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nipper May 19th, 2004 04:52 AM

Flight connection to Kona
Aloha Air has changed the departure time on our connection flight to Kono from 6:50pm to 6:30pm. We arrive on Continental at 5:30. Is there enough time to get to the Kona flight or should I plan on being stuck in Honolulu for the night? Aloha Air thinks we should be able to make the flight but if not, they would put us in a hotel for the night? Have also called FS to make sure that they will not charge us for the night if we do not arrive in time.

pb_and_j May 19th, 2004 05:07 AM

IF your flight in is on time, you'll be OK. My United flight was 1.5 hours late, so basically the entire plane missed their connections, but we had about 40 minutes, and made it with time to spare. We checked our luggage all the way through but had to get our boarding passes in Honolulu. So we made it on the flight, though our luggage did not.
That's probably not the last HNL--> Kona flight for the day, so you may end up on a later one if needed.

JohnD May 19th, 2004 05:09 AM

Provided that there are no flight delays, you should be able to make the connection. We usually make our interisland flights with Continental's partner airline (Hawaiian Airlines) and they have always managed to check and tag our luggage from mainland to KOA, so as to avoid having to claim and spend ((o))rechecking the luggage at HNL airport. When you're checking luggage for CO flight, be sure to see that it is tagged from mainland to HNL to KOA, and not just to HNL. If the luggage is tagged only to HNL, you are going to have to hustle for the KOA flight. :S-

Spokaneman May 19th, 2004 12:01 PM

A couple of years ago, we traveled to OGG via HNL. We were using FF miles on DL to get to OGG (the FF seats to OGG were sold out), and purchased tickets from HNL to OGG. Delta absolutely would not check our bags through to OGG. Said they cannot on a "broken" fare. Rather than take a chance on having to go out of the secured area, claim our bags and re-check the bags and re-enter security, I opted to use only carry-on. No problem for me, but my teenaged daughters had a major fit about packing for two weeks in a carry-on. Good experience for them and they did survive.

It was a good move too, our DL flight was three hours late and we barely made the last flight to OGG. Had we had to claim luggage and recheck, we would have had to overnight in HNL at my expense.

SoCalGal May 19th, 2004 07:28 PM

I too was surprised at how early the last Flight to Kona is from Honolulu. We're flying in on Delta on a FF ticket and their earliest flight out of LA is at 3:30 PM getting to Honolulu at 6:05. We decided a few months ago not to chance it and booked a room at the Waikiki Parc for the night. On one hand it's good because our place on Kona is $450 a night (a 3 Bedroom Townhome) which seems rediculous for a place that you wouldn't even get to until 9 o'clock at night. Now we'll be there by 11 AM the next day and have pretty much the whole day to enjoy the amenities!

Good luck on making your connection!

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