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FAYZIE Jun 25th, 2003 12:50 AM

best route from westchester county to tom's river, ny
we are leaving for tom's river on July 3.i'm anticipating TRAFFIC. Can anyone suggest the best route (fast, less traffic, if possible)from here to there. THANKS!

FAYZIE Jun 25th, 2003 12:50 AM

oops - tom's river, NJ

Ryan Jun 25th, 2003 02:58 AM

You want fast and less traffic in and around NYC and New Jersey on a holiday weekend - you might as well as for a table at Rao's!

There are a couple of different ways and the volume of traffic really depends on what time of day you leave.

From Westchester, definately don't take the Cross Bronx Expressway. I'd suggest taking the Cross County to the Henry Hudson and then depending on traffic, bite the bullet and get on the GW bridge if traffic is heavy or take the West Side Highway to the Lincoln Tunnel if traffic is light. Either way take the NJ Turnpike to Exit 11. (The truck lanes usually move faster.)

Take the Garden State Parkway. After the Raritan toll, get into the Local Lanes as the Express Lanes never really are express given its only 2 lanes versus 3 in the local.

There are a few different routes, but honestly if traffic is bad on the Turnpike or Parkway, you really won't save a ton of time and may actually hit worse traffic given several drawbridges. That said, one alternate option is to get off the Parkway at Exit 105 and then take 18 South. The road will end at Belmar/Pt. Pleasant. Take the Route following signs for Pt. Pleasant/Brielle- 34 South. This will run into Route 35 South which will wind through several towns leaving you at Seaside Heights where you can connect to route 37 North and Toms River.

Budman Jun 25th, 2003 02:58 AM

It's Toms River, not tom's river.

There is no real good way to get there except the Garden State Parkway.

If you are leaving in the late afternoon/early evening, expect bumper to bumper all the way. It will be a zoo that weekend, which is really the first big weekend of the summer.

If you really want to avoid traffic, leave in the morning. ((b))

HowardR Jun 25th, 2003 04:22 AM

You're going to hit traffic no matter which way you decide to cross the Hudson--the Tappan Zee Bridge or GW Bridge. Thus, the question is: Where in Westchester County are you leaving from? In other words, which of the two bridges will it be easier for you to reach?

LoisL Jun 25th, 2003 04:32 AM

Although I come from Long Island, not Westchester, I frequently make that trip, since we have family there. If traffic is bad [literally like a parking lot on Garden State] we head over to Rt. 9, where it is at least moving. No matter what, it's going to be terrible, unless there's rain forecast for the whole weekend!] The return trip is not likely to be any better.

Jibboo Jun 25th, 2003 04:36 AM

Hey that's my original stompping grounds. No advice though except that you should leave super early, like right after morning rush hour. Good Luck

zootsi Jun 25th, 2003 04:42 AM

I used to live close to Tom's River - the Garden State Parkway is really the only practical way to go. Just try to aviod driving during peak hours (rush hour, Friday evening, Saturday AM).

Leona Jun 25th, 2003 04:42 AM

When you get into NJ, put on a local radio station that monitors traffic & just follow their lead.

Budman Jun 25th, 2003 06:26 PM

In NJ, 101.5 gives the traffic report every 15 minutes.

Ryan's recommendation for getting off at exit 105 is a good alternative. At least you will have the option to make "pit stops" on the way thru the heavy traffic. ((b))

FAYZIE Jun 26th, 2003 01:30 AM

Thank you for all the responses. I'm near the TZB, so I guess it makes sense to take it to the Garden State. Yes, we are going to TRY to get a really early start. It sounds like it will worth getting up early to avoid all that inevitable holiday weekend traffic. Thanks again.

HowardR Jun 26th, 2003 04:15 AM

If you can, try to get across the Tappan Zee Bridge by 2. That's when it'll probably start getting heavy.

Ryan Jun 26th, 2003 04:31 AM

Hopefully, you have EZPass. If not, a trip down the GSP in the summer will make you realize why it's a worthwhile investment.

BTW, in terms of coming home, if you come back on a Sunday, either leave early, say before 2, or really late, after 9. On a holiday weekend, the return trip is usually worse as people head down over a few day period, but they all come back at the same time.

jkurtiak Jun 30th, 2003 07:37 AM

I am from the shore area as well and I can be certain you will sit in traffic. I agree that you should avoid as many tolls as possible. Getting off at 105 is a great idea. Like the previous poster said take 18 south to 34 south, but instead of continuing to 35, you can also take route 70 through Brick town and it will take you out to Hooper Ave in Toms River (main road through town). You didnt say where in Toms River you need to go but this is the best way to avoid the Asbury tolls and by far THE worst is Toms River tolls, they have like 5 lanes for 2,000 cars.
If you continued straight on Hooper you eventually run into Route 37 without getting on the Parkway.
Post again if you have a more specific location and I will see if I can find any back roads for you. TR is a pretty big place
good luck

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