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Amrum May 23rd, 2000 08:56 PM

Basque Food
travellin g to Bakersfield and lookin for recommendations for Basque restaurant

Ozzie May 24th, 2000 06:23 AM

Where are you travelling from? Are you reaching Bakersfield by car or plane? I know of one to the south, if you're coming from that direction.

Owen O'Neill May 24th, 2000 06:35 PM

I believe there are several in the Fresno area if you should happen to approach Bakersfield from that direction. Sorry I don't recall the names as it has been many years since my last visit there but I'm sure Fresno Camber of Commerce or the fresno Bee newspaper must have a website with restaurant listings.

Cally May 24th, 2000 11:12 PM

There is also one in La Puente, Ca. if you happen to be in the Los Angeles Area. It is called Le Chalet Basque and has been there many years. Sorry I don't know one closer to Bakersfield.

Bette May 25th, 2000 03:56 AM

Here's the website for Basque restaurants in California. Wish I could remember which one my brother used to prefer.....sorry. <BR> <BR>

kam May 25th, 2000 07:55 AM

Amrum, Think you might be looking for the restaurant in Bakersfield called the Woolgathers or something to that effect. It was reviewed about 5 years ago in the LA Times and my husband wanted to go, but we never made it. Bakersfield is a funny little city.

kam May 25th, 2000 02:24 PM

Amrum, Try calling the Wool Growers restaurant in Bakersfield at (661) 327-9584 and ask them if they were the Basque restaurant that was reviewed in the LA Times about 6 years ago. If so, the review was great and I'd go for it. There's also a very popular one in South San Francisco called the Basque Cultural Center if you're going to be up this way. It would be very convenient to SFO. Hope this helps.

John May 25th, 2000 03:05 PM

I thought this was the restaurant that was reviewed: <BR> <BR>Woolgrowers Restaurant <BR>609 H Street <BR>Los Banos, CA 93635 826-4593 <BR>Open for Lunch & Dinner <BR> <BR>I ate there afterwards. It was pretty good. But it's a long way from Bakersfield.

Jose May 25th, 2000 03:13 PM

In know of only two good Basque restaurants in Bakersfield: <BR> <BR>Chateau Basque <BR>101 Union Ave. <BR>Bakersfield, CA 93307 <BR>(661) 325-1316 <BR> <BR>MAITIA'S <BR>basque cafe <BR>4420 Coffee Rd. <BR>Bakersfield, CA <BR>(661) 587-9055 <BR> <BR>Maybe you should check the web. It might have menus.

John May 25th, 2000 03:17 PM

I guess there's also a Restaurant in Bakersfield called the Woolgrowers. <BR> <BR>I took Bette's suggestion and checked the web. (Thanks Bette, I'll be using that web site a lot!) <BR> <BR>The Woolgrowers does have a web site: <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>

cherie May 26th, 2000 12:37 PM

There used to be two in Fresno, both downtown near the RR Station: The Union and one something like Chateau Basque or Chalet Basque. Woolgrowers is the one I prefer, in Los Banos. Family style meals; no reservations, you just line up at the door. You choose from the several meat entrees and everything else is "set", and every meal comes with lamb stew as a side dish! Reasonable, too.

Bette May 28th, 2000 11:31 PM

OK, I checked with my brother, Pete (Pierre) who used to be an 'on the road' salesman. His favorite Basque restaurant in Bakersfield is The Wool Grower's Inn. At the time he used to frequent it, the lady owner was a French Basque from the small town of St. Etienne de Baigorry (the same town OUR family came from). Her husband operated (owned?) Maita's but my brother says it's a bit 'yuppie' because it has a salad bar. We don't consider having one is very authentic. My brother said the Wool Grower's Inn always had pickled pig's feet as a side dish, a favorite of his. <BR>One last note, there are many Basque restaurants in various cities that are named "The Wool Grower's Inn." They are not connected in any way. They just share the same name or something similar so that Basques could easily locate a Basque operated restaurant no matter where they were. <BR>NOW, if you ever find yourself near Gardnerville, Nevada, there are a few Basque restaurants. My brother's favorite (oddly enough) is the one at the Golf Course/Country Club. <BR>Hope your venture in Bakersfield is fun...happy eating. <BR>Note to John....glad that website listing Basque restaurants was of help and interest to you and you are quite welcome. <BR>

andy100w Jan 22nd, 2013 05:45 AM

This is late but the following 2 links may help other people:

MichelleY Jan 22nd, 2013 11:06 AM

Just drove by the Woolgrowers in Los Banos. Yum! Pig's feet on Tuesdays.

Suzie Jan 22nd, 2013 11:14 AM

LOL 13 years late.

Suzie Jan 22nd, 2013 11:16 AM

BTW I remember seeing a Heull Howser California Gold episode at the Noriega Hotel Restaurant

MichelleY Jan 22nd, 2013 11:33 AM

Suzie- LOL I was thinking the same thing. Updated info.

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