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blueslipper Jun 5th, 2008 06:07 PM

Fenwick Island, Bethany Beach DE and Cape May, NJ
Our summer vacation plans have taken a shift - so we're heading east this summer. We're going to spend a couple of days in DC - and then we wanted to spend 3-4 days at a nearby beach. After reading many posts, it sounds like Rehoboth, Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island or Cape May, NJ may be what we're looking for. I am bleary-eyed looking at VRBO, and discouraged because nothing in my meager price range (less than $200/night is the goal)seems available. I"d like to be on the beach. If we're traveling this far to be at the beach - I would like to be ON THE BEACH. Am I just too late in the season to plan, and not realistic on prices? Any insider tips?

WannabeinaMontserrat Jun 5th, 2008 11:32 PM

To be on the beach you'll likely have to spend more than that, in season. In addition, many places will require a week minimum stay (for cottages & condos). Your best bet may be some of the B & B's in Cape May, but I'm not sure any are right on the beach.

Dukey Jun 6th, 2008 12:32 AM

Those prices for beachFRONT places are unrealistic for the locations you are talking about unless it is a motel/hotel situation and even then.

In Rehoboth or Bethany and including Dewey you could certainly get within reasonable walking distance of the beach perhaps and have you even considered that option?

Denbasking Jun 6th, 2008 05:15 AM

Hi Blueslipper.

Nice choices if you have never been to the beaches in this area. Fenwick Island and Bethany Beach have a less commercial feel about them if that is what you are looking for.

I agree with the opinions of WM and Dukey. For <b>Fenwick Island and Bethany Beach</b> I would consider just getting a hotel or motel nearby and use it as a place to shower and sleep. Spend the day at the beach, go back in for dinner, or venture out for an evening to nearby Rehoboth for a walk on the boardwalk or go into Ocean City, MD.

You may need to go inland a few miles to find a hotel/motel but you may get lucky and find one along the Route 1 coastal highway (the highway is not <i>on</i> the coast like in CA).

If you’re after seeing the ocean and wishing to see some sand between your blanket and the next persons I think this will be your best bet unless some luck falls into your lap, which it may!

Another drive in day trip *beach only* possibility is the Rehoboth Beach Inlet area. Has concession and showers but a day only visiting area. Nice beach, jetty, boats…

<b>Cape May, NJ</b> is a nice beach town as well but I would not drive to it this time of year -- and my sister has a house there! You and your car can take the Cape May Lewis Ferry from Lewis Delaware.

In all these places, even if you can into a B&amp;B in your price range at this time I think you will be walking a bit to the beach.

<b>Dewey Beach</b>: IMHO, unless you are a guest in one of the private homes and their exclusive beach areas in south Dewey; I would just skip this area. Even as a local crazy teenager I would never consider sleeping in this area AFTER I talked my underage self into one of the *Gone Wild* spring break ambience bars and nightclubs. There will be no quiet. I had no interest in this place once I was of legal age (which was 19 yrs old in my day)!

Even though the Outer Banks are a tad further from DC, I personally think they and other southern beaches are much lovelier and affordable with chances of facilities with beach views this time of year.

Enjoy, Den

blueslipper Jun 6th, 2008 06:15 AM

Thanks everyone - especially Den. OBX is another option - but was thinking the above since we've never been to the beaches in this part of the county...and we're already in DC. OBX is a good idea though - especially give our budget. I appreciate all the opinions! I'll continue searching out add'l options.

LN Jun 6th, 2008 09:05 AM

Near Fenwick Island, but still in Ocean City, is the Princess Hotel and it is oceanfront. You can probably get a room there but you'll also pay about $200 a night for it.

Condos will generally rent by the week. sorry!!

Good luck

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