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Stephanie Apr 23rd, 2002 09:13 AM

Allegheny Nat'l Park
We'll be in this area in early June. Any recommendations on what to do & where to stay with 3 children ages 5-7. We're plannig a canoe trip in Warren. Thanks!

x Apr 23rd, 2002 09:57 AM

1st I need to know if your conoeing in Warren or Cook Forest on the Clarion River?..or where excately you want to stay?...All.Nat. Forest is vast ad covers a big area...Cook Forest is a lively area as is Kinzua more info is neccessary.. and I`ll try to help...

Stephanie Apr 23rd, 2002 07:57 PM

We're planning to canoe a 7 mile stretch at Kinzua Dam (?) class I. I contacted Allegheny Outfitters in Warren. I'm searching for interesting yet reasonable accomodations. There doesn't seem to be much in Warren. We'll be headed to Niagara Falls after this visit, so would like to stay NW of the park. I was told Chapman State Park has a nice beach. Any help would be appreciated! THanks!

lalala Apr 23rd, 2002 08:19 PM

Stephanie: Just to clarify, it's a state park, not a national park. Why not stay on the park grounds? You will have to do a search for more info.

stephanie Apr 23rd, 2002 08:25 PM

It seems like most of the park grounds are for campers. I haven't seen many places that offer cabins in that part of the park. I wonder if I'm missing something.<BR>While I'm asking, do you recommend stops in Eerie, PA or Jamestown, NY?

xxx Apr 23rd, 2002 08:56 PM

It has been a while since I've stayed in the park, but they do have cabins. I'm sure a search of New York state parks will turn up some information. Erie, PA and Jamestown, NY will not offer much; however, Chautaqua Lake is a good way to spend a day. Chautaqua Institute is great.

Marie Apr 23rd, 2002 09:08 PM

Stephanie - allow me to add a resounding ditto to the above poster's comment. Chautauqua is unique - definitely the place to spend a day. There should be a schedule of events forthcoming soon, if not out already. Enjoy

Cheryl Apr 24th, 2002 10:34 AM

There is not much right around Allegheny State park (except for camping in the park it self ... some of the cabins in the park are nice; other older ones are not very nice at all). I would recommend looking into Ellicotville which is a lovely, quaint town (with shops/restaurants) about a 1/2 hour (an easy drive) from Allegheny. The area is big for skiing in the winter (at Holiday Valley) and golf in the summer. There are plenty of accomodation options from The Inn at Holiday Valley, to condominiums to B&Bs. Go to and under "Other Seasons" you will find information regarding accomodations ... I think there is a central booking office for most accomodations. We often camp in Allegheny park for the Octoberfest in Ellicottville, and ski at Holiday Valley and have stayed in town often so I am pretty familiar with the area.

x Apr 24th, 2002 12:48 PM

in Warren there is a Holiday Inn and Best Western....ANForest covers a big area up into NY...there is a railrad train ride in that area that is very is Knox,Kane,Kinzua R&R....out of Marienville or Kane,Pa.--ph# 1-814-927-6621-----I`d make goes to Kinzua R&R Bridge.was the highest..something to see....and Cook Forset is close w/horse back riding,min. golf,go carts ,etc--Erie has some has a zoo,Waldamere Amusement Park and Water Park--the Flagship Niagra and museum---Presque Island for boating and swimming...Kinzua area has swimming beach area too....the is Peakin'Peak ski area to besides Hidden Valley.and some wineries in the area...jamestown has Lucille Balls museum...Bradford area has Case Knives and the Zippo lighter plant and museum...hope this helps...look the train up in a search engine..I don`t have a website for it....

michael Apr 30th, 2002 07:59 PM

I think I already answered another post by you related to kids activities around Chautauqua. With regards to Warren which is where I live here goes:<BR>1) There are no cabins on Allegany National Forest lands they are in Allegany State Park across the border in New York State. This is an area where local leaders completely missed the boat and it has hurt our tourism industry.<BR>2) The two local chain hotels are Super 8 and Holiday Inn.<BR>3) There are several options that Allegany Outfitters offer with regard to canoeing different or multi-sections of the Allegany River. They are a very good vendor and you will be pleased. <BR>4) Legends Restaurant is a neat family restaurant located on Jackson Avenue just outside the Warren City limits. They have cars, motorcycles and all kinds of other neat things in the restaurant. No credit cards though only cash sales. The Taco Hut in Jamestown serves great mexican food and a gringo menu as well and is also very kid friendly.<BR>4) There are a lot of hiking opportunities in the Allegany National Forest, Jakes Rocks and Rimrock areas are very scenic and Chapman Dam as has been mentioned as a small but very nice and calm sand beach. Would be nice for kids 5-7.<BR>5)There are some lodging type rentals in the area but I don't know if they rent for only one night.<BR>6) The railroad is popular and it goes across the Kinzua bridge which is one of the highest railroad bridges in the world. They have an option that you can catch the train in Kane and that makes the trip about 3 hours in total, from Marienville its about 8 hours which is much too long for most 5-7 year olds.<BR>7) Holgate toy factory is located in Kane and offers tours and a play area for kids to try out the wide variety of wooden toys they manuafacture.

Ann May 1st, 2002 11:11 AM

Chatauqua's great, but not for little kids, unless you don't mind paying $25 for them to get in.<BR><BR>If your kids like the beach, Erie is a great place to stop. Head for Presque, which has some great beaches on Lake Erie.<BR><BR>There's also a little town about 40 miles south of Erie called Conneaut Lake (off of Route 79). Conneaut Lake Park is a small amusement park, with one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the country. It's inexpensive, and a relaxing way to spend the day. The park is on a decent-sized lake (PA's largest natural lake). For the ultimate small-town diner experience, head for Mama Bear's on Route 322.

Ann May 1st, 2002 11:12 AM

Sorry, that's Presque Isle.

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