Anybody live in Virginia Beach area?

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Anybody live in Virginia Beach area?

If so, what do you think of it? Would you recommend it for a retirement place? Thanks....... I have a husband who would love to live practically ON the beach!
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I don't live there, but visit often & have friends living there. VaBch is actually a very large city, with the beach being only one small part of it. With the large number of transients, both tourists and the large military presence, the crime level is probably a little higher than other similar sized towns. Public transportation is not all that great, and the traffic can be horrendous, especially morning and eveing drive times. Summer weekend traffic is another big headach. On the plus side, that military presence tends to stabilize the local economy.

Look at a map of the area and locate Rt 60 from the Hampton Bridge-Tunnel over to Virginia beach. The area of Norfolk called "Oceanview" had been in serious decline, but is getting nice again. amd you would be at an area sort of ocean, sort of Bay. There are some nice areas too over at Hampton and Newport News.

An area I've often wondered about is on the DelMarVa peninsula, especially just north of the Bay Bridge/Tunnel, but I've never looked into it. I'd bet it's quiet (maybe too quiet) and inexpensive -- lots of farming and marine business. Good luck.
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As usual, rb is right on target with his description! Lots of people retire to the area, many of them former or career military who've passed through the area on previous assignments.

There are no beach or waterfront bargains to be had in VB or anywhere in Hampton Roads. Far from it. Alas, folks around here are trying to figure out how to curtail development.

The lower Eastern Shore of Virginia is still relatively undeveloped and waterfront property is available. Not dirt cheap though. I know three retired couples who moved there from the DC area. They uniformly like the tranquility of the area but have two primary complaints. One, they underestimated how much they would miss the upscale dining/shopping/grocery targets so plentiful in a large metro area. Secondly, and more importantly, the area does not have much in the way of medical facilities, particularly the sort that are desired by the senior population. An appointment with a specialist is normally a daytrip elsewhere.
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Grew up in Virginia Beach and my about-to-retire parents are still there. Rb has a lot of things right - traffic can be a mess and there is essentially no public transportation.

My parents have been looking for a house on deep water for about 5 years and haven't found one in good shape for less than 750K - way out of the price range.

That being said, it depends what you're looking for. My best friend rents a duplex 8 blocks off the beach - it must be a bargain because she doesn't make a whole lot as a substitute teacher. If you don't want to live actually on the beach, or if a smaller house is OK, then you might find something that works for you.

I would advise against the Oceanview area of Norfolk for now (sorry Obx...) - it is getting better, but they still have a lot of drug/prostitution problems.

Maybe check out housing on the Chesapeake bay in VA Beach - along Shore Drive. It's much more laid back than the oceanfront...smaller houses, condos, great restaurants.

I feel like I'm rambling on a bit, but one more thought. In spite of some of the problems, I loved Virginia Beach and I can't wait until the day that my husband can find a job back in that area (I'm freezing in Pittsburgh!).
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I agree - the area down and around Shore Drive are great.
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TravelingMom, I'm not offended that you wouldn't recommend Ocean View as a place to retire...neither would I. I think rb is factually correct when he says the area is improving.
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I agree on Shore Drive area over Oceanview too ... I couldn't remember the name of it, which is why I suggested following Rt US60. Looks like some nice neighborhoods on the south side of Rt 60 an many areas .. not as nice as north, but less expensive, I'm sure, and "practically ON the beach" for all intents & purposes.
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bonnie, there are so many other nice waterfront communities other than Virginia Beach.

A lot of wealthy homes and farms on the Chesapeake Bay.
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