Can I go directly to the gate at the airport?

Oct 11th, 2001, 07:36 AM
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Can I go directly to the gate at the airport?

I have read about airport lines, security checks, etc. but I am still unclear on one matter. If I have a paper ticket, all necessary ID documents, one small purse and one small carry-on, can I go directly through security and to my gate? Would there be any reason to have to check-in at the counter? Thanks for your advise. By the way, my flight is SFO-BOS on American and the return JFK-SFO, American also.
Oct 11th, 2001, 08:53 AM
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as long as your paper ticket and i believe you need the receipt, you can go on through ... they say you need a boarding pass, which a paper ticket is not, but for example, e-ticket holders with receipts for proof are allowed without a boarding pass, so i don't see why it wouldn't be the same for a paper ticket
Oct 11th, 2001, 08:57 AM
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There is no reason to check in at the counter. Go directly to the gate. It will not be a problem.
Oct 11th, 2001, 09:56 AM
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Just got back from 2 weeks in Europe. You need your BOARDING PASS to go through security as well as a government issued ID Card. Just go to the ticket counter, get your pass, then go through security.

Some of the lines were long, but everyone (passengers & security) were very nice. Just don't be stupid and take something you shouldn't in your carry-ons.

They were only opening the carry-on bags of people who had suspicious (sp?) looking stuff with the x-ray. If you only pack the things you really need for 1-2 days you will be ok: cloths, shampoo, book, etc, NO METAL--NOT EVEN A METAL BARETTE, or you will probabally have to go through a search procedure.
Oct 11th, 2001, 10:31 AM
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John, Since you have received different answers here you should call your airline to verify with them what you need to do.
Oct 11th, 2001, 11:49 AM
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I just flew this weekend and was told I needed either a ticket, a printed e-ticket receipt (not a computer printout - the actual receipt from the airline) or a boarding pass as proof of a flight that day and government issued photo identification. The requirements may vary by airport - but I passed through SEA, HNL, PDX, and BOI. I think calling your airline or the airport directly is your best. With many new security requirements being added things may change.

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