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Iain Apr 23rd, 1999 12:11 AM

Boston Hotels - Copley Sq or Tremont ?
Hi, <BR> My Wife and I are travelling to Boston this October, and have whittled our choice of hotels down to the Tremont and the Copley Square Hotels. <BR>Can anyone give me tips/guidance to help me make up my mind. <BR>The criteria are Comfort and Location. <BR> <BR>Thanks <BR> <BR>Iain <BR>

Donna F Apr 24th, 1999 04:31 AM

I haven't stayed at the Copley Square in years but I remember it as being old fashioned and interesting. It certainly is in a good location. On a later visit we did a pkg at the Copley Plaza which confirmed my hatred of large hotels which overcharge. Most hotel beds/pillows are the same but I have been more comfortable at a 5 sunburst Days Inn which had a comfortable lobby area for continental breakfast and early coffee. As an early riser I would like to have a place where I can comfortably read and have coffee while my husband sleeps. I have learned to ask questions:when does the restaurant open and how late does it stay open. Is there in-room coffee makers, etc. Sometimes city hotel restaurants don't open until 8am for breakfast! Have fun. <BR>

Donna Apr 24th, 1999 05:29 AM

I would recommend the Tremont over the Copley Square. The Tremont has recently been completely renovated and redecorated, while the Copley Square could surely use it but this hasn't been done. The last room we had at the Copley Square was horrible (decor was down right shabby). The Tremont is also very well located. It's in the theatre district and only a short walk from the Public Gardens and the Boston Common. At the Tremont, you may want to request a room with a tub if this is important to you. Some have only showers and they're brand new, but a bit awkward.

Parrot Mom Apr 24th, 1999 12:36 PM

Might want to add that the Tremont location in the middle of the theatre district..I do not know condition of Copley Square Hotel or the Tremont-which I know has recently been renovated...very convenient-both of all sites. Welcome to Boston and have a great time.there are spots that will remind you of London...

Iain Apr 25th, 1999 11:52 PM

Thanks, <BR>I've since found out that the Copley Square is fully booked for the nights we wish to stay, so I'm just waiting to hear about availability at the Tremont. <BR>If this also comes back full, it's back to square one. Maybe it would be easier to ask if there is anywhere we shouldn't stay. <BR> <BR>Iain

Parrot Mom Apr 26th, 1999 07:47 AM

HI IAN..Oct. is a very popular month with tourists downtown Boston....if the Tremont doesn't work out--try looking for a B&B....don't wait...

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