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Cindy Dec 20th, 2000 12:04 PM

Almost committed to a summer vacation in Anaheim; thinking of the Warner Bros. Tour?
We think we'll go next summer to Disneyland, the new Disney Theme park, and maybe two more places. What else is fun for three families with kids ranging from 16 to 4? What and where is the Warner Bros. Tour? Is there a water park or Sea World clone we should consider? <BR> <BR>Many thanks.

AC Dec 20th, 2000 12:14 PM

Hi Cindy: <BR>I like Knott's Berry Farm. Very close to Disneyland and IMHO alot more fun! <BR> <BR>Have a great trip!

AC Dec 20th, 2000 12:16 PM

Cindy, <BR>I forgot to mention-- <BR>They also have a water park called Knott's Soak City USA. Hope this helps!

Gary Dec 20th, 2000 01:25 PM

<BR> <BR>Agree that Knott's is a great place for families--actually, my 12 and 14 year-olds prefer the rides there to those at Disneyland. Also, there is a great section of little-kid rides and a less-harried atmosphere than the other parks. Lots of very-Knott's stores. Plus it's cheaper to get in. <BR> <BR>Warner Brothers Studio is in Burbank off of the Hollywood (101) Freeway between the Cahuenga and Forest Lawn exits on Hollywood Way. The original backlot tour is now part of the backlot portion of the Universal Studios tour. But Warner Brothers now has a V.I.P tour, which goes into more depth and includes the Warner Brothers museum. This tour is completely separate from the Universal Studios stuff. Paramount Studios, about five miles southwest in Hollywood, has an even better tour, and it's cheaper. Neither probably as interesting for the younger children as Universal, but, for movie fans, the real thing. Alas, both have a minimum age requirement. <BR> <BR>Info for both tours here:

Gary Dec 20th, 2000 01:30 PM

<BR>I forgot to mention: there is an ENORMOUS water park in the city of San Dimas, about twenty minutes north of Anaheim--much bigger than the water parks at Knott's or Six Flags. Many, many rides (slides?) for all ages. And very popular--avoid at all costs on Saturday or Sunday durign the summer months. There used to be a Marineland, but it went belly-up, so-to-speak. Nearest Sea World is San Diego. L. A. Zoo getting better, but still probably not worth the hassle for tourists.

patg Dec 20th, 2000 03:33 PM

We went to Soak City in August - the kids loved it. It is great for a group like yours. They have (had?) reduced admission after 3 p.m., which worked out well as we stayed til closing as the place emptied out. <BR> <BR>Our number one favorite place was San Diego Wild Animal Park - not the zoo, the one north of San Diego and about a half-hour inland. It is terrific for all ages.

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