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dave63 Apr 9th, 2008 07:06 PM

extended family vacation ideas
Good evening, all. I am looking for suggestions on places in the USA to spend a week together with the families of three sisters (brothers-in-law, teenaged cousins, etc - 16 in total) this summer. We have been fortunate to spend 1 week together the past several summers, but Europe and the strong Euro have us all gun-shy.

So, the consensus is somewhere in the USA (or Canada) where we could all stay in the same small hotel or B&B, somewhere not too hot, somewhere with activities for people of virtually all ages. Some of us like the city thing - museums, history, dining - while others like sitting around the pool playing bridge while the kids take a dip.

I have been researching California, Colorado and Canada, but I would surely appreciate some other ideas. After week-long visits to Ireland, France, Italy, Austria, Spain and Portugal, I fear we have become a bit spoiled in our vacation choices. But I am confident that among the Fodors audience, some really good ideas that I have not thought of already will come through.

WannabeinaMontserrat Apr 9th, 2008 07:27 PM

In the US you can most likely find a house/cottage that would take care of all of you. Particularly in the Outer Banks or Brunswick Islands of NC. Even better, may be the islands in & around Charleston, SC. Think Kiawah or Seabrook.

kelliebellie Apr 10th, 2008 06:14 AM

I'm always advising people to travel to northern Michigan. In the summer, it is just a slice of heaven. And very European from my point of view. Beautiful scenery, cute towns, etc.

The "citylife" might be tough to find there. Traverse City, Petoskey, and Harbor Springs offer great restaurants. Near Traverse is the Old Mission Peninsula filled with great wineries.

You would be able to rent a cottage for the week right on Lake Michigan. Maybe around Charlevoix?

There is also a very nice resort that might rent bigger rooms or even condos called the Inn at Bay Harbor. They have a campfire every night with smores.

And Mackinac Island is fun for everyone.

You would have to fly into Pelston from Chicago. You could combine it to include a few days in Chicago.

capxxx Apr 10th, 2008 06:38 AM

Find a hotel with a pool in one of these cities, and you're all set. You better get moving though, to find something for that many people.

San Francisco

Or think about taking a cruise.

POlson Apr 10th, 2008 07:07 AM

We've enjoyed some wonderful family weeks....
*on the Oregon Coast Cannon Beach/Seaside (but lacks big city, though you could combine with a day or two in Portland);
*in San Diego (hits most of your categories but you might have to do some searching for the right lodging - maybe La Jolla; 4 Seasons Aviara in Carlsbad is also very nice)
*in Santa Fe (we stayed at the Tamaya resort because the facilities were great for kids but you might prefer being in Santa Fe)
* Tofino, British Columbia (takes some getting to but it is wonderful, also lacking big city activities though you could spend a few days in Vancouver; Long Beach Lodge has two story townhouse style cabins that work well for families and a lovely lounge in the main lodge that is great for games and cards, I don't recall a pool, great surfing though)

Or as capxxx suggested just pick a city and go...How about Los Angeles - great weather, terrific dining, world class museums, beaches (biking, surf lessons, kayaking), hiking in Malibu, architecture tours, great gardens, visit a Mission or three for a little history, lots of day trip ideas too - rent a house on the beach, find a B&B, or stay at a swanky resort (all sorts of lodging options depending on availability and your budget)

Ceidleh Apr 10th, 2008 07:58 AM

Since some of you like a big city experience and others want to lay by the pool, I would suggest Cape May, New Jersey.

You are about 90 minutes away from Philadelphia (which has all the museums, history and dining you could ask for), 45 minutes from Atlantic City (small airport there), 10 minutes to Wildwood (boardwalk is great fun for the kids at night) and Cape May is full of beautiful Victorian homes and buildings right on the ocean.

Check for information about the town, links to lodging, realtors (should you choose to rent a large home - though at this point, it's a bit late in the season to have a wide variety of choices) and lots of restaurants.

Congress Hall is a gorgeous hotel right on the beach (with a pool and a nice spa), though there are less expensive hotels and motels with pools that are either oceanfront or located within a short walk. And Cape May is full of B&Bs.

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