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arkn Dec 8th, 2008 04:18 PM

Alaska Post Cruise Suggestions
We have 5 post cruise days in August 2009 and are trying to determine our itinerary. Our cruise ends in Seward. Do we make the trip to Denali or should we explore more in the Kenai Peninsula? We fly out of Anchorage. We are a family with a 15 year old boy and 12 year old girl.

keymom Dec 14th, 2008 05:36 AM

We did a 11 day, 1300 mile trip last August with a 12 yo girl and 15 yo bot. My trip report is here.
To some extent, it depends on what you are doing on the cruise and how that compares to activities on the Kenai. But I would probably not try do Denali. You are going to have lots to see in the Seward/Anchorage area.

rm_mn Dec 14th, 2008 05:50 AM

It's about 375 miles from Seward to the entrance to Denali. That will take the best part of a day just driving. It isn't as far back to Anchorage, but enough to ruin a second day and you will need at least a day in Denali. Boom, 3 of your 5 days are gone and you still haven't seen any of the Kenai except for the highway between Seward and Anchorage. It also only leaves you about 2 days to see what is in the Anchorage area. I'd suggest more time in the Kenai and come back when you have more time for the trip up to Denali.

210 Dec 14th, 2008 06:46 AM

arkn, when in August? What time are you scheduled to be in Seward? What time is your flight back home from Anchorage?

Five days is plenty of time to get to Denali NP and fully enjoy it. I highly recommend your traveling to Denali. It is so different than what you see during your cruise. Kenai peninsula is beautiful and you can spend weeks or months there but Denali is just so unique and vast with incredible scenery, abundant wildlife, hiking opportunities, flight seeing to Mt McKinley, rafting. You can always come back and spend more time on Kenai Peninsula. There are some people who travel every year to Alaska and still did not see everything but Denali NP is so different than anything you'll see. With 5 days it is easy to fit a great visit to Denali park. I'd suggest you travel to Denali NP and come back when you have more time for Kenai Peninsula

BudgetQueen Dec 14th, 2008 09:07 AM

I never recommend a one day drive Seward/Denali park.

You have the bonus of being in Seward, take advantage of it. :) With your time, you could take a shuttle/cab to Exit Glacier early morning, then get on the 11:30am Kenai Fjords boat tour. A must in my opinion, IF you want a good look at wildlife. You could then take the Alaska RR and overnight in Anchorage, or spend a night in Seward and do more activities the next day, then the train.

From Anchorage, rent a round trip car, and head out to Denali Park, consider an early start so to sightsee along the way. Plenty to see and do. Spend at least 2 nights near Denali Park and book in advance the shuttle bus to at least Eielson.

On the way back, consider an overnight in Talkeetna, if you don't have an early departure out of Anchorage? Otherwise overnight in Anchorage.

About all you would have time for.

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