Fog and Convertible?


May 18th, 2003, 12:33 PM
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Fog and Convertible?

We will be traveling to SF/Monterey/Sonoma in June and have but a FEW questions!!
1) Is the weather similiar to San Francisco in Monterey/Carmel?
2) Is it worth it to rent a convertible to drive down Hwy 1 or would we be FREEZING?
3) I am an avid picture taker and have some concerns about fog in San Francisco/Monterey.. Is it Foggy 24 hrs a day? Or only in the afternoon/evening? Thanks so much for your help in advance!! Can't wait to go!
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May 18th, 2003, 01:20 PM
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Sorry but it is hard to give you a good answer here. The fog/temps situation is so variable.

But - yes, basically the weather in Monterey is similar to SF. In both areas the amount of fog will depend on the weather inland at that time. The hotter it is in the Sacramento/San Joaquin valleys, the colder and foggier it can be on the coast. 105F inland can mean 59F and fog all day in SF -- OR SF could have a heat wave and it be 85F and you'd think it is 120F.

The fog is normally in the morning and if it burns off at all, it will by mid afternoon. But you could also have glorious weather. 85F inland usually means 70 to 75F and clear in SF.

So go ahead and get the convertible - if you have any nice days it will be worth it and otherwise you can leave the top up.

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