Are you ready to watch CBS' "9/11" ?

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No, my thoughts, I'm not an expert and I know that. (Can't type, either!) That's why I'm not commenting, except to point out mistakes in your statements, that were so easily disproved.

As far as middle-class families who didn't buy life insurance and now expect me to make donations to support their kids -- sorry, nope.
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From what I heard, the money the film makers earned is being donated to the firemen's survivors' fund.
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Yes, not only am I ready to watch it but my husband has informed me that the hotel we are in,(we'll be on vacation) had better have a good T.V. set since he will not miss it.

All of our friends, especially those who worked in the WTC and escaped that day, are planning on watching it as well, as are friends who lost loved ones there.

Personally I don't care who makes money off of it. The fact that these guys were there and were able to capture this incredible (and yes, horrific), drama is amazing. From what I've read it is not gratuitous. It is intended to give people an idea of what it was like during the tragedy. I think it will help all of us who had friends there understand what they went through.
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Jesus, what a bunch of cry babies. If you don't want to watch,don't. While it has been 6 months, the story is still on the news or in the paper everyday. We report the ongoing "war/battle/whatever" in Afghanistan every day, with pictures and video if possible. You can't ignore a historical event like this forever. If you're not over it, don't watch.
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Parrot Mom
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Well said Doc and Nina..we watch bloody war and gangster movies, we watch tv covering accidents, hostage takings, etc. If you don't want to watch change the channel. I had the misfortune of seeing it on tv as it happened and I too was glued to my set for days. As for the families my heart goes out to them and their surviving children and kin. Perhaps by taping this for future watching it can be something they can watch years down the road for them to know the impact this had on our lives and theirs. Oh yes... the Zapruder film is historical film now.

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