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kathy Sep 25th, 2002 12:08 PM

Fort Lauderdale locals/frequent travelers - a hotel question
Need to spend one night in FLL (3/03). Our flight arrives at 10am. We just want a nice room w/a hotel pool (beach locale is not important). Two adults/no children<BR>We have 2 reservations: Renaissance Hotel (17th St.-Club Fl. is not available) and Marriott Harbor Beach Resort (room has zero view/@260). Does anyone endorse Renaissance? Alternate hotel suggestions appreciated. Would like to maximize our 24 hr. in FLL.

Patrick Sep 25th, 2002 12:21 PM

A totally different direction. The heart of "trendy" Ft. Lauderdale is Las Olas Blvd and the bordering New River. Right on Las Olas is a 1920's restored hotel call the Riverside -- popular with business people and special events like weddings and private parties. It's much smaller than those you mention, maybe 100 rooms? They have a pool area across the small back street right on the river where you can sit, have drinks or snacks and watch the huge yachts go by. Out the front door are the dozens and dozens of great restaurants and cafes (Mark's Las Olas, a block or two away is simply my favorite restaurant in Florida). <BR>The rooms are not cookie cutter Renaissance or Marriott style. Some rooms have four poster beds, hallways have Mexican tile, many baths have decorative Spanish tiles. <BR>Phone number 1-800-325-3280. I believe they have a website, which you might want to check out.

kathy Sep 25th, 2002 12:45 PM

Patrick,<BR>thanks for mentioning Riverside; hotel has availability. Have you stayed there? Is is completely restored? We spent time at The Pillars (our '02 stay was terrible - don't want a 'repeat')....just looking for an enjoyable stay. <BR>Firsthand info most appreciated!

Artie Sep 25th, 2002 01:06 PM

Have you check with Largo Mar? Great place and maybe get a good price on a 1 bedroom super delux unit. Superb beach and night life not far away.

xxx Sep 25th, 2002 01:43 PM

If a nice room and pool are your most important criteria I agree with Lago Mar; and you have the bonus of being on the ocean too. The 1 bedroom suites are really nice and you can get one overlooking the pool and/or ocean.

Patrick Sep 25th, 2002 03:02 PM

Yes, I've probably stayed at The Riverside two dozen or more times in the past ten years. Perhaps "restored" is the wrong term. They are always upgrading and doing various things to the rooms. But I've never had a bad one, and have sometimes been upgraded to really splendid ones. When you book ask for a superior or newly "decorated" room if you have any doubts.

pam Sep 25th, 2002 03:02 PM

I would also recommend Lago Mar. As an alternative try the Sheraton Clipper. It is old, but you can get Ocean View at least. It does have a nice pool area. Be sure and ask for the building that sits on the beach directly.

Andy Sep 25th, 2002 03:27 PM

Kathy- We always stay at the Hyatt Pier 66 when we are leaving for a cruise the following day....<BR>It is also on 17th st...<BR><BR>Get a room in the TOWER that has an ocean view- Hotel has an awesome pool area and the entire hotel is ON the Intracoastal Waterway== Great hotel- been staying there for years--COMPLETELY remodeled and beautiful...<BR>

kathy Sep 25th, 2002 03:49 PM

thanks everyone! I'll be phoning sev'l hotels in the next few days...and I really appreciate the alternate suggestions!

mike Sep 26th, 2002 07:13 AM

Andy,Ihave a reservation in the Lanai area of pier 66 in nov, is it ok or should I pay out for an upgrade?I 'm paying $135 a night<BR>Mike

Jen Sep 26th, 2002 08:06 AM

I'm so glad to see these recommendations for the Riverside. I used to stay there a LOT on business, ten years ago, so I'm glad to see it's still in good shape. I stayed there so often, I even had a favorite room! When I was there, the decor was based a lot on lovely tilework, so renovation would not be needed as frequently as other types of decor and structure. A charming place in a great location.

gc Sep 26th, 2002 08:10 AM

Mike,<BR>Lanai rooms are not as luxurious as the high rise, but they are excellent. I wouldn't want ground floor lanai, as you get foot traffic. Find out if you have a pool, waterway or parking lot view (there are a few of those).

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