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barbara Jan 8th, 2001 02:09 PM

Best hotel in Evanston???
Hi, does anybody know a good hotel in Evanston? Is the Holiday Inn good enough to be staying there for a week? <BR>thankyou

Amy Jan 8th, 2001 03:17 PM

The Omni Orrington is the nicest hotel in Evanston although the Holiday Inn is a close runner up. The Omni is more reserved and elegant. Does not have a workout room or pool. The Holiday Inn is a more modern hirise and I believe it has a workout room and pool. They are both in the downtown area although the Holiday Inn is about 5 blocks farther south. Are you going for something on the NU campus?

John Jan 8th, 2001 03:43 PM

The Omni Orrington is an old, classic hotel. Last time I was there they were renovating the rooms. This was 4-5 years ago, so they may be nearing another renovation by now. I enjoyed the hotel.

kam Jan 8th, 2001 04:49 PM

Orrington would be my choice. You can walk around the downtown area from it and go to some little restaurants. Used to live in Evanston. Go back quite often.

barbara Jan 9th, 2001 02:48 AM

thank you very much for your quick replies! Hoped for eventually perhaps l answer and have already 3 in l day! Yes, my husband is doing something in Kellog university and as I will be on my own a lot during that stay a nice hotel with a somewhat larger room is always more fun. Anyone know if they have a sort of suite or kitchenette in the room, so I can do some tea or simple food myself? As I see it now the Omni would be my best choice, anyone heard of the Homestead hotel???? <BR>

up Jan 10th, 2001 06:18 AM

Up for Barbara

Amy Jan 10th, 2001 01:06 PM

Do NOT stay at the Homestead. We went to school at NU and went back to stay for a weekend and figured we would stay at the Homestead - big mistak. We did get a mini suite with a kitchenette but the room was very old and not clean. We found dirty dishes in the cupboard and a used razor in the bathroom. We wrote a letter of complaint and nothing came of that. The Omni is definitely far superior. If you need restaurant suggestions write back. You are also right near the El to go downtown if you want to do some shopping and sightseeing there.

kam Jan 10th, 2001 01:28 PM

The Orrington is walking distance to Kellogg. Around the corner is a Whole Foods Market where you can get a light meal to carry out or eat there or just a cup of coffee or tea. There are lots of little restaurants in Evanston where you would be comfortable going alone. If you have a car, the next town up north is Wilmette which has a pretty little shopping area on Sheridan Road called Plaza del Lago. That would be a fun way to spend a day.A bit farther north is Winnetka with a very upscale little "downtown" area to browse in. The closest nice upscale shopping center is Old Orchard which is west on Central Street from Evanston and then a quick turn west. It's actually in Skokie, but easy to get to. The hotel can give you direction. All major store there. Hope you're going when the weather is good. Enjoy! There's plenty to keep you busy.

barbara Jan 11th, 2001 01:42 AM

amy, kam, thank you very much for your help. Will definitely book the Omni and go for shopping in the mentioned places. It sounds nice and friendly. As I am from Holland (probably a dumb question) is it safe to drive around in those places by myself as my husband will be working? I plan to rent a car.

kam Jan 11th, 2001 10:33 AM

There are a few parts of Evanston where I wouldn't walk by myself after dark alone. But, you will most likely not be in those areas at all--Mostly where Evanston borders Chicago on the south. Downtown is perfectly safe as long as long as you know you are in a fairly large city near a major city (Chicago). Willmette and Winnetka are perfectly safe and very suburban. All areas are more than safe during the day.

patg Jan 11th, 2001 07:57 PM

I wouldn't worry about walking around central Evanston or NU at night, and Skokie is so safe it's boring. However, don't leave valuables in your car - it seems like half the crime in this area is car break-ins. Enjoy your visit!

arjay Jan 14th, 2001 11:09 PM

Barbara: Once you hit Old are going to need a bigger room!! Tho I'm no so sure about the =/= rate against the gldr or euro dollar. But, it will be a fun shopping day. F0r sure, you'll want to check out Crate & Barrel, Marshal Fields and Norsdtroms...just for starters. <BR> <BR>We are headed to Amsterdam (from NE Wisconsin) the first part of March -- any suggestions? <BR> <BR>Hopefully, you and your spouse will make time for a look at the Dearborn Observatory on the Evanston campus...the 'old' one - quite, quite interesting.

barbara Jan 15th, 2001 06:08 AM

thanks again for the suggestions and will definitely do Old Orchard , but you are right about the dollar!!!! It is murder for us!!! (2guilders50 in l dollar)I know for sure, because we spent x-mas and new years eve in Florida, with our kids, so........arjay, (is that your name?) <BR>what kind of suggestions are you looking for in Amsterdam? hotels, sights, museums, just let me know. Are you from evanston, or just been there often? By the way, I love Chicago, been there in october .(even visited Oprah!!) <BR>

Jeanette Jan 15th, 2001 07:25 AM

Delighted that you are getting to see some of the nicer aspects of the Chicago area, outside the Loop. Have a great time and wish I could holiday there as well. It has been far too long since I went to Northwestern or saw a NW football game. Hope to in fall of 2001.

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