Does anyone EVER get to sleep in at a hotel?

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This is a very useful thread for me. A combination alarm/white noise gadget is on my wish list now.

I agree that for a light sleeper hotel room doors are a nighmare. They BANG shut when you let go of them, and inconsiderates simply let them, rather than gently supposting them while they close.

Last summer in Orlando I emailed the Wyndham By Request manager at the hotel we were going to stay at and requested a quiet room. The Wyndham Orlando is built in a series of about 15 2 story buildings with interior corridors for the most part. We were given a room, and there was only one of them, just outside of the corridor. Voila! No banging doors! It was wonderfully quiet.
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There could be a whole new thread on this topic about sleeping in New York City hotels. As a virgin tourist I made the mistake of accepting a room on the 3rd floor, streetside, of the lovely Wyndham Hotel. From midnight until dawn, trash trucks and laundry trucks slammed metal containers around, made those back-up beeper noises, there were workers hollering, since the Wyndham faces the back of the Plaza and/or Essex House where these services are handled in the middle of the night. Felt like they were in the room with me. I actually cried, drank a whole bottle of wine to be able to not care enough to sleep. Next night, asked for an inside "airshaft" room and AAAAAHHHHH, the peace. Forevermore, it's a high floor, or an inside one, in NYC.
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That is great advice about NY hotels, to avoid exposure to the side where garbage is picked up, and I would never have thought of it!!

If I have a neightbor with a loud TV I go crazy and can't sleep, but I've slept all my life next to windows facing all-night garbage-hauling activity (different businesses use different commercial haulers, so there are many visits on one street) and early-morning (6 is early to me) church bell ringing. These things never keep me awake!!
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Once having stayed in a room facing a noisy street, in order to get some sleep my wife turned on the TV to a non-station and we used the static as "white noise." It was not exactly soothing but it helped drown out the racket outside.
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Chris -

Your post about NYC hotel room noise brought back a memory of a business trip to Minneapolis. I stayed at the Marriot Residence Inn downtown, and happened to be there when a few inches of snow fell. Well, downtown the snowplows hit the streets in the middle of the night, so I was woken up at 2 a.m. to the sound of scrape, scrape, scrape, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP... I'm not sure why they have to have the back-up beeper on the plows on at 2 a.m., but I just about lost my mind.

I also have a good story about sharing a hotel room with my husband and mother-in-law, trying to save a few bucks. She immediately fell asleep and started snoring loud enough to rattle the panes of glass in the window. I tried earplugs and Tylenol PM to no avail. Finally at 1 a.m. my husband took pity on me and went downstairs and got an adjoining room (the clerk was very nice and gave it to us for 1/2 price). The next morning, we went out, got coffee and went back to wake my m.i.l. up. She'd slept through the whole thing and didn't even realize we'd never left. I will never, EVER make that mistake again!!!
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Wanna snoring nightmare? Sent to NYC w/ a co-worker, had to share room in Roosevelt w/ only twin beds. Noise all night from jackhammer and backup alarms from many stories below, but worse noise was his snoring. 12:30; 1:15; 2:45 ...6am STILL no sleep, then I hear him yelling for me to get up at 7:15. I decided to head back home, my axx would be draggin' too much for anything else. I sat on floor in Grand Central waiting for train, fell asleep and woke up, lying on floor almost 2 hours after my train had departed. snnxxxxxxxk
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What about "amorous" couples in the next room ( when your partner is at the other end of the country ? ).

What about the bells of Christchurch Cathedral in Dublin directly opposite Jury's Hotel ? ( enough to wake the dead ! ).
What about the son of a camel who got the front desk to wake me up because he had said I was snoring too loudly !!!!!!
( He got an early morning call at 4:30 AM he was not expecting ).
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Hi Sleepy, I use a Homedics sound machine(affectionately termed noisey) with adaptor and battery pack. We stayed over a pub in Dublin, Ireland, AND had a decent night's sleep.
The one time I forgot noisey, were in a Chattanooga Marriot, It was a lovely place, but had old fasioned very thin walls. We fell asleep ok, but at 3 am a rather loudly amorous couple(noises similar to Sally's in "When Sally Met Harry") returned to the room next to ours, and had a marathon session.
Lesson: Always bring your noisey!
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A good point was made earlier: If you have any inkling that your room might be noisy, ask to be switched before you even put your bags down. All hotels will switch you if they have the room.

I am an early riser, and don't have the problem of not sleeping in. But I often have the person who feels the need to fall asleep with their TV on at loud volume.
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I have travelled with a white-noise machine and found it useful, although there is a limit to what it can drown out, so sometimes I combine it with earplugs.

But there are some "noises" that verge on physical percussion, including the slamming fire-doors -- but what about the ubiquitous air-conditioner/heater that sounds like a howitzer going off when it kicks on AND when it shuts down? I'm just getting used to the roar of the compressor or the fan when KATHWUMP! it shuts off. Then I'm just getting settled into the nice quiet (which might allow other noises to intrude but they are usually manageable) when KACHUNK-WHAAAAAAAAAAA the damthing comes back on again.

Need I add that the temperature setting is either Bake or Off, or Freeze or Off. I usually try to cope with turning it OFF, and use various changes of clothing to compensate for whatever happens to the room temperature.
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Years ago I made a recording of my in-laws at Thanksgiving dinner. On trips I tote it along and play it all night. Needless to say, it has a certain somnolent quality about it.
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Earl, that's the best idea yet!
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All this talk about street noise in NY makes me laugh. I live in midtown, just down the street from a firehouse in one direction and a hospital emergency room in another. I have become so accustomed to the street noise that I sleep undisturbed for most of the night. However, on a recent vacation to New Orleans, I had planned on sleeping in every morning, but was consistenetly awakened by the slamming doors and chattering housekeepers in the hall outside. I could have used some of that NY street noise to block out the commotion in the hall.
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Earplugs, earplugs, earplugs, Nyquil.

And request a quiet room - definitely not near the elevator!!


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