Birmingham Alabama to Marianna Florida???

Dec 3rd, 2001, 09:06 PM
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Birmingham Alabama to Marianna Florida???

Must go to Marianna Florida in a week. Best fare with only one stop is from Sacramento (Ca)
Will rent a car and drive --about 250 miles south of Birmingham.(There will be two of us driving.)
Perhaps other option would be into Atlanta and then drive to Marianna--not sure of distance
Any comments??
Dec 4th, 2001, 08:58 AM
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Perhaps you can fly Airtran from Atlanta to Tallahasee and rent a car from there to Marianna. It's a straight shot on I-10, about an hour.
however, if you have to drive from B'ham or Atlanta, it's about the same distance. I have driven both routes hundreds of times, except I drive to Panama City and by-pass Marianna. I personally prefer driving from B'ham, but that is mainly because I know the back roads like the back of my hand, having grown up in the area and still having family throughout Alabama.
Dec 4th, 2001, 07:51 PM
Bob Brown
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I live in Georgia; grew up in south Alabama and Tuscaloosa.
I thing the drive from Birmingham is better because you can take I 65 to Montgomery.
US 231 from Montgomery to Dothan is 4 lane all the way. This route is not bad at all to drive because you bypass Troy and a couple of other places.
There are traffic lights on the by-passes, something of a barbaric Southern custom, but it is not a bad drive. US 231 intersects US 90 in Florida and it is a short eastward drive from there to Marianna.
I don't think trying to find a back roads route would help you much. I know how to do it via Troy and Enterprise, but I don't think it shortens the route any. If you stick to the US highways, they are well marked and the chance of a wrong turn is highly reduced.
Dec 5th, 2001, 07:11 AM
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Bob, I didn't mean to suggest that Kay try to take the back roads. Even within my own family, we argue over the better route from B'ham to PC.
I agree with HWY 231 South. Now, the question, when she gets to Montgomery, should she connect with I-85, then the Eastern Blv. to the Troy Hwy (231) OR take exit I-65 at the Southern By-pass and follow it to the Troy Hwy, or some other route? I've enjoyed reading your postings over the years. Do you mind telling me where you grew up? I grew up in Opp, and graduated from UA.
Dec 5th, 2001, 10:23 AM
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To go through Montgomery heading south from I-65 to US Hwy 231:

-I-65 South
-Get on I-85 North
-Take the first exit after the Eastern By-pass. I don't know what the highway number is, but it's the first exit AFTER the Eastern By-pass. There's a college extension there (AUM?)
-Take this road South (to the right)
- it will take you straight to US Hwy 231 South.

With that said, I would also check out the options of flying into Atlanta, Montgomery, Dothan, Mobile, Pensacola, and Tallahassee.
Dec 5th, 2001, 10:54 AM
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S -- I believe that cut-off is Bell Road. We have taken that short cut sometimes.
Dec 5th, 2001, 11:01 AM
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Bell Road connects back to the Troy Hwy near the Green Lantern restaurant.
Dec 5th, 2001, 12:21 PM
Bob Brown
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I know that connection from I 65 to US 231 south is a real bear because of all the traffic lights on it.
I would be reluctant to tell someone from afar about the "Green Lantern" cut off. If it is the one I am thinking about, it is more applicable to a route that leads from Troy toward Tuskeege and Opelika. It is a handy cutoff between I 85 and US 231. (Is that dog track still there??) I know that it beats trying to take US 29 through Union Springs, even with the Saco cutoff.
My Uncle Pete used to say that road was the last refuge of the pinetar bootleggers.
Some of those wiggle routes in Montgomery can save a little time, but not at the expense of getting lost.

Jeannine, my maternal grandparents are buried in Enterprise; they lived in Geneva. My paternal grandparents lived in Pike County, 6 miles south of Troy.
I lived in Tuscaloosa from 1946 through August of 55. My Dad was a professor of chemistry at Alabama from 1946 until August of '69 when he retired.
My wife earned a BSN from UA in June of 59. My degree dates from 'Bama are '55 and '57.
Dec 5th, 2001, 01:31 PM
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Hi Bob (sorry Kay for cutting into your post, but I always like to hear from a former neighbor, so to speak.) I knew Enterprise and Geneva well. We drove to Enterprise on dates when I was a teen in the mid 1070's b/c there was no nice restaurant in Opp! We considered El Palicio to be upscale. My mother's folks are from Crenshaw County (Luverne, Brantley). We were just in Montgomery this past weekend to celebrate my Dad's 80th birthday. My B.S from Bama came in 1979. I now have 4 nephews in school up there.
Dec 5th, 2001, 10:10 PM
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Wow ! what great info.Really appreciate the efforts and descriptions of different routes..
Decision is to fly to Atlanta (got really good fare) then to Tallahasse and arelative will pick us up. can't beat a deal like that..
thanks again everyone.
Dec 6th, 2001, 07:11 AM
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Kay, glad you found some good options.

Bob, The connections that are such a "bear" are the "Eastern By-Pass" and the "Southern By-Pass" - they were built years ago and Montgomery has grown up around them. The route I've suggested is 4-laned with minimal traffic lights and an abundance of turn lanes; easily accessed; and a small assortment of gas stations, restaurants, etc. for a convenient break if desired.

As I understand it, there are plans in the works for an Interstate By-Pass around the southern side of Montgomery connecting I-65 with I-85. But that's years in the future.

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