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Leann Aug 1st, 2003 08:23 PM

best downtown hotel in St Louis
I will be in St Louis for an anniversary weekend. No kids. What do think of the Omni, Westin, Millennium, or Ritz. What are parking costs like or do you dare park on the street overnight?

rwilliams Aug 1st, 2003 09:32 PM

The Ritz isn't downtown, it's in Clayton. The Ritz is the best overall hotel in town, but the Westin (downtwon) has nicer standard rooms at this point. The RC is now about 10 years old and the rooms are getting a little worn IMO. Its public areas, and the Clayton surroundings are nicer than the Westin. But the Westin is new, with better bathrooms, better beds and is close to all the downtown sights if that's what you're after.
The Omni is nice, but still doesn't measure up to the Westin for bathrooms, beds, and style (the Westin has unique design elements).

Clifton Aug 1st, 2003 10:27 PM

I've been in all of them at one point or another... and while the Ritz -and Clayton - ARE nice, but it's also pretty suburban. The Omni and the Millennium are both so-so. Actually, to be fair, I was last in the Millennium when it was under another name. The major issue with any of these three are parking and/or transport. St. Louis is a driving town but depending on what's going on, like a Cards game, parking is sometimes not fun.

The best "anniversary" hotel, if you're staying in, is probably the Ritz Carlton. But if you're going out, the Westin is better. It's downtown, they valet park you and the Metro Link light rail is underneath the hotel. Clean, cheap and within 2 or 3 stops of all sorts of attractions and restaurants. And, the Westin is a nice little boutique style hotel in a restored historic red-brick warehouse building. Very one-of-a-kind, in a good way. The Ritz is plush, but not all that interesting.

Take the MetroLink 5 minutes either way to Lacledes Landing to the east or Union Station to the west. Both will have excellent choices for a special dinner. Enjoy yourselves.

abmay Aug 2nd, 2003 04:28 PM

do you have to stay downtown? unless there is a baseball game downtown st. louis over the weekends not really jumping. My advise for two is seven gables inn. i have friends who stayed there and loved it. plus you are right in the heart of clayton and doorsteps away from great upscale (or not) eats. midtown Close to galleria and Highway 40, forest park - 10 minutes either way to the hill, downtown, central west end, or go west 15 minutes to chesterfield. do a st. louis search and see postings re the wineries in augusta (one is mount pleasant) great day trip (30 minutes from clayton), beautiful drive along katy trail to the wineries (you can rent bikes in defiance) and all have live music over the weekends.

dweebe Aug 4th, 2003 12:24 PM

Another thought would be the Chase Park Plaza hotel. Recently rennovated and in the Central West End neighborhood it's very nice and rommantic. There are two high end restaurants (Tenderloin Room and Cafe Eau) and three bars (Chasers, Eau Bar and Marquee Cafe) inside the hotel. Within a two block walk are a number of nice restaurants. Balaban's, Bar Italia, Chez Leon, Wildflour and Liluma; are all anniversary dinner worthy.

If you're stuck on downtown, do the Westin. However I think their Clark Street Grill is over-rated.

The Renaissance is also very nice. Stayed there opening weekend (6 mos ago) and it was good. However it's a 1000+ room convention hotel so make sure what is in town that weekend.

What weekend are you coming in?

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