Best Restaurants USA.....Gourmet Magazine '01

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Best Restaurants USA.....Gourmet Magazine '01

Recent questions regarding best restaurants in the US led me to cut and paste this list from Gourmet Magazine. Top 50 US restaurants for 2001:

1 Chez Panisse, Berkeley, Calif. (510) 548-5525
2 Jean Georges, New York City (212) 299-3900
3 The French Laundry, Yountville, Calif. (707) 944-2380
4 Spago, Beverly Hills, Calif. (310) 385-0880
5 Highlands Bar & Grill, Birmingham, Ala. (205) 939-1400
6 Alan Wong's Restaurant, Honolulu (808) 949-2526
7 Charlie Trotter's, Chicago (773) 248-6228
8 Ginza Sushiko, Beverly Hills, Calif. (310) 247-8939
9 Daniel, New York City (212) 288-0033
10 Le Bernadin, New York City (212) 554-1515

Other notables in the top 50:
12: The Inn at Little Washington (VA)
17: Babbo NYC
18: Michael Richard Citronelle DC
19: Nobu NYC
20: Tobolobampo Chicago
24: Galatoire's New Orleans
25: Radius Boston
26: Arrows Ogunquit ME
27: Kinkead's DC
28: Cafe Annie Houston
29: Picasso Las Vegas
33: Blackbird Chicago
34: iPasion Philly
36: Zuni Cafe SF
37: Gotham Bar/Grill NYC
42: Clio Boston
44: Restaurant Hapa Scottsdale
50: Obelisk DC

Scorecard by metro area:
NYC: 8
LA: 4
Chicago: 3
DC: 3
Seattle: 3
SF: 2
Boston: 2
Philly: 1
New Orleans: 1
Houston: 1
Phoenix: 1
Las Vegas: 1
State of Florida: 1
SD: 0
Denver: 0
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Erin, Was the Maisonette in Cincinnati< Ohio on the list? I know it is on Mobil's list. Thanks.
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Thanks Erin. I always nice to meet a fellow food-o-file.

WOW Alan Wong's is a surprise to me have not been so that was not a judgement just surprise. I have read it is very similar in cooking stlye to Roy's in Hawaii Kai which I love.
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As a chicagoan I have to say I am surprised. For one, I don't doubt Charlie Trotters, but its CLOSING soon. An Blackbird??? , granted I am a picky eater, but I dislike Blackbird and tthought it was very overpriced for the quality and level of food. Any way, I am definitely not a foodie and like more traditional restaurants, but from Chicago area, I would have listed Carlos's in Evanston or Gibson's. You can probably tell I am a steak and potatoes girl who loves rich desserts LOL!
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I'm with you, Beth. I have eaten at maybe ten of the places on the list and would differ. The politics behind these selections is unbelievable, anyway.
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I always take these lists with a huge grain of salt. Has anyone checked how many of these restaurants also advertise in the back of Gourmet? Or have been the featured restaurant in one of their articles thereby creating a need to be "recognized"? This past year there have been a number of articles in Bon Appetite and others about the slipping quality of Chez Panisse, so that being number 1 in the entire country really surprises me. And isn't it amazing that not one less than very expensive restaurant made it on the top list (at least I'm making that assumption about the two on the top ten I don't know)? While these may all be great dining experiences, I would think that overall value or cost should at least count for something. Wouldn't you think that a really fine restaurant with remarkable service, food, and decor that also gave good value for the money (and there are hundreds of these around) should qualify as a "Best" restaurant instead of just those which charge an arm and a leg?
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May I suggest the DC portion is a bit strange ... there is simply no rationale for grouping the Inn at L.W. with a Kinkead's, or the Obelisk ... these two are nice places but the food on occasion simply fails to make the grade. Vrey pedestrial places that appeal to lobbyists, etc. Citronelle is a bit better. Yes, Gourmet Magazine is not the best source on restaurants these days ... it is a trade publication, and almost semi-travel in some of its articles. I like Gourmet, but just like Zagats, one should not just accept the list as being anything but useful for spuring debate. I just bet the NYC folks will have the same reaction ... there are the usual names on that part, and as great as they have been, isn't it likely good ones without the name were left off. I see Trotter's in Chicago made it ... but did the Ritz Carlton's diningroom with Susan Stegner make it (considered the top chef in the US right now by many people). Anyway, this thread will generate some fun exchanges. Ciao
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Galatoire's is okay but I can name 5 or 6 better restaurants in New Orleans. I, too, take this list with a HUGE grain of salt. Galatoire's has a lot of history, yes, but that doesn't make it the current "best" restaurant.

(before you ask, my "better" restaurants would be Bayona, Commander's Palace, Pelican Club, Grill Room, Indigo and maybe even Upperline and Brigtsens)
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The Boston listings aren't crazy, but not what I would have chosen as the best in Boston.

I find Gourmets gone down hill - I let my subscription drop years ago.
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Does anyone know what were the criteria for these rankings? Based on my experience with some on the list, it would appear that "expense" and "snobbish attitude" were two of the more heavily weighed factors.
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Beth, I wouldn't put Gibson's on the top 10 list in Chicago let alone the country. I was very disappointed. I think you can get a much better steak in Chicago. I prefer Morton's or Capital Grille.
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Morton's - good, but a chain Smith and Wollensky - good, but a chain. I would never put a CHAIN restaurant on the list. The best non-chain restaurant steak in Chicago IMHO is Chicago Chop House BUT that is just the food, for over all atmosphere, good service, and value, I would choose Gibson's. Wonderful atmosphere!
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Could somebody elaborate on an earlier comment about Charlie Trotters closing? Is this true? When? Thanks.
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An opinion from the Bay area and California in general---think Spago is old and tired--Wolfgang is just not exciting anymore. Chez Panisse is as well. French Laundry is good food but their one seating and give me your VISA number ahead of time is most annoying. Only ate at Charlie Trotter's once but I thoroughly disliked it! I don't like to be told what I will eat. There are such winners in SF--interesting what the politics causes Gourmet to choose. On that same note, is anyone getting really tired of Gourmet?
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wow! somebody took a cranky pill today.
ever have a good meal anywhere?
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Gourmet is simply behind the times. Spago?!? Good grief!!!!

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