anyone love living in corvallis?

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anyone love living in corvallis?

We are considering moving to corvallis.someboy please tell me what you like about living there, what is there to do, and do they have any good hospitals/clinics for a nurse to work? Appreciate all replies...
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Corvallis is a wonderful little town! Its a university town...has a small town feel...did deal with the hospital years ago and it was a very positive experience. There is a hospital in the town, but also a clinic at the a couple options for you. It is only about an hour from the coast and 1.5 hours from the mountains. Would love to move back there!
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Although Corvallis is a university town, it's more sedate and conservative than its rival university town, Eugene. A nice small town. A friend lives in a house on the outskirts that was fairly plain, but he fixed it up beautifully. Housing prices are better (lower) in Corvallis than they are in Eugene, as well, but as with all university towns, the demand for rental housing is very high. If you plan to buy, you'll find a lot of choices; if you plan to rent, you may have to take what you can get, at least for the first year.
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Why is this place full of trolls??

What idiot uses a travel forum to make decisions about moving? They should all be put on a train to the middle of the ocean and left there. That way no internet access, and no more decisions about relocating.

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bj a troll post is one which is posed to fool people into thinking it's real, usually something controversial, for entertainment of the troller only.

While relo questions may irritate you, they're not troll posts.
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My daughter and her husband LOVE Corvallis! She is just finishing up at Oregon State, and they are planning to stay there even though she thinks she won't be able to find a job in her field (computer graphics). They love being so close to the ocean. We have enjoyed visiting them and have loved our little travels in Washington and Oregon with them on our visits. I think the library in the middle of town is terrific (the physical facility, I mean. I've only been there once and have no opinion on the reading material). There are several interesting restaurants I've enjoyed.
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Good Sam Hospital - has a bunch of nursing openings.

Corvallis has improved from the corn valley of yesteryear - still a traditional college town (whatever that means) - the OSU campus is very pretty, and of course the draw of the university means you get more interesting lectures, shows, etc., than you would in a comparably-sized town. You're around 1 1/2 - 2 hours from downtown Portland, so if you need a big city fix, it's a day trip or weekend, but not bad. The coast is an hour or so, the Cascades ditto. Away from the university, the Willamette Valley can be pretty conservative. But it is Oregon, after all, so populism isn't far beneath the skin.
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I love living here. I went to OSU and have had the same job since then. My husband is finishing his degree there too. We moved here when we got married 2 years ago.

Reading the other responses was interesting I think it is exactly opposite. The university is very conservative (middle class, white bread) but the community is very liberal. Highly educated, we have several high tech companies. I would describe the population as aging hippies with children. They take very good care of the community and don't let businesses in if it isn't good for the community (WalMart). There is no smoking anywhere (including bars - wonderful!).

As mentioned the library is wonderful. I like how small the town feels. There is a downtown area and we live close enough to walk. We walk almost everywhere. Many people commute on bikes. I feel very safe - hardly ever lock the doors.

As of the last poll Corvallis is the most expensive place to live in Oregon, Portland 2nd. I think that is based upon the basket of goods and services. I do not think the housing is a good deal. I can buy a bigger, newer, nicer house in Albany - 20 minutes away for a much better price. Corvallis is almost over-priced and there is little selection in the low price range. Almost a housing shortage but I think that may be changing.

There is a hospital in Corvallis and one in Albany. There is also Corvallis Clinic and many other small clinics.

As mentioned there are lots of things to do because of the university, lectures, sports, etc. It is ideally situated. 50 minutes to the coast, and 1.5 hours from Portland, 2 hours to the mountains.
Any other questions feel free to write to me directly.
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bj, why are you such a fucking dickhead??
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hate to
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No, no one loves living in Corvallis. Sorry.
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Who is the troll who always throws a fit everytime someone wants to hear more about a city they are thinking of moving to?
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Of course you can get a cheaper house in Albany. But Albany is not a university town. We looked at houses in both Corvallis and Eugene and "close in" houses were markedly more expensive in Eugene--and you got more yard space in Corvallis as well. There were several more houses in our price range in Corvallis, but...we preferred the cultural activities (Hult Center, etc.) of Eugene, so moved there.
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