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Kim, I think your report was great - I would much prefer someone give an honest opinion that ramble on with something like: " . . and then I accidentally stepped in dog doo and it was a wonderful experience!" Ok, an exaggeration I know, but you get the idea. I think you were very brave to admit the dinner at One If By Land wasn't up there with the second coming. Many (not all) carry on about this place like it is the end-all restaurant. It is in fact; like any other high-end establishment, a very good restaurant that can make mistakes or that maybe, just maybe, someone will enjoy, but not be bowled over by.

Glad that you like Inn at Irving, it's one of my favorites - although I do understand what you said about being close to the theater if you will be seeing several shows. Anyway, sounds like you had a great time, thanks for sharing.
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Kim - I suspect your review is right on the money about 1IBL. From the reviews I've read it's definately not a "top spot" for food...more of a tourist/atmosphere destination.

I was visiting NY on the same weekend. I noticed a ton of ladies on their own as well. It's making me think about getting a group of girls together for a little trip next year. My husband abandoned me after about 4 minutes in Saks.

Thanks for the thoughtful report, and congratulations on your anniversary.
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Hi Kim!
Loved your report! Glad you had a nice anniversary trip to NYC.
I especially liked the way you told about your visit to the WTC site. Sensitive and respectful and appreciated.
A thought: all the ladies shopping might be because 1-if it is the wkend, men are watching football? 2-week days, men are at work?
We just saw Hairspray a couple of weeks ago and did love the entire show but you are right, we liked the first half more also.
Happy Holidays,
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Another vote for a great trip report. Some ladies here in my GA neighborhood want to do a NYC weekend, and I'll keep your comments in mind when planning. Thanks for posting.
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We (a group of ladies on an annual girl trip) were there the exact time you were. The cold did have a big impact on our trip. I appreciated your report, it brought back similar (good and bad) memories. The negative reaction from posters-who cares about spelling-is exactly why I will not be posting a trip report.
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Great report. I too, want to hear the negatives. I am guilty of holding back the negatives in my trip reports because I just don't want to read the slamming responses after spending much of my time relaying information. I don't think I expect too much on my trips, but I do think that many places that people gush about are overrated, or they can have a bad day. I live in NYC & I too think $12 to get into a museum is a bit much. I also see plenty of opera & agree that you have to be in the mood and wide awake. Ferrara's is a tourist trap & their pastry is mediocre. Kim, for your next trip, come to Fodors & ask for 'hidden secret' neighborhood type recommendations. The little bakery down the block from us makes pastries that are just yummy.
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By the way,
There is no Admission Price to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is free. There is, however, a published suggested donation.
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I enjoyed you report. As a native NYER I have to tell you, I have never eaten in any of the Restaurants you mentioned except Katz. (love their pastrami)
I agree with the poster who stated that next time ask us about out of the way or neighborhood restaurants or pastry shops. There are dozens!!
Thanks for coming and please come and see this great city again!
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Ellen, you think $12 is too much to get into the Metropolitan Museum of Art???? May I suggest you get a membership?
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Beary, I do have a membership. And one for the Natural History Museum. You think $12 per person is acceptable????? Good for you. I think the fee is too high for people who are visiting the city and would not be interested in a membership. Is there a museumpass available here in the city? That may be an option.
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The Met is worth $12 admission, BUT have you ever trooped through there with a family of 6? Even with student admission, it was pricey. We also had lunch, bought items in the gift shop, etc. We have been to other large museums in the US and Europe and the admission at the Met is one of the highest. We paid ~$8 at the Louvre, $10 at the Chicago Art Institute and British Museum was free this year!
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Thanks to everyone who posted in support of my trip report. I honestly was trying to be helpful, and where I thought that my not enjoying something was a reflection on me, I tried to express that, ie La Boheme.

Addressing a couple of issues...

Someone might want to go to to one of the best museums to only view a Christmas tree because 1) they have been to the museum many times before and plan to go many times in the future, 2) art was not a primary focus of this trip,3) Christmas events and decorations were a primary focus of this trip, 4) many people on the fodor's board recommended seeing the tree as a "don't miss" and it was mentioned that the entrance fee was a suggested amount, and if you were just going for the tree you might want to donate less. My comments were specifically that I was a "wimp" who felt like an "idiot" paying less, and that in "my humble opinion" the tree alone was not worth the $ or the trip uptown (we never ventured futher than about 49th St the rest of the trip).

I did know from this board that Ferrara's wasn't that great, but it was across the street and by my standardds you can't mess up dessert too much!

I think i did get recs for most of my restaurants on this board. I pretty much don't plan anything without running it by you all first! Ferraras was the only place I went to knowing there were definitely a lot of negatives on this board. The food was very good at Becco, Il Cortile and John's Pizza, but the service left something to be desired at Il Cortile and John's. At John's it wasn't such a big deal (although on a Saturday night in the theater district the waitress wasn't expecting to work late? C'mon!), but Il Cortile the service was BAD. We had to practically jump on our waiter to have our orders taken ad pretty much had to do it again to get our check. We watched him tell potential customers that there was no more room in the restaraunt (not that the wait was an hour or something, simply no room) while other waiters went ahead and immediately seated other customers. And no, it wasn't a matter of reservations, it was just a matter of who ended up with this waiter. But, I reiterate, the food was good. If this makes me someone that restaraunters dread, well good. Meals out cost a heck of alot of $$ and in a place like NYC, if your not on top of things you are not going to be in business long.

As for 1 if by land, I knew going in that it was a place of romance and ambiance (the whole 10th anniversary thing kicked in) but I had also heard on this board that the food had been improved from their past rep, so I expected something there as well. I complimented the atmosphere, the service and the desserts, which were all excellent. But I stand by the fact that the food was good, but not great. And I checked the bill and it was $190 for two w/2 glasses of wine (total, not each). Just thought that some people might want to know in case they were looking for wow food to go with their atmosphere.
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We need more posters like you!!!
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Owen O'Neill
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Thanks for the great trip report Kim. I appreciate the positives and negatives. I once posted a Key West trip report in which I had a fair number of both glowing recommendations and also comments on things that weren't up to snuff or not a good value. I got similar snipes about negativity. I read trip reports to get people's honest opinions - not looking for fluff pieces that focus only on the good stuff - your candor and perspective are appreciated. Sounds like you had a great trip and I enjoyed reading about it.
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Kim, I thought your report was terrific. Don't worry about explaining why you included negative aspects of the trip... Waste of time, as some of these readers will never be happy. Hey, if you'd only included the positives, someone would complain about that!

Personally, I don't mind paying $12 to go to the museum. That's only a little more than it costs to see a movie, and the educational value of the museum usually far outweighs that of a movie. Plus, the museum needs our $ more than the overpayed directors, producers, and actors do.
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To go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City to see the Christmas tree, and then to think that "oh well, I paid less than the asking donation to get in, I might as well wander around and see what else they have to show here so I can get my moneys worth"-
is a real loser way to see anything out of your own little burb where you live.
Have you tried this at the Louvre? How do they feel about you asking to pay less, and you will just see the Mona Lisa, nothing else?
If you want a bargain, buy some cheap fakes on Canal Street, if you want to see some of the greatest art in the world at one of the greatest museums in the world, you should cough up the fee to get in.
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Oh, give it up, MHO. If you read this thread, you'll see that Kim specified that she had been to the Met in the past and really just wanted to see the tree on this visit because she'd heard so much about it.
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Enjoyed your trip report very much, it sounds like you had a great trip. I find that many of the restaurant recommendations on this board are not that great. Next time go to for some great foodie recommendations.
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Why did Oaktown's Report, inspired by Kim, get the freeze?
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I don't know why that post was frozen, so I'll add something here.

#3 annoying thing New Yorkers do: Refer to New York as "our" city, as if they own it, or even contributed to it in some meaningful way. Let's face it, just because you live someplace great doesn't mean you did anything to make it great. If you read a lot of posts you'll see very few other people so possesive of something that doesn't belong to them. Do YOU own the Met or Little Italy!?!?

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