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Bridegrl06 Jul 12th, 2007 08:00 AM

Cape Cod: Preparing for Rain
Hi All,
I'm going to the Cape next week and I just checked the weather... of course, rain is ahead. I'd like to make a "Plan B" if it does rain. Are there any neat things to do indoors? Thanks!

Ackislander Jul 12th, 2007 10:39 AM

You don't say where you will be, so I can only comment on the area I am most familiar with: Hyannis. Whatever else you do, please DO NOT join the other 10,000 cars all trying to get to Cape Cod Mall to kill a rainy day. The traffic jams are epic.

If you know it will really be rainy (and you can't really believe forecasts near the ocean that far in advance), get some books, videos, board games, and goodies and stay home. Any place you can think of to go, everyone else will have thought of also.

If you do want to go out or need to go out for groceries, do it before 9 and plan to finish by 11.

Alternatives: shop for antiques on Route 6A or go to Boston for the day.

bennnie Jul 12th, 2007 11:02 AM

I cringed when I read this post and Ackislander's response. Too many memories of being a kid and being dragged through the stores of the Cape Cod Mall on a rainy vacation day. But as Ackislander said there are only a few things to do - go to the mall or go to the movies. You could venture out to a beach for a solitary walk if its drizzling out. Best to be prepared with lots of food, movies, games and books.

Bridegrl06 Jul 12th, 2007 11:09 AM

Thanks a lot! We will be in Provincetown and I know not to trust the weather forecasts, but I just want to be prepared. I don't think I could deal with an outlet mall or going to any sort of mall on a vacation!! Just wondering if there was anything interesting to do or see indoors. Thanks again!

capecodshanty Jul 12th, 2007 11:11 AM

So much depends upon where you are staying! If you are in a village, walking around is a good option, venturing into a bookstore, shops, art galleries,restaurants, etc. The libraries in the towns also are an option. Do stay away from Rt. 6 or 28- they will be jammed.
They have forecasted rain the past two days, and though foggy on the backshore, the village and bayside were sunny,though windy.

china_cat Jul 12th, 2007 11:20 AM

the 2 things I can think of might be a bit of a drive from Provincetown, but I like the Sandwich Glass Museum and the Cape Cod Potato Chip factory. both can be entertaining for a couple of hours indoors.

Of course, walking around PTown and poking abou t in the shops. And even the Pirate Museum is kind of interesting.

capecodshanty Jul 12th, 2007 11:24 AM

I was posting at the same time. In P'town, go to the Provincetown Museum, climb the Monument, the library is fascinating, the pirate museum on the wharf is fun,lunch at the Portugese Bakery,dinner at Sal's or Front Street, or the Mews. Bring out the board games-get out the shells, stones and beach glass you've been collecting and get crafty. (We used to take an old ice pick, poke a hole in the jingle shells and string them on Fishing line, making a necklace).If you've children, paint the rocks you've collected,hit Marine Salvage- lots of fun things in P'town.

Gene Jul 12th, 2007 04:19 PM

Provincetown being 35+ miles out into the Atlantic often has different weather than the the rest of Massachusetts Eastern shore including other parts of the Cape.

In the center of town, there are tons of bars and restaurants where you could sit out the rainstorm including at least one movie theatre and several places with covered decks where you could watch a storm over the harbor.

Further out from Provincetown is the Wellfleet Drive-In Theatre which has a multi-screen indoor movie complex.

In Brewster there is the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History; Nearby in Chatham, Harwich and Dennis are the Monomoy Theatre; Harwich Junior Theatre and Dennis Playhouse all of which I believe have daytime shows.

If you wish to travel along the mid-Cape area during a stormy day in the Summer plan accordingly:

Use route 6 as your primary route between two points and avoid left-hand turns against traffic at all costs.

Avoid route 28 and 6A wherever possible and the popular cross routes such as 132; 134; and Station Avenue.

Best Advice: Get a good map of Cape Cod and just go exploring using different roads. Yes, you will get lost, but so what? You're on an island and you will eventually have to turn around and go back but you might just have a lot of fun and find some interesting spots.

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