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Mikey Oct 2nd, 2000 02:27 PM

Any New Yorker opinions on Grand Central Terminal restaurants and bars??
We will be in NYC for vacation soon and staying near Grand Central Terminal. I checked out their website and saw that they had a number of shops, bars, and restaurants. I was wondering of any of you New Yorkers had checked these out? I was particularly wondering of any of the higher-end restaurants were any good- Michael Jordans, Metrazur, Oyster Bar, Campbell Apartment, etc?

elizabeth Oct 2nd, 2000 02:32 PM

I'm not sure it qualifies as "higher end" but we really enjoyed the Mexican Restaurant "Zocalos" (I THINK that was the name) - however, it should be pointed out we're Mexican food-deprived Canadians - but it was really good!

howard Oct 2nd, 2000 07:23 PM

The Oyster Bar is a NYC legend. Michael Jordan's, I understand, is good....and expensive.

Tim Oct 2nd, 2000 09:00 PM

Oyster Bar is definitely worth a stop and you can have a meal at the raw bar without spending a fortune (it won't be cheap, though). <BR>Zocolo's is great - I like their place on the Upper East Side better though.

nycer Oct 3rd, 2000 10:11 AM

Oyster Bar is great. Another way to enjoy it cheaply would be to sit at the counters for lunch and get some of their terrific clam chowder and some mussels or something. Haven't been to any of the others.

Jeff Oct 3rd, 2000 02:05 PM

Oyster Bar is traditional, but if you want to try a newcomer to Grand Central, go for Zocolo. I have not eaten at the Grand Central Zocolo, but the original Zocolo on 81st Street is not only highly rated but is muy yum. I hear that GC Zocolo is just as good.

KT Oct 4th, 2000 08:09 AM

Mikey - <BR> <BR>Campbell's Apartment is a bar, not a restaurant, that offers elegant lounge seating. It can get quite crowded just after work and later on Saturday evenings. It is a great place to have an elegant drink; it is a martini and champagne type of place. <BR> <BR>As to the restaurants. I have eaten lunch at Metrazur twice. I have enjoyed my meals there, but you should know it got terrible reviews from the NY Times. Perhaps things have improved since. Metrazur offers a jazz brunch on the weekends. <BR> <BR>Both Metrazur and Michael Jordans are on balconys overlooking the main terminal area of Grand Central, which is beautiful. There is always a lot going on there so at times it can be a bit noisy, but you are removed so there is not a hectic feel. Michael Jordans has surprisingly good steaks, etc. <BR> <BR>As for the Oyster Bar. Good food, terrible atmosphere. Cafeteria style seating in some areas, wooden tables in others. It does, however, have a fun pub-style room in the back. <BR> <BR>Other fun and good restaurants in the area include Pershing Square, just across from Grand Central on 42nd Street; Osteria Laguna, an Italian Restaurant on 42nd Street between 2nd and 3rd; Icon in the W Hotel on 39th, just off Lex; and Belluno on Lex between 39th and 40th. <BR> <BR>Have fun.

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