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sheryl Oct 25th, 2002 05:56 PM

Carmel or Monterey in April
My husband and I will be staying in this area the last weekend of April for my birthday. Would the Highlands Inn be a good choice for lodging or would I be better off staying in town? If in town,which would be better, Seven Gables in Pacific Grove, Monterey Bay Inn in Monterey or Best Western Carmel Bayview Inn in Carmel? Or perhapsm somewhere else?

Priscilla Oct 26th, 2002 06:38 PM

Sheryl, We just came back yesterday from Carmel and Monterey. Highlands Inn is nice if you want a view of ocean, but I was happy that I stayed in town. Carmel is to die for. I much preferred Carmel over Monterey. In Pacific Grove, I drove by the Seven Gables and loved how it looked from the outside and it has a beautiful view of ocean. In Carmel, I stayed at the Pine Inn and the Candle Light Inn. Loved both of them. Accross the street from the Pine Inn was the Normandy Inn that also looked very nice, and a wonderful location. If you have any questions I would be glad to try and help. I received so much help from this web-site when I was planning our trip. Will be happy to pay back.<BR>Priscilla

sheryl Oct 27th, 2002 06:56 AM

Priscilla,is the cnter of town in Carmel located away from the ocean? Any hotels there with views?

lynette Oct 27th, 2002 07:32 AM

Sheryl, Go to and check out the ocean view rooms. It is one block from Carmel Beach. This is a great place because they offer curbside assistance with your bags, and have thier own private parking lot!(Rare for the area.) You can park your car and walk anywhere you want to go. The inn was the first hotel in Carmel, and is filled with historic pictures. Fascinating. It is an OLD hotel, charming (lots of red velvet and dark wood in the public rooms)and well-loved. This would be my pick! Pricilla is right on the money! The Green Gables is great too (not Seven Gables), although not as cozy and convenient to downtown Carmel. In fact, you would probably need your car to walk to downtown Pacific Grove, unless you regularly walk several miles. I lived in that area for many years, so ask away!<BR><BR>Lynette

Priscilla Oct 27th, 2002 11:16 PM

Sheryl, You don't say how long you will be in the Carmel, Pacific Grove area, but I would suggest maybe staying one night in Pacific Grove at possibly the Seven Gables Inn ( or as Lynette suggested the Green Gables Inn ( I partically liked what I saw of the Seven Gables Inn. Beautiful water view. You could have lunch at the Tinnery, very good food and good water view, and have dinner at The Beach House, also very good view of water. It is right on Lover's Point, which is nice to walk around. The next day you could take the 17 mile drive (don't rush it, stop along the way on the turnouts to enjoy the view) and stop at the Pebble Beach Golf Club. You can park your car and walk around the club, check out the golf shops, maybe have lunch. Then continue on to Carmel. Everyone loves Carmel. It is four blocks from the water. My recomendation is the Pine Inn, but as I said before, The Normandy Inn is accross the street and looks nice, and we also stayed a night at the Candle Light Inn and liked it very much. One word of warning, The Pine Inn does not serve the free continental breakfast on the weekend, which took me by surprise. We had a lovely breakfast in the bakery right on the property, but paid for it. They have a wonderful restaurant and free parking while you stay there. You will not need your car while in Carmel, you can walk to everything. Shops are wonderful and many art gallerys. A library right in the middle of Carmel, if picking up your e-mails is important to you. We ate dinner at La Bella, accross the street from the Pine Inn. Very good. Also ate at the Grille. There are many, many fine places to eat within walking distance. You can walk to the beach, it is four blocks. We bought a picnic lunch at one of the bakery-deli's, and drove over to Point Lobos State Park which is 3 miles south of Carmel. They have benchs up on the cliffs overlooking the ocean and you can watch the water break over the rocks below. Also, you can see the Sea Lions. I am from Massachusetts and this was my first trip to California. It is a wonderful trip. We also drove down to Big Sur and saw more beautiful ocean views along the way. As you can tell, Carmel not being on the water does not mean you will not see alot of ocean views, it just means you will have the best of both worlds. You asked about the Highlands Inn. We saw it when we went to Point Lobos State Park. Looked nice, but then you would have to drive into Carmel for shopping. Also heard the Tickle Pink Inn is lovely, it is right near The Highlands Inn. I just had another thought about Pacific Grove. The Sandrift Inn is right on the water and right in Cannery Row. I was not to impressed with Cannery Row. It reminded me a little of a board walk area at the beach. It is close to the Monterey Aquarium if that interest you, but the Sandrift looked pretty good. Well, you probably got more than you asked for, but as I said before, I was very grateful for the help I received from this forum. It is hard to plan site unseen. Be glad to answer anymore questions you might have.<BR>Priscilla

Mary Oct 31st, 2002 03:28 PM

Great trip report Priscilla.

Paul Oct 31st, 2002 03:40 PM

Hi Lynette,<BR><BR>I went to the website that you suggested and was somewhat surprised. It did not fit the description of what you had to say about it in your post. {The four folks at the bar are a draw to the inn?}<BR><BR>I too am interested in the area as I will be traveling there next summer. I will keep reading posts and learning, but I summised that the web address you provided is incorrect - the inn you gave is located in Pennsylvania.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Happy Trails,<BR>Paul

L Oct 31st, 2002 08:34 PM

Sheryl<BR><BR>I think Priscilla meant the Bath House at Lovers point, which we are trying for the first time tomorrow night. They have A new chef.<BR><BR>The Tinnery would not be my first choice for lunch. But I know how it is when traveling. You do not plan every meal, and happen upon places as you go.

lynette Oct 31st, 2002 09:24 PM

Sheryl, Paul, <BR> So sorry! Try That will get you the correct information!<BR><BR>Lynette

Paul Nov 1st, 2002 03:18 AM

Ahhh... much better. Thank you Lynette for providing the web address. Did you see the 'other' Pine Inn? Pretty funny!<BR><BR>Happy Trails,<BR>Paul

Priscilla Nov 1st, 2002 04:28 AM

You are so right, I did mean the Bath House. Enjoy .........<BR>Priscilla<BR>

been-there Nov 3rd, 2002 12:04 PM

Just got back from Monterey. Stayed at the Hotel Pacific. Central location, clean, cozy. Fireplace, etc.

Susan Nov 4th, 2002 10:33 AM

I visit Carmel 2-3 times a year and except for dinner and a visit to one or two galleries I hardly ever visit the center of town as I don't go to Carmel to shop or look at upscale stores. I therefore like to stay where I can have easy access to the more natural aspects of staying in Carmel. If you would like a place in Carmel that is further away from the touristy center of town, i.e. Ocean Avenue, I would recommend Mission Ranch which is in south Carmel near the Mission and overlooking the Carmel River and near the Carmel River beach (which is less crowded than Carmel Beach). I like the easy access to Highway 1 so that I can go to Point Lobos (a must see as far as I'm concerned) or into Pacific Grove.

Bob Nov 6th, 2002 02:22 PM

Everyone is giving you pretty good advice. We live in this area and it is as great to live in as it is to visit.<BR><BR>THE PINE INN is well located in Carmel as many have stated. The red lobby is great and the rooms are cozy. The restaurnant on site is the Il Fornaio and we enjoy eating there. This would not be a bad choice to stay if you want to stay in town and easily walk among the shops and down to the beach without using your car.<BR><BR>Another great shopping area known to all the locals but missed by many tourists is THE BARNYARD located on HWY1 and Del Rio Road. Great ambiance and nice shops. Plus a new restaurant located there, BAHAMA BILLYS, has become a favorite spot to take our friends in town for a visit. No one has complained yet!<BR><BR>Another great eating spot for a birthday dinner is FANDANGOS in Pacific Grove. Not cheap, but outstanding food and service. You would not go wrong eating here but you need reservations as it gets crowded on the weekends.<BR><BR>Clint Eastwood owns the MISSION RANCH that someone mentioned. This place also has a nice restaurant that is open for burgers during the day on the weekend and nicer meals in the evening. Casual atmosphere. Nice bar with piano that gets going some nights and the outside patio has views of the ocean. Also another great place to stay, but not an easy walk to town. Definitely worth a visit as Clint did a great job saving this old dairy farm from condo developers.<BR><BR>Have fun in the area. Best place in the world!

sheryl Nov 6th, 2002 03:58 PM

Bob, any info on the BW Carmel Bayview Inn?

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