these...some folks seem to have a propensity for these, I'm not one. Also, had worked that day and was less tired than usual!
Also surprised about the 'don't's' connected to taking Cipro...has my diet screwed up, and no exercise!!?

I saved your meatloaf recipe...will try it sometime for DH!


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Feb 4th, 2006, 07:47 AM
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Belle, my sister has been so prone to kidney infections over the years that the doctor has her carry Cipro on long trips, just in case. She says it's a wonderful drug ... I'm so lucky, never had a problem! I was surprised to hear about the restrictions with that drug, also.

I just had today's cold meat loaf sandwich ... food for the Gods! Do make it for your hubby sometime ...
Feb 4th, 2006, 08:25 AM
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The 2 y/o house is in Col. San Antonio here in SMdA, owned by a US Psychotherapist and his wife who is/are going to Arkansas to "contribute" to a Katrina disaster relief program for vics.
Ironically, I was able to link a MS Katrina vic who needs some space from her and her parents' trials with the property owners who are originally from Louisiana and have great empathy.
Pretty amazing short story, lol.
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Feb 4th, 2006, 08:34 AM
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Another great BonnieB recipe!

Thank you..Meat loaf puts the COMFORT in comfort food!

Happy Super Bowl Weekend everybody..


P.S. Our local cable coompany has crawling across the bottom of the TV screen:
"Supper Bowl will be on ABC at 5 p.m. Sunday"

Maybe meatloaf for Supper?

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Feb 4th, 2006, 08:44 AM
Original Poster
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Rave: Its Ground Hog Day!

Rave: Only three more days til Superbowl Sunday!
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Feb 4th, 2006, 08:48 AM
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Bonnie, should she decide to show herself before the end of the bb season, my dh would LOVE such an outfit (he's also a Steelers fan and almost ordered a Steelers sleeper for her to wear tomorrow but didn't...good thing since her appearance b/4 the game is highly questionable at this point!) I suppose I could suck it up for a Carolina outfit to make her dear old dad it online by any chance?
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Feb 4th, 2006, 08:49 AM
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Yes, SO could not wait any longer, so she bought the "monster" TV (full of techie RP; HD; DLP; LCD stuff) at Costco.
Yes, we resolved the locked car episode in Spanish and with pesos.
A silver haired Spanish-speaking gringo with a pocket full of pesos gets treated rather well here, lol.
Also, I am now in the loop to hear about house sitting opportunities so I'll keep everyone informed.
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Feb 4th, 2006, 08:49 AM
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Mahalo Bonnie!
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