Dining in the Hudson River Valley

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Dining in the Hudson River Valley

Will be taking a day trip out of NYC [with a group] the first weekend of November. I would've like to go the Culinary Institute but our activity won't be over on Saturday to make it too lunch and their restaurants don't have dinner on Saturdays.
Can anyone recommend a good resturant to me in the Hudsaon River Valley? Preferably near Pine Bush/Newburgh, but anything on the way back to NYC.
Thanks for any suggestions.
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There's a wonderful restaurant in Pine Island, New York named Ye Jolly Onion Inn. It's actually about 30 miles from Newburgh via 84 west to 17 to exit 124. This area is known as black dirt country and it's where onions are grown. Very good ambience and service, and the food is very good, too. The salad bar has many delicious onion specialties. In Newburgh (on the casual and reasonable side) are The Barnstormer on Route 17K (in the shopping center) for barbecue, ribs, chicken and burgers. In the same shopping center there's a New Orleans Steakhouse which is also good. Cosimo's on Union (Route 300) makes a good thin crust pizza and their Italian dishes are good as well. Torches on the Hudson on Front Street is also very nice. I have to admit I'm a little confused about where exactly you will be because Newburgh and Pine Bush are miles apart and if you're in the Poughkeepsie area you will be on the other side of the Hudson away from these areas.
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Thank you for answering so quickly and being so thorough. The Ye Jolly Onion Inn sounds good. You said a key word - ambience. Remember I am taking a group of New Yorkers [snobs ].
I know Pine Busha dn Newburgh aren't close, but we'll be at a winery in Pine Bush and I am pretty familiar with the Newburgh area which is why I named that city. Thanks again.
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If you are bringing "snobby" New Yorkers you could drive 40 minutes south of Newburgh and go to Restaurant X in Congers. Very tony with the highly rated Xavier as chef and owner.

My in-laws live in Warwick and enjoy fine dining. I have never heard them mention this ONION place which would be about 6 miles away.

There is also very nice place in Warwick as well Chateau Hathorn which is revolutionary war era. Gorgeous place with very good food.
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Are you the Lawren from New City who rides horses in Goshen? Your replies always sound so hateful. Do you read what you write before you click? As in, this ONION place?! Perhaps your in-laws don't know as much about fine dining as they presume. That said, allow me to tell Jaylee that Ye Jolly Onion Inn has been owned and operated by the very nice Greiner family, who opened it over 25 years ago. It's ambience is best described as country elegant. People drive out of their way to dine there. The salad bar another poster mentioned is stocked with local produce and their dishes such as chateaubriand, entrecote boule, prime rib, and lobster are excellent. I am not employed at the restaurant nor am I related to the owners in any way. I'm a regular customer (from the city who now lives in Monroe) and I recommend it. It's about 8 miles away from exit 124 off 17. There's a nice bar area for drinks and appetizers when there is a wait for a table. Bully Boy Bar and Restaurant X is also a good restaurant and they have several rooms each with a different "feel." Mr. Kelly did a good job in bringing this restaurant back to life. It does have a different "feel" than the Jolly Onion Inn, though.
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I second the recommendation for the Chateau Hathorn in Warwick. The Jolly Onion in is OK, but in my opinion not worth driving out of the way to dine at. The Chateau is fine dining in a beautiful 18th century inn, located across the street from a large apple orchard. I believe they have one of the best wine lists and cellars in NY. It was my favorite restaurant when I lived in Warwick. There are several other excellent choices for Dinner in Warwick as well. Good luck with your trip.
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Yes Nadia it's me. I didn't write that message in a "hateful" way...the written word is a difficult way at best to decipher inflection. I am a very direct person in real life too... Actually, I was playing on Jaylee's "snobs". Being a born and bred city girl we all know it's not true (about NYers being snobs) but they do have the best restaurants in the world to choose from!

In my opinion a restaurant that has a "salad bar" doesn't classify as fine dining and worth driving out of the way for. I honestly believe if Jaylee was initially considering CIA that Ye Jolly Onion Inn would pale in comparison.

Monroe huh? One of these days if we can resolve our on-line differences we'll have to meet up.
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My other favorite restaurant in the Hudson Valley (other than the CIA) is Harrald's, a small, not informal place in Stormville, NY. Fixed price, from soup to nuts; drinks additional, great wine selection, attentive service. Harrald is the maitre d, his wife cooks. I always have problem deciding on the dessert, so, I take a little of everything. Disadvantages: it's a 3-hour dining experience and he doesn't take credit cards (but personal checks ok).
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As a born and bred resident of the Hudson Valley I'll be honest and say you'll have slim pickins. Harrald's and the Chateau are excellent choices, if a little out of the way from Pine Bush. Ye Jolly Onion - it's just okay - I've eaten there many times over the last twenty years and couldn't tell you a darn thing I ever ate. You would have a decent meal, but I agree you know enough when you read the words "salad bar" - it's not worth driving out of the way for. I haven't eaten there in a few years, but the Bull's Head Inn near Goshen is an option as well. There are quite a few restaurants now on the Newburgh waterfront that offer some "ambience" - probably your best bet if you know Newburgh.
To tell you the truth - whenever my husband and I want a good meal - we go into NYC!
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