Chicago Shedd's to Lincoln Park Zoo

Jul 16th, 2015, 05:53 AM
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Chicago Shedd's to Lincoln Park Zoo

What is the best way to transport 6 adults and 10 middle school girls from Shedd's Aquarium to the Lincoln Park Zoo on a weekday early afternoon? and then from the zoo to Navy Pier?
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Jul 16th, 2015, 06:25 AM
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You should consider rearranging your schedule. Navy Pier is between your other two destinations, so start at one end and go to the pier second. You can walk between the aquarium and Navy Pier, it's about two-miles. If you walk through Grant Park you can see Millennium Park, the Art Institute and Buckingham Fountain. The other option would be walking along the lake trail.

For 16 people, you'd probably need four cabs at $10-12 each. Uber would would be in the same price range and you'd still need 3-4 vehicles.

CTA would be $2.25 per person or less if you use a day pass. Passes are $10 per person so, you would need to take at least four trips on CTA for a pass to be worthwhile. Use the trip planner on to find routes and how to track buses and trains with your smart phone.

It's Shedd Aquarium.
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Jul 16th, 2015, 09:05 AM
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CityLights is right, you should definitely use the trip planner, this will show you different options for travel(bus, train, walk, drive) from Point A to Point B. I hope you are not planning to try to do all three places on that first afternoon you arrive--you could do all three in a full day... Anyway,if your Hostel is the one on Congress and Wabash you are in a great location to walk to the Aquarium, Millennium and even Navy Pier. Lincoln Park Zoo would be a little far for walking, but you have bus, train and cab options there. A fun thing to do would be to take the water taxi to or from Navy Pier to the Aquarium--this way you get a boat ride on the lake and it is cheaper than the tour boats(still not cheap). There are a lot of fast food restaurants near Congress and Wabash(due to all the universities in the area), so you can easily get carryouts and walk two blocks to eat in the park. I would recommend that you use Michigan Ave when you are doing most of your north/south walking, as it is a much prettier street than Wabash or State. Another free and fun place is the Maggie Daley Park just east of Millennium. Good luck and have fun.
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Jul 17th, 2015, 10:33 AM
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Actually, I believe we warned this OP - or maybe it was another with a girl scout troup coming to Chicago? - about the transportation problems with moving that large of a crowd around the city MONTHS ago.

This is a particularly difficult situation, because (as I recall) these scouts were on a very limited budget. One where using cabs often would not be a possibility.

It is difficult to get 16 people on a single bus (and get seats for everybody) at any given time of day, but particularly not midweek during either rush hour or at noon or most times on weekends.

The situation with the bus is particularly bad because if you don't get a seat, all you can do is stand. I'm not sure of the ages of these girls are sufficient to allow them to reach the straps. So, if the OP is planning on taking the #151 to the Lincoln Park Zoo, they'll have to board as far to the south as possible - not anywhere on Michigan Avenue.

On the return visit, no way to know how full the bus will be at any given period of time. These local routes are utilized extensively by the locals and have many stops before they even get to the Zoo. Could be that a slow time mid-day (NOT lunch, though midweek would be best.

They'll have to play it by ear with the water taxi. Some of them get pretty crowded and all the group may not be able to go together.

Someone on that previous thread suggested breaking the total group into smaller groups and that is a good idea. Perhaps that can be arranged. However, if they have purchased group tickets and have registered as a group (needed by most major museums), then they'll all have to be present at the same time for entry (I believe). You'll have to check with the museum to know for sure.

Remember, too, that you all cannot just show up at a restaurant for a meal. Sixteen people in one group may be too large for even the various fast food establishments. You'll have to make reservations in advance for sit-down options and there will be automatic gratuities added for groups with more than 6 individuals.
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Jul 17th, 2015, 02:04 PM
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The link for the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) is below. For your sanity, try to avoid rush hours on the buses (7:45-9:45 a.m., and 4-7 pm), and have the adults have all the Ventra cards ready (these are the payment cards to ride either the bus or the subway). Also, don't be afraid to ask the bus driver to help you and call out the Zoo as he gets near the stop. Letting him know you're coordinating 16 people will make him sympathetic. Most drivers want to help you and will do this happily if you ask nicely.

When paying for the bus, the adults can let the kids board ahead of them, and then each adult can tell the bus driver, "I am paying for X number of kids,) and that adult can pass the card over the reader X number of times--waiting for the driver to clear each pass, before each swipe. Or, if each child will have their own day pass, same thing--the adults tell the driver they are going to be swiping several Pass cards for each of the children (who are hopefully moving toward the back of the bus and sitting down, and not clogging the front of bus. Chicagoans get irritated when tourists don't move to the back).

TIP: Give the kids & adults a lesson when riding the bus--move to the rear doors. Don't stay by the front, unless the bus is really not full. But most buses are always somewhat full.

Assuming you want an am at the Shedd, an afternoon at the zoo, and an evening at Navy Pier, so I won't tell you to re-route.

From the Shedd, may be best to walk the group to Michigan Avenue and get on the 151 Sheridan Bus going northbound. The stop is Dickens (X Stockton), and is about 4-5 miles north of the Chicago River, so you'll be riding for awhile.

After the zoo, you can catch the same 151 Bus going SOUTHBOUND. Any of the bus stops on Stockton Drive should do, but likely the Webster X Stockton stop will be familiar.

Ride the 151 Bus south to Michigan Avenue to the Illinois stop. Get off at Illinois. Cross Michigan avenue so you are walking east toward the lake. Keep walking on Illinois--the Hotel Intercontinental is on your left--keep walking till you get to the stairs that go DOWN to Illinois. From there, your group can hop on an east bound 29 State bus to Navy Pier, or you can all walk to the Pier, which is nearly a mile from there.

Again, the CTA trip planner link above will help. Be patient...public transportation doesn't move fast. And good luck!
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