Freaky Friday Rants and Raves 3-10

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Freaky Friday Rants and Raves 3-10

Rant: My property tax went up 34.6% in one year.

Rave: Survivor and The Great Race are better this season than last.
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Rave: I get to be the second person posting! Hi Jorr!

Rave: So many problems are taken care of, going to sleep tonight without any worries.

Rant: Almost 15 year old grandson ended up in the hospital Monday, very high tempature and such a stiff neck he could not turn his head. Dr's thought he had menengities or mono.

Rave: He had neither, just that horrible virus which is still hitting N CA, but he is fine now

Happy weekend everyone..hope everyone will have some fun during the weekend.
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Rave: My DS is playing T ball this year and it is precious to watch!

Rant: Same DS thinks he's hot stuff because he's currently the strongest hitter on his team. A bit of an attitude... which I can do without!

Have a great weekend everyone!
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Rant: the weather. March in Michigan is unpredictable. Last week it was 11 inches of snow, this week rain with fog and flooding.

Rave: Only 2 more weeks until we head to Miami for our cruise on Explorer of the Seas.

Rant: Norovirus. Enough said.

Rave: It's Friday and I have off.
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Greetings all my FFR&R’ers ~

GoTravel ~ You have been on my mind all week. I just wanted to give you a hug, and in my mind and heart, I have been. I am so sorry.

Ed, divingaggie, bennnie, JJ5 ~ Sending all of you strength.

CAPH ~ I am still thinking about the fact that the bone marrow biopsy was negative. It is just such excellent news. I know the Ireland thing will figure itself out for you two, I was happy to read you will be reimbursed for the tickets, if you do indeed decide to cancel. You'll know what's right, trust your instincts.

PM ~ I am thinking of you, your DH and the BIL situation.

Statia ~ You must be getting so excited for your departure. We’ll be cybertraveling with you!

Rave ~ All our beloved Fodorites. I continually am so moved by the support and knowledge all of you provide to everyone each week. Whether it be medical advice you so generously give, a happy experience through travel or just a simple hug. What a wonderful community.

On-a-light-note-My-Mini-Rant ~ Project Runway is over. I am addicted. Send help now.

Hey Jorr, when was the first FFR&R? What made you start this great tradition?

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Got a new puppy! Another mini dachsund- "dapple coloring" white, black,gray, brown...bright blue eyes. daughter and Daddy are thrilled with my tax return surprise. Frankie is less than thrilled at the idea of having a brother!

Saw Bon Jovi at the Rose Garden on Sunday-what a show! Lived my whole life in NJ but never saw them in concert. Had an absololute blast spending time with older sisterfor a little one on one time.

The US port deal apparently not happening....won't get political, but what was our fearless leader thinking?


Dana Reeve passing. Shocking! She looked so good at the Ranger game singing for Mark Messier last month.I can't fathom what young Will is going through.

My Grandma is deteriorating quickly and my family is now torn at the thought of having to put her in care. After a "sleepover" at my Parents, my Mom quickly realized that it's beyond her to help.( Mom is dealing with having a type of blood disease that makes her very tired. Grandma apparently repeats herself seconds apart and has turned quite nasty.She has been waiting to die since my Grandfather died a few years ago so she can be with him,and she misses atleast half of her medications every week.This was the only set of grandparents I ever knew, so the thought of losing the last hurts,especially because I'm so far away and I know I probably won't see her in person any time soon. However, I know that it's exhaustive on my other 2 sisters and Mom, and I feel badly for them having to deal with all of these tough decisions.

Have a good week to all!
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Good Fodorite friends who contribute with kindness, a sense of humour and generosity.
Snow in Portland!!
Pup gets a Friday bath ( you would think this is a rave too, if you lived with him)
Baby boy arrives in one week...hooray!!

Nothing important enough to rant about..

Big comforting hugs to all who have sadness and worry and loss.
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Rave: Kidnapping my DH and taking him on a trip to Florida in April.

Rave: He repaid the favor by suggesting we head up to Boston this weekend to watch our oldest son and GF run the 1/2 marathon this Sunday. The youngest son is coming too.

Rant: A little girl threw-up at my feet yesterday (missed my shoes - that would be a rave). But this morning I'm feeling a little green.

GoTravel, I too have been thinking of you and sending my thoughts to you.

Take care everyone!

Scarlett, that's wonderful news about your baby boy visiting you! Wishing you an early Happy Birthday!
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A good Friday to all...

GoTravel, Ed, Bennnie, JJ5, P_M, Caph--still praying for all of you.

klr--Prayers go out to you and your family as well. Pray for wisdom and strength.

Rave: My mom's services this week were so beautiful and touching. Many friends and family came to celebrate her life with us.

Rave: My dad, in a nursing home, reacted much better than we thought. He showed strength that he hasn't shown before.

Rave: My DS who made everyone laugh and cry at the same time. Sweet, sweet boy.

Rave: My aunts who have picked up where my mom left off. They have been so great.

Rant: One cousin who is getting married tomorrow expects us to drive four hours to attend his wedding. But even though he lives in Dallas, he didn't bother to call or come to any gathering this week.

Rave: All of our family in Dallas will not be making that trip to Houston tomorrow.

Rave: It's SPRING BREAK!!! DH has taken off the whole week. It should be a gorgeous week, too.

Rant: Ugh...I turn 32 this week. I just keep getting older and older!
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Good morning, all.

LoveItaly, sorry to hear of the sick grandson, I hope he's better soon.

klr6773, congrats on the new pup!! Sorry to hear about Grandma, it is heartbreaking to see someone you love in that condition, and to know it doesn't usually get better with time. Best of luck w/any decisions in the near future.

stw, I'm so glad that kid missed your shoes!! May every sick child you ever encounter miss your shoes or clothing.

Update: For anyone who missed it last week, BIL is facing a serious charge and will probably serve many years. DH and FIL are devastated. And in case anyone is wondering, MIL passed many years ago, so that's why her name never comes up.

Anyway, things are a lot calmer in our world, for now anyway. The shock has worn off and FIL seems a little better. DH is sleeping better at night, but he as so mad at his brother for doing this.

Rave: Thanks to all of my dear friends on this board for all of your support. It means the world to me.

Rave: 2 years ago I came here just to post a question about Swiss trains, and it has led me to make so many new friends!! Although most of us have never met personally, you are all very important to me.

Rave: Spring has sprung!! This is my favorite season.

Hugs and happy weekend to all.
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HI all and Happy Friday!!!
Rave: Soccer season starts today for us. Since we are the coaches, this a rant too for us -no more free weekends!
Rave: Warmer temps in the mid atlantic
Rant: child had a cold and now my throat is only a matter of time now!

Best wishes to Caph. I hope you guys get to go to Ireland!
Go Travel: I missed what is wrong,but I hope all goes well or gets better.
LoveItaly: how scary is that about your grandson!
Seetheworld: that is gross!I hope you don't get it. Puking is the worst.
Have a great weekend. Stay healthy all!
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Sending big, big hugs to GoTravel, Ed, Divingaggie and everyone else going through tough times.

Caph--I'm so happy to hear your great news.

Rave: It's going to be 50 degrees here today! And rain, but that will wash aways what's left of the foot of snow we got last week.

Rant: Experienced 2 bouts of blurry vision this week that only last for a few minutes, which, frankly, scared the crap out of me. Saw my regular dr. yesterday since I couldn't get an appt. with an eye dr. until June. The examination I had there shows 20/20 vision in both eyes so that's not the reason. He's not sure what it is from but thinks maybe it's a complicated migraine. Anyway, I go to the eye dr. right now (regular dr. was able to pull some strings) to see what he has to say. Of course, with my coworker being diagnosed with a brain tumor last week, that's one of the first things that ran through my mind...Hopefully, it is just a "complicated" migraine.

Gotta go, will check back later.
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Oh, and just because I've been bitchin' about this so much, I LOST 2.5 lbs. this week!!!!
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Happy Friday and for all of those about to set off on travels...bon voyage!

Happy belated Divin...I'll be 35 in a few short weeks....UGHHHH.

RAVE: My daughter is starting to sing along with her little songs in the back seat. Its got to be the sweetest thing ever!

RANT: She's waking up about 45 minutes earlier these days.

RAVE: Alls well with the preg so far and able to workout and run as usual...whew!

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Here's to hoping those of you who have been going through so much have some peaceful days and nights.

SeeThe World- I'm crossing my fingers you don't get sick!

We had a flu epidemic two weeks ago that wiped out several of my classes, especially the first graders who haven't built up the immunitites the older kids have from being exposed to so many germs over the years.

I had one class of first graders that was missing ten students. Not bad for me as the PE teacher but not much a classroom teacher can do with so many missing. Kind of a holding pattern for a few days.

Rant: I've been watching a coworker go through the slow decline of her beautiful sister/best friend and just this week her husband's job was cut to half time with a 60% reduction in salary. Doesn't seem fair that people keep getting kicked when they're already down.

Rave: I haven't had ONE single Girl Scout cookie this week. I think I'm over them... for now....
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LoveItaly, I'm glad to hear that your grandson is okay.

CAPH, I missed your wonderful news last week. That's great! Sending more good thoughts your way.

Thanks so much for the well wishes, Tiff. You are always so very thoughtful.

klr, sending good thoughts your way, too. It's so hard to see our loved ones that way.

Scarlett, I know you must be thrilled to pieces to be seeing your baby boy!

Congrats on the upcoming trip, seetheworld!

P_M, you have good thoughts coming your way, too. Keep your chin up.

Rave: Today is my last day of work until April 3, and I have everything caught up for my absence. Sigh.

MAJOR RAVE: Deparating Tuesday to meet my mom and sister in Rome, Italy for my mother's surprise birthday trip of a lifetime. We almost lost her exactly two years and one week ago that date, and we are very blessed that she is still with us for her very first European adventure.

Rant: DH and I will keep missing one another at home with three international trips between us in the next two weeks. Some days we will miss seeing one another by only six hours with our flight times in and out. The eventual reunion should be well worth the wait, though.

Rave: We FINALLY go some badly needed rain yesterday and my cistern is very happy.

Rave: The thoughtful and kind people on this board who are there to lend an ear and offer support to one another. Shall you all have your kind gestures returned 10 fold when you need them most.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
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Rant: DH has started to work nights again. I had forgotten the toll it takes on us as a family.

Rave: Going out Saturday night with the girlfriends. The restaurant has been forwarned that we intend to get there early and stay late!

Thanks to all you continue to think of me. You are all wonderful.

LoveItaly - glad your grandson is okay - must have been a big scare for his parents and you.

Moneygirl and Ani- So much joy in seeing your babies grow up and start to achieve and learn.

Tiff - So glad Chloe won. Santano drove me nuts - though his final collection was much better than the rags he usually created.

klr - I hope your family gets assistance in caring for your grandmother. It will help them cope better.

divingaggie and P-M- still offering prayers for you and your families.
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Rant: All the people here who are suffering physically and/or grieving emotionally ! Hang in there.

Rave: I have a vacation planned - finally!!!!! Phew. A week in a beautiful beach house on Cape Cod. I finally have something to look forward to. We'll probably go to Toronto for a few days during Easter school break (but I've been there/done that a gazillion times so I'm not overly excited). But it's better than staying home!

Rant: The crime in and out of Buffalo lately. This past week a 15 year old girl and her 12 year old brother who were home alone were terrorized by a 21 year old neighbor who broke in, slit the young boy's throat (he's physically OK) and raped the sister while the brother was forced to watch. Then he set the house on fire and fled. He probably thought he'd kill them. Anyhow, the kids got out and flagged down a car.

They're lives are emotionally ruined and their house burned to the ground. Sickening. (Sorry, didn't mean to bring everyone down)!

RAVE: THE SOPRANO'S!!!! I don't want to wish away my weekend, but can't wait for Sunday night to get here.

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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Big Rave: DW and I leave Sunday for 4 days in NYC--belated honeymoon.
Were married 2 years ago and like many middle aged professionals we both had too much going on to take time for a honeymoon and so decided that this year for our anniversary (which is this Monday) that we would celebrate it with a trip to the Big Apple. Anniversary dinner at One if by Land and on Tues. we are very anxious to be seeing Jersey Boys.
Weather for the trip looks to be great.
Rant: Only get to be gone for 4 days.
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Rave: My fiance and I got a puppy last week. It's mainly his dog for a hunting companian. She's a very cute yellow British Lab. We're in the midst of housetraining. Like having a new baby.

Rave: The weather the last 2 days here in Minnesota have given us peeks of Spring approaching. I'm so looking forward to warmer weather and lower heating bills!

Major Rave: The Sopranos come back this Sunday!!!
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