film in airport xray machines


Feb 11th, 2002, 10:31 AM
dan woodlief
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I would not suggest creating a scene, but you might want to ask for a supervisor at the security points in the U.S. I traveled abroad in October through RDU and O'Hare. I didn't really encounter resistance (I had the film out of the canisters and in a clear bag), but people did not seem as accomodating with hand checking. In other words, I had to explain a little more than usual. The situation in RDU was due more to newer, less informed employees. As they were finishing with my film, a supervisor came up and told them they were required to hand check if asked. I almost felt bad for them because they really hadn't refused to in the first place. If it is that important, ask for a supervisor. You might want to look at to see if there is archived information on labs in Europe. If not, try posting a new question. It has a very international user base. You might want to consider buying and getting the film developed overseas because it may be very difficult to get security personnel to not even open the film box and canister.
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