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katie_scarlett May 26th, 2006 06:40 AM

Charleston - honeymoon
The honeymoon is now 17 days away! I started researching months ago, and have a general idea of what we'll do - see a coulple mansions, go to the beach at least once, visit Ft. Sumpter, wander around the historic district, etc.

Any other must-do's for honeymooners? I know I could probably do some more research, but with a million little wedding details to take care of, I'm running out of time!

We are staying at the Vendue Inn (not the best, I know, but in our price range.) and we will be there 7 nights - June 12-19.


tcapp May 26th, 2006 08:24 AM

Make sure to go to the Battery. This is where the mansions are, it is right on the water and has beautiful views, even of Ft. Sumter. The straw market is always fun. I would start with the visitors center. It is wonderful and is a wealth of information.
May you have a wonderful life together.

dan_woodlief May 26th, 2006 08:41 AM

Take a carriage ride. I am not sure if they have any built for two, but if not, the others are fun as well. Make sure to pick a few nice places to eat - there are so many. With the amount of time you have, I would also visit a plantation. Middleton is my favorite of the four major ones, with Magnolia and Drayton close behind. I like early mornings at Waterfront Park - you can sit on one of the large swings and look out over the river. The aquarium is very nice if you are into those. Good luck!

Gretchen May 26th, 2006 09:02 AM

You'll want to go to the beach and eat some good seafood over that way on Shem Creek.

katie_scarlett May 26th, 2006 12:24 PM

Thank you Thank you Thank you! I'm so excited for the trip and all the recommendations sound great!

TrvlMaven May 26th, 2006 05:36 PM

Take the Gullah tour for a complete tour of everything Charleston has to offer (without being behind the butt of a horse). There's a Terrace Bar on top of a couple of downtown hotels that have great music, drinks and are refreshing views of the area. Splurge for a couple of great lunches, an "afternoon delight" then just do appetizers and dessert for dinner. Enjoy!

whoopsydaisy May 26th, 2006 05:46 PM

Middleton Place Plantation is a must do. I lived in South Carolina for 8 years and it was my favorite in state getaway. The grounds and the gardens are beautiful, there is a lovely restaurant if you care to have a meal. You can lull around all day, it's very peaceful and tranquil. Of all the plantations in Charleston, this is the nicest IMO. Enjoy and congrats! Here's a link for a look...

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