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JM Jul 14th, 1999 05:04 AM

Best way for 5 to get from LaGuardia to 3rd & 53rd (Midtown East)???
What would be the most hassle free, and reasonable way for our family of 5 to get from LaGuardia to Midtown? I understand that we won't all fit into one taxi, and that the shuttle services charge about $13.00 each. Anyway to do it that's less than $65??

Howard Jul 14th, 1999 06:36 AM

I haven't taken a cab from Laguardia recently, but I would think that the cost of two cabs might be about the same $65, and you would have the advantage of being taken right to the door. There really is no cheaper way than these two choices.

Howard Jul 14th, 1999 06:41 AM

A couple postscripts to my previous message. There are now van-type yellow cabs, which might be at the airport. These might take five. <BR>Whatever you do, be very careful of on-site limo drivers soliciting business at the airport. While some certainly are legitimate, there have been incidents of people being charged outrageous amounts. Stick with the regular cab stands or other obviously "honest" forms of transportation.

Brian in Atlanta Jul 14th, 1999 07:17 AM

Even if you have to take 2 cabs, do it. Unless traffic is horrible, fare, tolls and tip should be around $30. <BR> <BR>When you get to the taxi stand, tell the attendant that you have 5 people going to Midtown and that you'd like to wait for a mini-van cab. I took one last week (by myself) so they do exist, but you may have to wait a bit for one to make it to the front of the queue. It will be worth the wait for you to all be together.

Vicki Jul 14th, 1999 10:19 PM

Go to Ground Transportation after you retrieve your luggage. Tell them how many are in your party, they can arrange for a private van to pick you up and bring you directly to your hotel. We recently traveled to NYC with six and ran into the same problem. The cost was around $50.00, plus tip. The van arrived within 10 minutes of them placing the call. After you are in the city you will find that you will get to any destination faster by walking. You are staying in a centrally located area, walking distance to everything. Have fun!!

Howard Jul 15th, 1999 07:07 AM

An added tip about walking that'll help you gauge distances. Walking north/south, there are 20 blocks to a mile. In other words, walking from Central Park South (59th/60th St) to 42nd Street would be almost a mile. It's the same throughout Manhattan. East/west blocks are about twice as long, though they vary.

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