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mc Aug 24th, 2005 04:40 PM

Chicago to Milwaukee: Best way to get there for a day trip and is it worth it?
Hi, We will be in Chicago the second week of October for 6 days. I'm thinking of doing a day trip up to Milwaukee. I've read positive things about Milwaukee, but I'm wondering first, if it is worth it for just a day trip? Second, how would you recommend getting there. I see Amtrak runs that route, but at what looks like $80 roundtrip for 2 people is a little much for just a day trip, I think. Are there other train options or is renting a car for the day a better deal? (considering rental cost, gas and parking). Also once we are there, what are the highlights or must sees ? Probably we would want to check out the waterfront and maybe a brewery tour if nearby... any ideas or suggstions?


TheWeasel Aug 24th, 2005 05:04 PM

If you're just talking about driving up in the morning and back at night, you should rent a car. It's not very far, so gas cost would be minimal. Parking in Milwaukee should not be expensive. I can't see how a train would be a good option, because you'd still have to pay to get somewhere once you arrived.

Personally, I don't think Milwaukee is worth the trip, but if you're bored and want to get out of the city, go for it. There are plenty of things to do there, but the same could be said for Chicago.

traveler24 Aug 24th, 2005 06:15 PM

this is the advice I got from other posters...
7 trains a day, each way. ~1:35. $20.
10 buses a day each way. ~2:00. $13.

Amtrak is fast and reliable.

Just so you know, the train can be boarded in downtown Chicago at Union Station, or in the northern suburbs at Glenview, and stops at the Milwaukee airport (on the south side) in addition to downtown Milwaukee.
Hope it helps

abram Aug 24th, 2005 06:23 PM

Milwaukee has a nice Art Museum and a Natural History Museum with an Imax theater.

Miller and Scprecher Breweries have tours.

JJ5 Aug 24th, 2005 08:01 PM

I've been to Milwaukee about 10 times in the last 20 years for festivals, baseball, tours, etc.

Unless you have something specific you want to see, there is far more in the Chicago suburban areas for intriguing day trips, IMHO. For instance, Northwestern in Evanston, Pullman, Hyde Park, Brookfield area, Glencoe and the Botanical Gardens are just a few. Chicago proper has so many interesting museums, art, shops, shows, etc. that it would take far more than 6 days to view a fraction or even just a couple of the neighborhoods. There are Chicago Architectural Tours that will take you on subway rides etc. Also Oct. 9 is the Marathon- you will be probably in for those associated functions.

Not putting down Milwaukee in any way but a rough analogy would be like going to NYC and only going to Queens instead of staying to see what is in Manhattan.

Of course, you can do it- but what do you choose to see in Milwaukee once you get there, and without a car, if by train??? And although the drive isn't too long, it is not the most relaxing or scenic drive I've taken.

smokey Aug 25th, 2005 06:17 AM

And don't forget the road construction in Milwaukee for the Marquette Interchange. What a headache! Take a day trip to the Chicago Botanical Gardens north of Chicago. You could have a nice relaxing day there. The fall colors could be starting.

mc Aug 25th, 2005 09:35 PM

Thanks for the responses. I didn't have anything specific in mind to see there necesarily. I did want to check out the drive through the various small towns north of Chicago along the north shore and thought that since Milwaukee was only a bit further it might be worth spending a little time there as well, having never been to Wisconsin. Guess I might just wait and see if time permits and how the weather is and decide at that time. I'm sure I can fill 6 days easily in and around Chicago. Any other thoughts ?

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