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hazel1 Apr 8th, 2008 05:08 PM

DC Hotel Decision
I'm trying to narrow down my choice of hotel for a November trip to DC (first time!) My two prospects at this point are The Inn at Dupont Circle for $240/night, or the Hotel Lombardy for $237/night. Which do you think is better in terms of location, access to the Metro, nearness of decent restaurants, etc,, as well as quality/feel of the hotel?

hlg22 Apr 8th, 2008 05:50 PM

I've never stayed at either of those hotels, as I'm local, but to me of the two locations Dupont Circle gives you much more of a local, neighborhood feel, with tons of restaurants, shops, nightlife etc. The area around Hotel Lombardy is more business district-y. Both would be very convenient to metro and you would have no trouble getting to sightseeing locations. Also, are you aware that the Inn at Dupont Circle has two locations? The one at Dupont South is just a block from the metro, south of the Circle. The one at Dupont North is quite a bit north, IIRC - so much so that I would consider it U St., not Dupont.

GeorgeW Apr 9th, 2008 05:48 AM

The Hotel Lombardy is two blocks from the Farragut West Metro stop and four blocks from the White House. Dupont Circle is more of a neighborhood. Both locations are close to fine places to eat. Either would be a good choice.

bardo1 Apr 9th, 2008 05:55 AM

Both are convenient to Metro, sites, etc.

I think The Inn at Dupont Circle is a more pleasent neighborhood with superior cafes, ambience, etc. It would be my personal choice.

Hawktwo Apr 9th, 2008 06:07 AM

As one who lives in VA and works in DC within walking of both locations, the DuPont circle hotel is definitely in a more interesting neighborhood that is also alive at night. There's a 24 hour bookstore that is quite interesting. The DuPont Circle hotel is closer to the metro.

My sister stayed at Hotel Lombardy last year and liked it. I don't recall that it's as close as 2 blocks to the Farragut West Metro being that I work on top of that Metro stop. I thought it was more like 4 or 5 blocks, but the weather was bad and it may have just felt that way.

The Hotel Lombardy has a nice bar -- dark and mahogany. There is a nice seafood restaurant literally across the avenue.

hazel1 Apr 9th, 2008 08:16 AM

Oops, I realize I referenced the wrong B&B - it's The Dupont on the Circle B&B that is in question vs. the Lombardy. Does that change anyone's opinion?

hlg22 Apr 9th, 2008 10:18 AM

Dupont at the Circle is just north of the circle, about a block from metro. Very convenient location, and Dupont would still be my choice.

bardo1 Apr 9th, 2008 10:45 AM

I agree - Dupont at the Circle is even better than The Inn at Dupont Circle and is by far the superior choice.

hazel1 Apr 9th, 2008 11:14 AM

Thanks for the advice, all - I'm going to book a room at the Dupont right now.

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