best city for single 30-something female

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With the Internet, all things are possible and a woman can meet a decent selection of men in the city of HER CHOICE. This is true for men and women. For example, my younger brother (he lives in the exurban Baltimore-Washington area of Maryland) was divorced three years ago at 38 and he subsequently dated, via internet connections, approximately forty women over the past three years before marrying a very pleasant, intelligent woman. Ironically, his new wife and my own wife share the same exact birthday, same year so maybe marriage two will be a more happy arrangement than his first.
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New York.

Hands down. Why? Lots of great things to do here, lots of great jobs, plenty of men and plenty of men who are still single in their 30's and don't think anything of you still being single in your mid-30's. Lots of the other cities that have been mentioned you will be a little long in the tooth to still be single. Trust me. The men are just starting to settle down in their mid to late 30's here.
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Thanks for the insight on N.Y. I love it there and always imagined that it must be fairly easy to date quality guys with such a huge population to choose from. It sounds like this certainly was not your experience. Do you think all singles (regardless of where they live) think the "grass is greener" somewhere else?
Best of luck to you too!
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regarding places to stay in Baltimore. I lived there 1987-89 and had a studio apt for $350 @ 1010 St. Paul which is/was a high rise 10 floor building. I'd say the rent is lower in Baltimore substantially. You are close to Annapolis too where all the Navy guys are, along with the men of D.C. which happen to be highly educated men that come from all parts of the nation to work and live. You would also have the convenience in summer of going to Rehoboth Beach, DE/Ocean City, MD on weekends in summer which would be fun in and of itself.
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Ohhhhhhhhhhh, boy, do I have a hot lead for you. Try an area just outside of Las Vegas. When I was your age, I found this place to be the best for all kinds of action and partying. Later on you will settle down and will still have all your friends here.
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Don't laugh. There's a city that meets all of your criteria (culture - a real theatre hotbed - outdoor activities - real, full-sized lakes (plural) IN the city, great socializing/music/bar scene, great shopping, strong economy and an eventually family-friendly culture for when the time comes).

All of your criteria, that is, except one - the absence of gnarly winters.

Don't laugh.

It's Minneapolis/St. Paul.

DON'T LAUGH, I said.

Look it over. Give it some thought. Check out one more time that Forbes "best cities for singles" link posted here. (Ok, so I'll just tell you. You'd be making a 25-place leap up the list, from 38th to 13th).

And stop laughing already.
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No matter where you choose to live, bet you meet that special someone as soon as you STOP looking. When I was in my 20s, I went through the rounds of bad dates and lame relationships. Decided to take a break from the social whirl, such as it was, and focus on what I really wanted to do with my life, which was live in Europe. So I signed up for a course on the international job market and a year later, married the guy who had been sitting next to me in class. (Ten years afterwards, we finally did make that move to Europe)
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I know Aloha means "Love" (and, hello), but there ain't much lov'in go'in on in the Aloha State. You'd think that the beautiful sunsets & beaches would be a perfect backdrop for romance but it's just way too transient here. And, couple's that move out here together, never seem to make it beyond the 1st year. Unless you are raised here, it's difficult to "gain access" to the local dating scene.
So, being 30, single, professional, I've been scouting Austin for months. Even from the middle of the Pacific, I've heard about its lively dating/outdoors/music scene. Lots of Austin comments on this site, too. But not a peep from someone actually living & dating in Austin now ... maybe they're all too busy dating??? So, somebody from Austin, tell this Island girl before she leaves "paradise" ... is it myth or fact about Austin?
Oh, needless to say, come to Hawaii for your honeymoon ... AFTER you've found your good man.
A Hui Hou!

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topping for copper
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If you are super active and like the Outdoors consider Seattle. Otherwise
Chicago! Austin still had the TX mentality I grew up with-everyone is married by age 30. Chicago all my friends (myself incl) didn't even think about getting married til late 30s!
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Forbes has the 10 best cities for singles listed - *1 is Boston followed by Austin; Washington-Baltimore and Raleigh-Durham
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Darn, the other "single 30-something relocator" thread got "Seattle" on the first response. This one needed two replies to get it.

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This is the 2005 list.

1. Denver-Boulder
2. Boston
3. San Francisco
4. Raleigh-Durham
5. Washington-Baltimore
6. Atlanta
7. Los Angeles
8. New York
9. Chicago
10. Seattle
11. Austin
12. Philadelphia
13. Minneapolis-St. Paul
14. Phoenix
15. Sacramento
16. Detroit
17. Houston
18. Columbus
19. Portland
21. San Diego
22. Nashville
23. Miami
24. Salt Lake City
25. Las Vegas
26. New Orleans
27. St. Louis
28. Cleveland
29. Pittsburgh
30. Cincinnati
31. Orlando
32. Milwaukee
33. Charlotte
34. Indianapolis
35. San Antonio
36. Tampa
37. Providence
38. Kansas City
39. Norfolk
40. Greensboro

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A lot of my gorgeous smart and single girlfriends have no luck when looking for a partner in San Francisco. They are baffled as to why it makes the top of the list... because people make great money in Silicon Valley? That doesn't equal a great dating scene. . . there is buzz amongst the ladies that Chicago and Boston is a breath of fresh air.
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KamPA, this thread is from 2005. It would be best if you start a new one instead of refreshing this one.
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