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kcd Mar 7th, 2002 09:02 AM

Anyone Made the Trip to NC to the Furniture Outlets
Has anyone done this? I'm from Boston and thinking about driving down to check out the furniture outlets in NC. I'm focused on Thomasville right now, and it looks like there are 3 lodging options - Ramada Inn, Days Inn, and HoJo's. Has anyone stayed in any of these places, and/or been to the oultets? Is it worth the trip? Thanks!

Carrie Mar 7th, 2002 09:11 AM

Yes I have! When are you planning to go there? You have to be very careful. Please email me at the above address and I will tell you what I experienced. I don't want to post names of stores here because I dont know if it would be considered slanderous but you really have to watch out.<BR>

kwl Mar 7th, 2002 09:42 AM

We just made a trip to High Point last weekend, and only went for the day. We had done our shopping at home, and already had an idea of what we wanted. We went more so to make sure that we had had enough of a selection in our hometown. We spent the entire day at FurniturelandSouth, and were so overwhelmed. This place is huge, and has almost anything you can imagine. The salesperson we had was fabulous, and when the manufacturer of a couch we were looking at did not make a certain color fabric, she knew which manufacturers did. We only went down for Saturday, since the stores are closed on Sundays, and we didn't have time to hit anywhere else. <BR><BR>I think our trip was well worth the effort - saving 30-40% on 3 rooms adds up! But, what I've learned, is that I can do my shopping at home and call down there. Some of the other stores I've looked at are like that - if you have the model number, you can order over the phone.<BR><BR>Sorry that I can't give you any advice on the lodging, but it is definitely worth at least one trip if you have the time (if not, then just call).

Joanne Mar 7th, 2002 09:45 AM

Have you tried Massachusetts' own furniture outlets, in Gardner? <BR><BR>

Cherie Mar 7th, 2002 10:39 AM

I was just furniture shopping in High Point this February. Went to the Atrium Mall and a few other stores. I have been to Hickory 3 times and definitely prefer Hickory over High Point. There is a 4 story mall called Hickory Furniture Mart that has everything you could possibly want. It is many different stores under one very large roof. Furniture, fabrics, lighting, mirrors, etc. I have ordered from different stores in there several times and have never had a problem.

joan Mar 7th, 2002 12:17 PM

I've heard that when you add up the cost of lodging, meals, gas, and incidentals, that the savings dwindles substantially. I like kwl's idea of ordering over the phone!

chuck Mar 7th, 2002 01:52 PM

kcd,<BR><BR>I don't mean to slam Thomasville, High Point or Hickory--but they are not, IMO, scenic places to stay. As for furniture shopping, I grew up in NC and never shopped for furniture anywhere else. <BR><BR>My general impression about the advice you've gotten so far is that it is right on the money. Many years ago, it seemed as if the furniture outlets between Hickory and Lenoir offered the best deals, but that may have changed.<BR><BR>As far as a place to stay, if you are at all interested in a nice place, I have a few suggestions. But they are approx. 1/2 hour from the shopping sites, so if you are pressed for time or only interested in proximity to shopping, ignore them and take your chances at any of the chains you mentioned. <BR><BR>If you shop in or around Hickory (further west on I-40), stay in Blowing Rock--it's a great little mountain community, with several B&B's *downtown* <BR><BR>If you shop in High Point or Thomasville, try staying at the Brookstown Inn in Winston-Salem--it's near Old Salem, which is fun, and across the street from a great restaurant, South by Southwest (cuisine in line with the name and awesome margaritas).<BR><BR>Have a great time!

April Mar 8th, 2002 05:17 AM

I live in Hickory and of those lodgings, would only recommend Days Inn. There is also a Comfort Suites, Sleep Inn, Hampton Inn, Fairfield Inn, and Courtyard by Marriott (new) that look fairly nice. If you have several days, go to the Furniture Mart (mentioned earlier) and see what you like. Find other stores in the area that have the brands you want and go or call there, they may be able to special order for you at a lower price. In my experience, the Furniture Mart is higher!!!

JJ Mar 8th, 2002 05:39 AM

Do not think of this trip as a visit to an outlet mall where you get amazing discounts for a universe of furniture. Warnings to be careful are right on the money, and one thing you REALLY need to do is to be very clear about what you want and how much it would have cost you in the Boston area. You may find a bigger bargain staying home than if you spend the time and money coming down to NC. Do your homework about the relative prices, because you might pay full retail here and think you are getting a bargain.<BR><BR>Also, the styles are what I would call conventional -- the array of neo-Queen Ann, neo-rustic, neo-shaker (but New England has MUCH better Shaker), neo-Federal, neo-colonial. It's all oak or cherry or walnut or light mahogany, with few exceptions. If you want something special or something contemporary or European, this ain't the place for you. <BR><BR>If you just arrive and think you'll discover some treasure that will just strike your fancy when you see it, I guarantee you will pay more, after all is said and done, that if you stayed up north. There are bargains, but the dealers here aren't dumb -- they know people just assume that since it's in Hickory or Thomasville or High Point, it MUST be cheaper than elsewhere. Wrong. <BR><BR>If you want to combine this shopping, however, with a visit to our gorgeous state, by all means, y'all come on!

Danna Mar 8th, 2002 06:22 AM

Thanks JJ, I'm from SC and always wondered if there was any modern furniture in Highpoint, etc. Has it been other people's impression that everything is traditional? <BR><BR>I second the advice about NC...BEAUTIFUL state, see the Asheville area. Check out Blowing Rock before you go. Many on this site have recommended it highly, but I personnally was APPALLED by the town, which I considered to be a tacky tourist trap. Maybe I missed something. But the views there are remarkable. Good Luck.

Cherie Mar 9th, 2002 09:48 AM

Check furniture sale prices in your area before going to NC. Make a list of exactly what you are looking for before going, because it is easy to become sidetracked with so much to see. The nice thing about NC furniture shopping is that it is no pressure buying. You can pickup the colored furniture brochures that show all the pieces available in a particular pattern (or patterns) that you are interested in, get prices and go home and call in an order after you have had time to reorganize and compare.

wendy Mar 21st, 2002 06:05 PM

My husband and I did the furniture outlet thing in both Hickory and Highpoint and were very disappointed. We didn't find anything that was our style (conservative contemporary). The prices still seemed expensive too. NC furniture outlets are over-rated. Spend the money on a pleasure vacation instead.

Dmb Apr 10th, 2002 12:19 PM

I did not go to Thomasville, but went to High Point, NC. Furniture Outlets galore. I bought two Thomasville corner china cabinets, a lowboy and mirror, and a sofa table. I love my pieces. The are all solid cherry.

Steve Apr 10th, 2002 12:45 PM

I just heard that very subject being discussed on the Clark Howard radio program. He warns against it for 2 reasons: 1) A guy actually called and said he had put down a $1500 check as a deposit, then recieved a Chapter 7 bankruptcy announcement from the furniture outlet. Good bye $1500. DON'T write a check or use cash. Use a credit card and, if you haven't seen your furniture in 50 days, put the purchase in dispute. If it comes, great. Cancel the disputed charge. If it doesn't, you've challeged the purchase within the 60 day maximum.<BR>2) Is it really worth it to purchase from somebody so far away? If you run into trouble, are you really going to get satisfaction on the phone? I think not. Buying locally means you can complain in person, as often as you need to.<BR>That's basically his view. Just thought I'd share it with you since the subject was discussed today.

Ginger Jun 25th, 2002 01:15 PM

Many of our local furniture stores will match any prices you will get in Highpoint. Last summer before I bought a Lexington bed and nightstands, I called NC to check prices. Furnitureland South, where we had previously purchased, would not meet it.<BR>Holberg's in Senoia, GA is where I found the great deal. I think they have been in business around 100 years.<BR>

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