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Christine Apr 16th, 1997 08:30 PM

Doesn't anyone want to visit Newfoundland???
I can't believe all the messages I've just glanced through and not one asks about Newfoundland!! The island, and the Labrador portion of this province are breathtaking!! If you love the outdoors, and like "adventure" holidays you really should consider coming here!! The people are friendly, there's lots to do, and the scenery is out of this world!! Please if you have any questions, ask!! 1997 is a great year to visit. We're celebrating The 500 year anniversary of John Cabot's discovery, and there's so much to do!!

Marnie Apr 27th, 1997 01:46 PM

I'd love to get back there this summer with my spouse--have visited several times on business over the years. When is the Cabot Festival?

John Lee May 2nd, 1997 04:59 PM

I am going to Boston on May 25th. I was wondering what I was going to do there for a week!!!

Can you suggest a moderatly priced lodging in Newfoundland?

Ann May 2nd, 1997 11:11 PM

I LOVE Newfoundland. I have had two visits to THE ROCK! There is no way to discribe its greatness. I'd go back in the drop of a hat, if I had time. I WILL go back some day.

RR Bloom May 10th, 1997 11:10 AM

My wife and I are going to vacation in Nova Scotia and PEI this summer. How can we get to Newfoundland?
Places to stay? Eat?
Please E-Mail me. Thanks

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