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Randy Kelley Nov 12th, 1996 08:42 AM

Canadian Honeymoon...Suggestions
Vancover is a wonderful city in June. My personal favorite however, if you want a city experience, is to go to Toronto. It is a very cosmopolitan experience with many languages, foods, etc to experience. The city is large, but not so large as to be overwhelming. It has many fine hotels and many distractions. From Toronto, you can make an easy day trip to Niagra Falls. In spite of all you've heard, it's still impressive to see the falls. Toronot offers a wonderful zoo, a truly fun science center and lots of great shopping. It is clean beyond any standards in the states and is very safe. Further, the people are delightful. Hotels abound of varying price and services. The Royal York is a particular favorite.

Brent Nov 16th, 1996 09:26 PM

Toronto? Nah, Montreal is much more interesting, but English-descent Canadians would rather not admit it. The food is better, the people more varied, and the buildings have style. Also, as I found when I went there, they like people from the US. Quebec City is similar, but more rugged somehow. Good food, too.

Peter Nov 28th, 1996 10:16 AM

A definite is Quebec City. Stay a the Chateau Frontenac. It's Ol;d World Charm will dazzle you. It's in the Old walled Ciuty of Quebec which is delightful, romantic and full of fabulous restaurants. There a many things to do that time of year. You can write to Ontario travel bureau for a wealth of information. DoIt! you won't regret going there.

darren onyskiw Nov 29th, 1996 01:59 AM

Having worked and lived all across
Canada, I would like to suggest a few choices. I now live in Vancouver. In June you'll have fair weather and if you're active in any way, there are numerous places to go and things to do. Whistler Mountain - popular for skiing and hikiing - and Blackcomb, both are a two hours drive north along the very scenic Howe Sound. Just 20 minutes away from the city is Horseshoe Bay, where you can board an auto ferry (or walk-on) to Vancouver Island (Nanaimo). On the Southern tip of Vancouver Island there is the city of Victoria, quaint and romantic, and many other smaller cities and towns dotting the Island. If you like nature (fishing, swimming, marine life, bike touring etc.) there's much to see here. Long Beach on the eastern coast line is a must visiting. When I arrived to Vancouver from Edmonton, I went immediately to 'The Island', and almost stayed there for good. The ferry ride from Vancouver to the Island is enjoyable in itself.
If one was to spend a honeymoon in grande style, The Empress Hotel in Victoria has old world appeal unmatched by any of the other citiy hotels in Western Canada. Also on the Island at Ladysmith (south of Nanaimo) is a quaint resort tucked into the land resting along the ocean. The 'Yellow Point Lodge' has facilities for every character type. If you like to swim, it has a pool, built on the edge of a large rock plate that slides into the ocean. Next to the ocean-fed pool are the outdoor saunas. There are tennis courts in the woods, canoes and boats for use, the coast line to hike or the white-shell beaches to sun on. The main lodge has hotel style accommodation, but if you like, they also have romantic 'white beach' cabins, rustic in flavour, that 'almost' rest on the edge of the ocean. Breakfast, dinner and lunch are grande affairs inside, outside, or held on the beach - where people meet or keep to them selves. Daily tea-time is held in the main Lodge's Lounge. Prices are based on lodging type. I haven't been for awhile, but I'm eager to go back, now that I have remembered how wonderful it was. The food was great! It was like being at the lake. A big lake!

Should you want to move inland, Banff is a resort-style city nestled into the Canadian Rockies. It's beautiful, but can lose some of it's charm at that time of the year with the numbers that flock to it.
North of Banff is Jasper, which is beautiful as well, but after a few days may feel like a desert wasteland - as it is so spread out.
As for cities, Montreal is wonderful. It's like being in Europe. Toronto has nothing for romantics. Quebec city - yes. But I keep thinking of Vancouver. Everyone that comes here, wants to stay! I have.
Have fun!

Mark Wauters Dec 5th, 1996 09:36 AM

Baniff springs is a beautiful place to see in June and July. If your really into nature and love to see wildlife like bears,moose,elk,etc. this is the place to be. If you like to hike and see some of the most spectacular sites also check out jasper. You will be amazed at how pretty everything can be.

Donna Dec 8th, 1996 10:01 PM

I would HIGHLY recommend Montreal. It's the next best thing to going to Paris. Please check out the Hotel de la Montagne (if you will e-mail me I will find the 800#). It is spectacular. Right downtown. VERY romantic restaurant (better than any in Paris and we've been there too). Also a lounge with jazz combo, and a disco. Walk to the underground. You can take a day trip (or bus tour, highly recommended) to Quebec (not to be missed). Feel free to e-mail for more info!

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