Eataly Market Opening in New York Next Week.

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Curiosity got me so I, too, went in and was there just
at 10 a.m. Fri where a line had formed to get in.

Hamlet: I had the same observation re the $2 Barilla pasta;
esp since it is running 99 cents in my local LI supermarkets.

Since it was early the crowd was small save for one expresso coffee station where a long line had formed.

Great emporium w/astounding prices.
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Barilla and Garafalo pasta is $1.59 with Fresh Direct. Can't expect the same price with an upscale Manhattan retailer.
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Rhea - the Barilla in Eatery is imported from Italy. Is the Barilla from your local market made in the USA or Italy? I thought it was interesting that the store would choose to sell it thinking people would not realize the difference and not be interested in buying the same pasta (which it isn't). And maybe they could mark up more for those who did know and want to pay more for imported.

My local store sells Garofalo for $1.69-$2+ depending on the cut. So I thought Eataly prices were about as expected.
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We just walked by Eataly this afternoon about 3:00pm - at the 5th Avenue entrance there were approximately 35+ people waiting in line to just to get into the store. At the 23rd Street entrance there were another 20 or so people waiting.

Made me glad to live a few blocks away and able to check it out anytime there is no line . . .

The wine store (which in accordance w/ NYS law has a separate entrance) was pretty nice with decent prices. They weren't giving anything away, tho!
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I went to Eataly today. And there working the floor was Mario Batali in full beard and orange crocs. A woman comes up to him and said, "Hey Mario, you know where the breadsticks are?" You gotta love New York.

The prices were mixed. The raw meat and fish were reasonably priced as were the fresh fruits but there was also dry pasta from Italy for $12 a pound. The mozzarella was $18 a pound, twice as much as a local store that makes it daily. The layout is confusing. There are places to eat prepared foods next to packaged food. I accidentally walked into the fancy dining area. I purcagsed what they called a classic baguette which was turned out to be whole wheat and the crust was not that crusty. I also purchased marzolino cheese. I was creamy with a slighty sour taste.

I did not buy much because I miles to walk before I sleep. We will return and try other things.
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..and here I thought that Marzolino was a cheese only made in early springtime!

I plan to stop by soon....I am sure that I will not become a regular there, though!
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It did not have a birth date.

There was also a frenetic energy there but not as bad as Zabar's.
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I finally paid a visit today. Had to wait in a short line a few minutes before the 10am opening of the food market area. They do make mozzarella daily, in fact were making it this morning. It costs $12 per pound which is quite a bit higher than DiPalo. It was excellent, though, but slightly undersalted, in my opinion. Also have stratiacella from Andria (Puglia) castelmagno DOP from Piemonte, and heaps and heaps of other good stuff that I did not take the time to investigate this morning. Prices seemed high.

They really should call the place "EatPiedmont and Liguria" because the products are heavily weighted toward those areas. I was pleased to find a terrific selection of dried pastas in shapes that I've not seen here before. Prices run the gamut, beginning with imported Barilla for $2, again in shapes that we do not normally see here. Lots of Ligurian dried pastas including corzetti/crozetti, which are shaped like silver dollars, and trofie, at good prices. Also lots of egg pastas including tajarin, from the Alba area.

Fresh pasta seemed expensive and while they had a wide range, they cannot beat what I buy at Borgatti in the Bronx. Eataly charges $12 per pound for most non-filled shapes; I pay about $3 at Borgatti.

I, too, thought the selection of meats was excellent and very well priced. Loved the Pat LaFreida pork chops (4 for $15!) and the LaFreida burgers, four 6 oz burgers for under $7.

Fish department had fresh Gulf shrimp, scallops in their shells, shrimp with heads on, for a change (!!). razor clams, and the gamut of fresh fish and also very highly priced bottarga.

Saw many of the same packaged goods--rices, farro, jarred sauces, dried beans, jams and jellies, (no mostarda, though; I probably missed it) etc--that I saw, and brought back from, the store in Turin.

Fresh fruits and vegetables appeal mostly for the convenience of having them in that area on non-farmer's market days. But why red peppers imported from Mexico when they are in season now and the farmer's market 8 blocks south is piled with them??

And why no canned or jarred Italian tuna? They do have an entire shelf devoted to top-seafood producer Agostino Recca--mainly anchovies along with a few other products lilke capers.

DOP San Marzanos cost almost $5 per can, not bad for midtown, but almost twice the price of Teitel in the Bronx. Certainly competitive with Buon Italia in the Chelsea Market on those and on other items.

Great selection of olive oils..all fresh, at varying price points. Some seemed like good values (liter of Roi Taggiasca olive oil from Liguria, for example, for less than $30) while I thought others were very expensive.

Well, that's my take after a brief walk through! No Mario sightings but they staff seemed quite eager to please. I took some notes on prices if anyone is interested--mainly jotted down prices of olive oils and dried pastas...
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Although I do not for a minute think that anyone is very interested, here are a few prices that I jotted down; I spent most of my time in the olive oil and pasta sections..

Liter ROI Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil $29.80; 1/2 liter, $16.80 (this is not the Carte Noir ROI oil that comes in the straw-encased bottles)

Liter Dinoabbo olive oil, Taggiasca olives, $46.80 (most prices here end in .80 for some reason; maybe due to the exchange rate); Dino Abbo is apparently a respected small producer

500 ml Lungaroti DOP Umbrian olive oil, $33.80

750 ml Avanzi olive oil from Garda, $49.80

500 gram bag of Ligurian Alta Valle Scrivia crozetti (disc-shaped dried pasta), $4.80

500 gram bag dried pastas from Gragnano $5.80--vast range of shapes

Alfieri Tajarin with egg 250-gram bag..$5.20 500 grams..$17.80
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